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I like Chattanooga State because it gave me the bases of my career, I met a lot of people, I was the president of the Latin American Student Organization for almost two years. The teacher was super nice, they all respect their student.
I did not take any online classes, only when coronavirus stared.
In my opinion, I do not like online classes because I feel that I do not learn anything, but when the virus started my opinion change. the teacher was great, they answer my questions, we did zoom classes and the hard class was math.
I love the opportunities it gives to students like me. It can change someone life from negative to positive.
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Online class look simple and organized through their elearn program.Its not frustrating,you just login and see your assignment and do them.
Chattanooga State is an overall good school, my only issues were with communication and timeliness with responding to important questions regarding to finances or admissions.
I enjoyed taking online classes more than in person because in my major most of my classes were only once or twice a week at night, so I found it easier to do classes online.
Easy platform to navigate but it's still just an online course like others. For the investment, it's perfect.
I am very pleased with the quality of professors that I have had and have enjoyed my experience here. I'm very glad I chose CSCC over UTC.
I did not take any online classes. I don't know why this section is required/has to be 100 characters long. Who knows!
The teachers are always willing to help you learn, they really want you to succeed! The students are all friendly and I made a few good friends myself despite being part of Dual Enrollment!
So far I have enjoyed my time at Chattanooga State. I really am pleased with the campus and how easy it is to get around. I also enjoy the library and the many resources it offers. I am very thankful for the help I received from the writing center, math lab, chem lab, bio lab, and the anatomy and physiology labs. All of these nice people are there to help you succeed and understand the material. I have enjoyed most of my professors and their willingness to teach material in a way that is not overwhelming. I really appreciate how they care about you as a person too. Most of the people on campus are nice and are willing to help you find a classroom or even strike up a conversation. I'm very thankful to have picked Chattanooga State I'm currently finishing up my Associates of Science degree then moving on to get my certification in Surgical Technology.
I was very pleased with taking online classes and how flexible it helped my schedule. I always got messages or alerts from my professors so I always knew when assignments were do. They were very consistent with emailing you back or scheduling meetings on campus with questions. I would totally recommend online classes.
This was one of my favorite schools to attend. The teachers were very helpful with understanding the course material. The student life was very welcoming while I was there. I had a good experience there during the short time that I was attending school at Chattanooga State Community College.
I didn’t take any online classes because I feel like I do better in campus versus online. However, I did have to do my classes online when the school closed due to COVID-19 this semester. I did good but I prefer to have on campus classes.
I love Chattanooga state community college they are very helpful. The teachers are very understanding and they spend their time helping there student and any kind of way that they need help. I love the way they help me I already knew what I was doing just didn't know how to put it on paper or say it right. And plus I would second guest myself and I have stop doing that as well and I see the difference.
Teachers are amazing and always willing to help students. The school is designed to help students succeed. The financial aid department is hard to deal with though.
Been waiting 2 weeks for class, got a notice that they cancelled it and rescheduled for 4 weeks from now. Instead of moving the other classes to make room for us, they decided to just punish us and make us wait. Ridiculous.
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my experience was very awesome at Chattanooga state college. they have a wide variety of classes to take and a wide variety of people that attend there to be able to make a lot of friends. firstly i want to point out that i am attending college as a duel enrollment student which means my college ins't paid for by the tn promise scholarship and the classes at Chattanooga state are quite affordable but i do try to go out and sign up for many scholarship opportunities to get some money to pay for my classes.
Chattanooga State is a very student oriented school, with small classroom sizes and professors that genuinely care about their students.
It’s an amazing college the people you meet are potential friends and the staff are great help all around they’ll recommend who would be best at helping you with your work or finding your way around the college
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