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they are wonderful helping me reach my goals the staff is always willing to help with my scheduling and financial aid the professors are helpful and compassionate and always willing to help
MY experience at Chesapeake thus far has been excellent, there are so many resources available and so many faculty members willing to help you succeed. I wouldn't change a thing about this school!
The campus is very clean and organized. There are maps all over to help you find your way to classes and buildings as well. The school has this pleasant and professional look to it that a lot of schools don't have in my opinion. The staff are very friendly and eager to help. The school appears to be growing with new buildings being put up and new classes every semester. The parking lots have plenty of space and there are electric vehicle charging stations available to the public as well. I would recommend this college to anyone looking for a good value and peaceful area.
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Chesapeake College was a great experience for a student who was looking to transfer out of Chesapeake to a four year school. The school has great professors and staff but it doesn't have any student life or things to do for students. The location is rough due to the fact that it sits in the middle of a corn field.
Great college for those who want to save money instead of going straight to a four-year college. I chose Chesapeake also because I wasn't ready to leave for college and it has helped me tremendously. I have been able to take classes online, in-person, and hybrid classes for a fraction of the cost at a university. I also am able to work and still attend school.
Chesapeake is a nice campus. Clean and easy to get around. Most of the teachers are good and knowledgeable about what they teach, though I have had a few bad teachers (in the sense that they didn't teach at all). The advisors and office staff could use a bit more training - they messed up my schedule one year. Not really a party school, but they did have a few events that were fun! Overall, a nice, cheap college to attend.
I love how some of the teachers actually sit down with students and work with them. You can always find the teacher in the library or in their office during office hours. They bend over backwards for their students. The one thing I don't like is that the college does not provide transportation between the two campuses. The other thing I don't like is that the main campus has a cafeteria but the other one just has vending machines which are so expensive.
I've had a great experience with Chesapeake College so far. The staff, professors, and volunteers are all friendly and very helpful.
The campus is nice. There is a lot of academic support, from tutoring and professor offfice hours to sspecial programs for students from less privilaged enviornments.
Chesapeake College is a very good college. Its academic staff is very respectable and hardworking. The building of college complete the requirement of studies.
Chesapeake College has always provided me with an affordable option of receiving college credits while being able to work. It really took me awhile to figure out the whole going-to-college thing, and I've finally gotten myself on track and into the Nursing program. Cannot wait to see where the knowledge I gain from this program can take me into my career.
All staff are committed in the students success and are willing to help students. Communication with anyone on the campus is always easy and quick, if the student and professor are fully open with each other about the course and it's work then the class will be easier to manage.

Taking honor's courses is highly recommended! I took one and the real world experiences are incredible!
Chesapeake is a great college to start out at and then transfer from. I would recommend it to anyone that lives in or around the area. I do believe that the college could communicate with the students better, but other than that the college is a good community college that has way cheaper offers than a four year. It is also a better choice than a four year when you want to get your prerequisites out of the way without spending a great deal of money.
I liked that the classroom size was smaller and that I had one on one time with ALL of my professors. Staff seemed to care about students a lot.
I must say the campus is peaceful and easy to navigate, they're constantly maintaining the property. When I first started Chesapeake I didn't know what to expect, I wanted to be have a more social experience but yet pass my classes not just to pass but to pass with knowledge. Every single teacher I've had over the years has been wonderful, if you put in the effort they'll work with you on things you don't understand they don't want to see you fail. The college also offers free tutoring ! Overall the campus is great especially for a community college.
Chesapeake College is a great environment for the college experience. The students and professors are very pleasant. Its an amazing school to start for your path through college.
Although it is great to have a small campus and to save money in this community college sometimes, you feel left out of the full college experience.
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It is a great place to start off. The teachers help so much and resources are everywhere. Whenever you have a question someone is there to answer it. Everyone is easy to connect with on Canvas
I have had a great almost 2 years at Chesapeake! The cost of tuition and classes are affordable and the professors really do care for their students and want to see them succeed. This is a great option for students who want to save money while still figuring out a major.
Chesapeake gives you a small town feel. I feel comfortable on campus and all of the staff is extremely friendly!
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