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So far all teachers are very knowedgable but some students are not as interested overall attitude is positive
I am doing all online classes, which are pretty good for the most part. Sometimes communication fluctuates.
I like that they are so very helpful and have tons of good resources and help for the students. They seem to generally care about whats going on and keeping it a safe, fun place.
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My experience was plagued by a lot of frustrating experiences, many of which were influenced by the staff members at the school. There were many instances where I would call in and be rerouted to multiple different people before I got answers on some of my questions. In class, there were instances where I would come to a teacher for answers and they wouldn't reply for days. One teacher specifically said he would never answer emails. Many teachers were PHENOMENAL, but there were plenty who did not do their job.
I like the size of the campus, the professors and advisers, and the overall feeling of Chemeketa. It is a very good school to go to. I would like to see better food places because there are only a few places to go to. They have great services, such as tutoring, success programs like TRIO and STEM, and public safety that does their job well. I also appreciate their easy to navigate website and process of registering for classes. The tuition is also very affordable and they have accommodations for those with disabilities.
Chemeketa has been the best school so far! All the advisors are super nice and helpful to start my school year off! I had so many questions and they have great programs and classes for students to join which will help them succeed and also save a lot of money. The diversity could be a little better but i wouldn't expect that considering the place its located at. Ive met some super nice people there so far! Its the best choice for someone trying to save money and not go into debt!
Everyone is really friendly and helpful. The assistant/s behind the financial aid desk can be somewhat intimidating but they are only asking questions to be straight and to the point/helpful to you.
I like that Chemeketa is a clean school and extremely diverse. The college celebrates diversity and is very judgement free.
So far, my experience at Chemeketa has been great! I have saved so much money, all while learning the same things students learn at other colleges and universities while paying much less.
I have really enjoyed my experience with Chemeketa Community College. My Plumbing Class has been very informative and I have learned a lot even just in my first year. I am really looking forward to my next three years in the program and to learn all there is to know about plumbing for my future in the trade.
I have no complaints about the school besides the fact that I got lost a good few times. It's an excellent school that provides a good education without it being quite as expensive as others.
I've recently became a student at Chemeketa Community college and I enjoyed the atmosphere and the help that is applied from the staff members they are all really nice and very helpful towards everyone an each other .
Transferred here as a Sophomore, the campus is clean and has many academic resources. It's a convenient drive from where I live and advisory staff are very helpful. The school website is easy to navigate and "MyChemeketa", the program used for registration and other student needs, is as well.
What I liked most about Chemeketa Community College was the staff. They were all very helpful with preparing me for the start of my college life, through their program I was able to meet new people and be more prepared for college than I was before.
I am new to Chemeketa and just recently got into the medical assistant program that I hope to complete and continue my career in the medical field.
Chemeketa is a great, warm, inviting school with amazing professors that are knowledgeable and helpful when needed!
I have only taken a few courses, but the courses I have taken (Medical classes, engineering classes, spanish classes...) The instructors were really nice. They were also very understanding. I have a illness that I sometimes end up missing class a lot and my instructors worked with me on this and were very patient and helpful.
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Great It is definitely difficult at times but I wouldn't change it for anything I really like the professors and the environment.
Very organized online college courses. Teachers are friendly and understandable. If you have any questions or need help, there's always someone to help. There's online help with all classes for tutoring and discussions used through Blackboard for each class to get help and help others with the class. When you sign up for classes, it's easy to do and they have the "Degree Works" page which informs you what classes you need to take for your degree. It also informs you what classes you have taken and passed, classes youbare currently enrolled and grades for those you have taken.
Overall it's been a great experience getting my degree through Chemeketa.
It’s small but that can be beneficial because you meet more people and you can get close with your instructors.
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