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All staff are committed in the students success and are willing to help students. Communication with anyone on the campus is always easy and quick, if the student and professor are fully open with each other about the course and it's work then the class will be easier to manage.

Taking honor's courses is highly recommended! I took one and the real world experiences are incredible!
Chesapeake is a great college to start out at and then transfer from. I would recommend it to anyone that lives in or around the area. I do believe that the college could communicate with the students better, but other than that the college is a good community college that has way cheaper offers than a four year. It is also a better choice than a four year when you want to get your prerequisites out of the way without spending a great deal of money.
I liked that the classroom size was smaller and that I had one on one time with ALL of my professors. Staff seemed to care about students a lot.
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I must say the campus is peaceful and easy to navigate, they're constantly maintaining the property. When I first started Chesapeake I didn't know what to expect, I wanted to be have a more social experience but yet pass my classes not just to pass but to pass with knowledge. Every single teacher I've had over the years has been wonderful, if you put in the effort they'll work with you on things you don't understand they don't want to see you fail. The college also offers free tutoring ! Overall the campus is great especially for a community college.
Chesapeake College is a great environment for the college experience. The students and professors are very pleasant. Its an amazing school to start for your path through college.
Although it is great to have a small campus and to save money in this community college sometimes, you feel left out of the full college experience.
It is a great place to start off. The teachers help so much and resources are everywhere. Whenever you have a question someone is there to answer it. Everyone is easy to connect with on Canvas
I have had a great almost 2 years at Chesapeake! The cost of tuition and classes are affordable and the professors really do care for their students and want to see them succeed. This is a great option for students who want to save money while still figuring out a major.
Chesapeake gives you a small town feel. I feel comfortable on campus and all of the staff is extremely friendly!
When I was going to Chesapeake college, I fell in love with it. The staff there are so friendly and very helpful. The campus isn't that big where you can get lost, but some of the classes are hard to find. They have maps of the campus throughout the whole college campus so you know where you are.
The two words I would use to describe this school is affordable and practical. I found all of the staff whether they be administration, advisorship, instructors, to general faculty to be friendly, helpful, and overall good people. I would highly suggest to use this school as a stepping stone to transfer to one of the state universities, saving you money and giving you smaller classes.
I like it. The school is very clean and the staff are very nice. I've only been there a few times to take the placement test.
After being out of school for 30 years, going back to college was scarey. My experience at Chesapeake College has been great. The professor's go out of their way to help you achieve your goals and succeed.
Chesapeake College is a strange place. On one hand, they expect the best by only allowing a 93% to be considered an A for all pre-nursing science classes with two of those classes being taught by a MIT graduate. On the other hand, they have classes taught by teachers who may have not even received a college degree. With the right class schedule, the school is to par with universities, with the wrong, it is worse than high school. Most frustrating is the lack of scholarship or aide for those already with a degree, while students who are struggling maintain full-rides.
Nice school with friendly staff. Staff shows intrest and students and do there best to help with you career path .
At the beginning of every semester a lady comes and speaks with us about how to transfer credits. They strongly encourage to speak with our advisers if planning to transfer.
I prefer to be in a classroom with a teacher. In my opinion it is easier to understand. I have done good with the online classes and they are very easy to understand but my learning comes better from face to face interaction.
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I think there is a great variety of courses offered. This is a small community college and a small campus. My classroom sixes have been great because they are not filled with to many people. All the teachers have plenty of time to offer help in the classroom and a lot of classwork is done in small groups. Our teachers are very forward in explaining exactly what is expected from you for each assignment.
I have not had to use the campus resources so far. Every semester someone from the career center comes in and tells us about the services they offer. It sounds like a very good program.
I recently switched from the radiology program to the paralegal program. I love all the law classes and my professor is the best. She was highly recommended by one of my first professors in the beginning of my journey to college. The workload for law classes has been very easy so far. I think this may be because this field is more interesting to me. I have not had an internship yet but there is a site through the school that lists all jobs available and my professor helped my get my resume ready to apply.
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