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Chattanooga State Community College Reviews

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Its a good college for a place to start or if your seeking training for general jobs. Going to a community college helps you really decide on what you want to do in the future, while getting those GenEds out of the way.
I love the guidance they provide but the freedom they also give. It’s very balancing, especially for an incoming freshman fresh out of a strict high school. People and administration at Chattanooga State Community College want to see you succeed in life and will do anything to get you a diploma the right way.
So far, I am one semester away from receiving my Associate's Degree from Chattanooga State. It's not a bad school, but it's definitely not a first choice. I attended because I received two years free from Tennessee Promise so I could transfer my credits . It's a pretty average school, I'm not social enough to know the student/campus life but I know the academics are fairly nice , professors are okay, and Food isn't too bad.
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The Professors are mostly really invested in their time with their classes. They make students feel welcomed and appreciated in a normally stressful and overwhelming environment.
Chattanooga state community college has great facilities as well as staff, my time at chatt state was great thanks to the staff.
Chatt State is so much fun! There’s always something to do around campus, and the teachers are really helpful and sweet.
Overall Chattanooga State is an excellent campus. The worst thing about this school is the professors. They have some of the worst professors in the business division
I have attended Chattanooga State Community College for over a year. Every interaction I have had with staff members about registration, fees, and classes has gotten me nowhere. They like to send students in circles in order to get a simple issue resolved. When I think of a community college, I have the anticipation that the classes will be somewhat easier than university-level classes. However, when it comes to science courses such as anatomy, chemistry, and biology, it is the exact opposite. I have spoken with numerous students who have taken these courses and they have said that they either ended up with a "C" average in the class or had to retake it. I am not saying that challenging students is a bad thing, but if many of them are having to retake the course or ending the semester with a poor grade, should that not be a wakeup call to the school? Is the school purposely making classes difficult so that students have to pay even more money to retake the class?
I had a weird experience at Chatt State. I loved my adviser, she was great. She always helped me as much as she could I even had her as my teacher and she was great at that as well. I also had some bad experiences there as well. Some of the professors were unfair and did not seem to care much about their jobs.
Chattanooga State is an above average community college. Since I have been going to this school, I have realized that there are multitudes of different ways to get help. Growing up, I never asked for help or got help from anyone. So to see people that actually care about how you do, and try to make things easier on YOU really made me feel at ease.
Very good two year college, provides multiple opportunities to help. Staff that are always efficient and willing to help.
I loved the close family environment the campus had. Every faculty member that I became close with became like family to me and helped me every time I needed help. They always believed in me no matter what and did everything they could to make sure i succeeded and developed as a man and student.
CSCC's staff is articulate with a friendly and professional demeanor. They are always ready to spring into action at any problem you may have on or off campus. Campus ground are clean, prim, and proper with many events ongoing throughout the school-year to keep students engaged. Classrooms are organized with many if not all having technological devices for teachers to enhance the learning experience.
I like that the professors are more hands-on and really interested in you succeeding. I would like for them to let students use their basketball court.
I had a very easy time registering and applying. The staff was very helpful. The campus is very clean.
I've found Chattanooga State has a higher number of teachers that are truly here to help students. Frequently at universities, students are just numbers. I have always been able to find someone to fix, guide, and help me through the obstacles of applying, transferring, and general questions.
I love Chatt state. They will go out of their way to help u in any fashion u need. The over all staff is so kind . They treat you like family.
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My goal was to complete two years at Chattanooga State before transferring to a four year college. They had my major and a courses to help me prepare for that transfer. The staff and teachers were very helpful, and the campus is small and beautiful.
I like most of the professors that I have had and met here. The professors in the math department are especially good, but I wish higher/more math courses were offered. The only professor I have had that I did not like was in the science department, and I have heard other students say the same thing. While some are certainly great, I think the science courses and professors would be my main focus on changing. It feels really safe as you see police officers frequently around campus. The food in the cafeteria does not offer many healthy options or vegan choices, so I would like to see that change as well.
I have nothing but positive to say about Chattanooga State Community College. The teachers are great and help every student in need. The campus is very nice and taken care of.
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