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My brother went to this school and he loved it. I took my ACT twice in their buildings and went to the fair that happened in here for the Salem area.
The professors are extremely helpful, and are willing to go out of their way to help you succeed. I believe that Chemeketa does what it can for their students. The advisers are easily accessible and the small class sizes makes it easy to learn.
I liked that the professors are there because they want to help you succeed. I also like the small class sizes and comfortable atmosphere that's especially noticeable at the Woodburn Center.
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Chemeketa is good for a community college. I wish there was more extracurricular activities. I also wish their policies were better with late fees and tuition. Some teachers are great some not so much.
I enrolled at Chemeketa for a 2 year transfer degree which I has since completed but I am still a student there because they offer so many courses that transfer to a 4-year college of my choosing. This school is a great way to get your first two years out of the way with little or no debt. With that being said keep a watchful eye on which classes you are taking and make sure they meet the criteria you are hoping for, this is not a string suit of the counselors at Chemeketa.
Most instructors there are understanding and willing to work with students on deadlines and skill improvements. Some staff were incredibly helpful with study skill building and recognition of good and bad student habits. There are a few teachers whom are overbearing and do not think highly of their students. If anything, I would like to see teachers become more involved with the students work. Also, the Counseling Center does not quite explain everything about how to apply for scholarships, financial aid information, Work Study, and other topics which would seem extremely helpful for students.
I love the variety of courses chemeketa has to offer. It really expands the horizon for many people who thrive to learn in all areas.
Chemeketa is a safe campus that offers many resources to aid in accomplishing your goals. They professors are very knowledgeable and attentive. The school could work on hiring additional teachers to teach extra classes of the subjects where class enrollment is always filled up.
I took multiple online classes from chemeketa and there were plenty of resources for me when I needed it
Chemeketa community college is great place to learn everyone who works there are so kind and always do their best to help you and get where you want to be.
2016 was my first time returning to school after over 20 years. There were times I felt out of place and a little lost. As I began my classes, I discovered and was comforted by the instructor's encouragement and support. The instructors often spoke of adults returning to college after several years and commended us for returning. As I migrated throughout the school, I saw fliers and programs welcoming students who were returning after a long period of time; this also made me feel very comfortable and encouraged. From the counselors to the financial aid offices to the classroom, the intimidation and worry dissipated and I completed my first year with a 3.8 gpa.
Chemeketa Community College is great. As a returning student, I have felt welcomed and accepted. The academics at Chemeketa meet a high standard and I believe will prepare people for transferring to a university.
I loved how personal it was. There was a ton of one on one teaching and that made my experience very beneficial. I did find it to be a complicated campus to manuver around and some factually was not friendly but it was great besides those minor setbacks.
As a student with a disability it is very difficult to get teachers to follow the law. The disability services does not advocate or educate the teaching staff about what can be done. It is impossible to take a language when you are deaf and hard of hearing because the program does not have a clue on how to teach it. The Spanish book was not well written and very confusing. I had to get an outside tutor in order to pass the class and use a different book to learn Spanish.
I received two Associates of Art from CCC, and I couldn't be more thankful for my time spent there. The quality and passion of the instructors in every field was obvious; each bringing to the table not only their expertise, but a strong desire to teach as well. The faculty came from all walks of life, from many different cultures and ethnicities, and the student body was just as widespread if not more so. Student and city run cultural and heritage events happened frequently, the Deaf student support was heavily present and accounted for, even old buildings were ADA compliant - and not just for wheelchairs. I met some of my most influential instructors at CCC, and I couldn't be more grateful for it.

The diversity, sensitivity, and SafeZone training CCC provides for faculty is also one of the most thorough, and most engaging I've encountered yet. I was lucky enough to get to transition from student to (volunteer) worker, and it was a joy from both sides.
I already have an AAOT from Chemeketa so when I decided it was time to go back to school when I finally decided on a career I knew where to go! I have had nothing but great and passionate teachers who know their subjects and always make time to help or students.
I briefly attended CCC as a high school student and really enjoyed the experience. My professors were knowledgeable and easy to communicate with.
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This school was very average and is definitely undergoing changes to better itself. It is upcoming so it has a few shortcomings too. In time I think it would be better, but now it is a school that is still a school, which is better than not going to one at all.
Chemeketa has some great professors that are easy to get along with and have time to help you outside of class. The food on the campus tastes great and is honestly my favorite place to get fries. There is no party scene here although the local area it's in is convenient to getting to another place nearby. There are great diversity and acceptance here. The academics are great because teachers are willing to help, there is a lot of after and out of school services for tutoring that is free. The student life is great because they offer cool clubs and the opportunity to run your own, it is mostly quiet and a friendly environment and there are many areas to relax and wait for your next class or study. The safety is great because there is a public safety booth where they are able to escort you to your car and such to make sure you're safe. The athletics is great here because they provide services and clubs available to a lot of different sports.
Super easy to apply for scholarships! Would love to see a tab where we can see all the scholarships we have applied for! Great resource!
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