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Chemeketa Community College Reviews

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Great school. Everyone was super helpful. Great teachers for the most part that only wanted their students to succeed.
I like the fact that the campus is fairly easy to navigate. All of the buildings and numbered and they have maps around campus to help newcomers navigate.
What I liked about Chemeketa was the opportunity for flexibility in classes and the low cost. What I would like to see improve would be the instructors they employ, more specifically for the sciences, such as chemistry. From my experience the instructors do not care about their students success and are only there for a pay check. This made it extremely hard to maintain engagement in my studies.
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I love the student-oriented feel of Chemeketa. most of my professors have been accommodating and happy to help me. The only thing I could see Chemeketa improving is it's community feel. the clubs tend to be small and not very active.
Chemeketa is a very good little school. It helps you transition from high school to a 4 year university. There are many good financial aid programs and it is a great way to get a good education for cheap. Class sizes are small and the student to teacher ratio is very effective.
Teachers are help as well as other students. Classes are a decent size and aren't to big or to small. You lean a lot and has a lot of different classes and a lot of people with very different backgrounds.
The teachers are decently good. They can usually set time aside and help me with projects. The staff in the electronics department are extremely helpful and are able to help me succeed in my side projects.
Small class sizes, approachable professors, and straight forward advisors. Whether you're going for a 2 year Associates degree, or transferring to a 4 year university, the college accommodates all. Very nice Engineering building, and excellent CNC program. All around, great school.
I really enjoy Chemeketa, most of the professors I've had have been good, and the greenery around campus really brings it to life. I also like how there are events always going on to bring students closer together.
It’s the best choice for those who are either undecided about their major or are just trying to gain more education.
It is a great campus and has multiple satellite campuses in the area. A broad spectrum of courses and a diverse student body. The campus has many places that students can effectively study.
I attended half a year at Chemeketa and enjoyed my experience there. All of my professors seemed well educated in their area of expertise and were kind and caring. I chose my professors based off of reviews online and I highly recommend doing the same, as I liked all of my profs! I liked my advisor, as she was very helpful in helping me figure out my classes and my future by assisting my transfer experience.
I like Chemeketa Community College because all of the professors I have experienced have been very encouraging and available to work with you. They all genuinely seem to want their students to learn and succeed.
I understand that community college does not give the "college experience" that some people are looking for, but the tuition is affordable, the class sizes are small, and the school is always offering help to the students.
A great experience at Chemeketa Community College. I have enjoyed the top of the line equipment they offer. The only thing I could see change is getting more aid for the instructors, they do to much.
Chemeketa, being a community college, has a relatively small campus compared to that of a university. This makes it pretty easy to get between classes. Honestly, one of the best things about being a part of this campus is the food. It's not the best you could possibly get, but it's pretty dang good.
A very great college to go to if you want to finish core classes first or are uncertain on a major focus. Very nice campus with multiple locations including online and individualized classes
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Great, clean and large school that have very nice and organized professors. I also take a lot of online classes there and they are so organized as well and have an awesome website they use. This is a great an affordable college.
Chemeketa is a great Community College they have numerious Campuses around the State and work with most of the big University’s so anyone who would like to be dual inrolled this is a great school!
I like Chemeketa due to the fact that they have small class sizes. Because of this, my teachers have gotten to know me better. They take the time to get to know each student. The campus in Salem is very nice.
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