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I like Chemeketa due to the fact that they have small class sizes. Because of this, my teachers have gotten to know me better. They take the time to get to know each student. The campus in Salem is very nice.
It's a great safe and fun environment. Lots of great people and the instructors that I get teach very well.
I liked chemeketa community college because it is a pluricultural university.
I would like a change about where to leave in the campus specially for international student.
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I enjoy going to this college. The advisers and professors are all very friendly and fair. It's located in a nice neighborhood.
Chemeketa is what I would assume a typical community college is like. I played on the women's basketball team so I made great friends through that, but otherwise it's pretty bland. I do think considering you're only paying anywhere from 1,000-2,000 dollars a term you get a good education, but like most colleges there are good professors and there are bad professors. All over a generally good experience.
What I really liked Chemeketa Community College is the college is really diverse. Not only in the people and classes, but the atmosphere is always changing. The atmosphere at night classes is laid back and calm in contrast morning classes are more engaging. I really like the overall feel and experience Chemeketa has offered to me.
Chemeketa is a great school. When I came to college I was scared about the new adaptations I was going to have to make, but with Chemeketa's help, I got help with everything I needed.
Chemeketa is a great start for all students everywhere. The amount of exclusivity that I have experienced while here, have been amazing.
Very smart and caring teaching staff. Chemeketa has a lot of resources for students such as advising, counseling, tutoring, and peer tutoring.
What I really liked was that there are a bunch of welcoming people and there very nice. Good professors and a good way to start off college as a new freshmen.
My experience at Chemeketa community college has been always good. I have been treated very well with my professors and classmates. The campus is always well maintained.
I like Chemeketa and the professors there are extremely helpful. However I feel like I'm not getting the full college experience by attending here, which is why I'm planning on transferring to another school that could provide foe the the college experience that I desire.
It is a very fun and diverse school, with lots of unique opportunities. The classes are challenging and the professors are super helpful and go out of their way to make sure you are learning and engaged, in and out of the classroom.
Chemeketa Community College is great for those trying to safe money on tuition for the first two years of college. They have multiple different campus locations in Salem and most of the professors really care about the students and what they teach. Registering for classes is easy to do online and the counselors there are very helpful. While they do offer students the opportunity to join different school clubs and sports, Chemeketa is not really known for their extracurricular activities.
Everyone there is so helpful and friendly I recommend that school to anyone I talk to that would like to further their education.
My learning experiences have been great I have had good teachers and been given a lot of help. If I could change one thing about my school it would be where it is located, the surrounding neighborhood is not as safe as I would like.
Chemeketa is very rich in diversity and proves to be an excellent school. Constantly updating there resources and reaching out to there students. This school truly cares about there students and community memebers.
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This may be my first semester, but I am having a lot of fun here. Most of my teachers are kind and productive. They want you to succeed and go out of their way to do so. Other teachers treat you like a baby and think you do not know anything.
I like chemeketa so far. The campus is pretty nice and all my teachers have been great so far. I feel safe and comfortable in all my environments and the food and coffee is actually really good.
My brother went to this school and he loved it. I took my ACT twice in their buildings and went to the fair that happened in here for the Salem area.
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