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The professors are very helpful and nice. They actually want you to succeed and not just use you for money.
For a two year college, you can’t complain too much, However, it was very unorganized and the faculty didn’t even teach. Throughout the two years I spent here, I had only three or four teachers that actually taught. The others posted videos online and expected you to learn from their ten minutes of explaining the easiest concepts. This would be totally fine if they had put these concepts on the tests. Instead, what was on the tests was, mostly, things that they never even discussed.
Chattanooga State Community College has been a great choice for me. The counselors hare helpful, class offerings and varied and many. Together it makes setting my class schedule, with my job much easier. Thank you.
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So far so good! Everyone has helped along the way. They try their best to make sure your experience is the best it could possibly be. I can't find anything I would change so far. Everything about this place has been a delight to be attending this school!
Chatt State is unlike any other college in that you have every opportunity to succeed and faculty and students standing with you to ensure that success. There is an abundance of resources such as free tutoring, food pantry, free counseling, active student government, writing center, math center, and many other resources and people to help you find them. There are several great teachers who you can tell the very reason they teach is to help young students learn and succeed in their academic, professional, and even personal careers. There are several great programs, clubs, and even opportunities to study abroad! Chatt state is wonderful in that it also has great scholarships to help you pay for school and to study abroad! It is truly one of a kind and I recommend anyone to earn their associates, earn a certificate, or complete their prerequisites at Chatt State.
In the Fall 2018 I decided to come back to college, although I had taken a certification class with a technical college, this was my first time back at school working towards my degree in 19 years.
My experience here has been the absolute best, I have surpassed my goals and I'm involved with programs I never imagined such as Global Scholars. Chattanooga State has an excellent program and is a great starting place whether you're straight out of high school or an adult coming for the first time. They offer a large array of degree/certification programs, extra curricular activities and sports, and student support services such as tutoring.
Chattanooga State Community College has been a very pleasant place to go to school in my experience. The school itself is very clean and the staff are all very helpful and friendly. The one thing I wish we had at Chattanooga State would have to simply be a football team we could rally behind!
I really like how the way the classes are set up. The material can be challenging at times but the material is presented in a way that interests students and can be exciting to learn. I also love how the classes are affordable compared to if I chose to go to a university straightaway. I come from a family with low-income so it helps me with being able to get a education without putting myself in a ton of debt.
The school is alright, but you don't really get the full college experience here. Most of the professors are decent.
Overall I feel that Chattanooga State wants its students to succeed. Unfortunately, I had a negative experience with one professor which is why I gave it 4 stars.
I enjoy that the campus is large,but not extremely. The teachers are very helpful, and the classrooms are not really big. With the smaller classrooms, I am able to have a better relationship with my professor, in turn this helps me learn more in my courses.
In high school, I was very opposed to the idea of attending Chattanooga State. However, I attended simply because it was the cheapest option and I was not in a position to pay more for a college education. I have found that you can receive a great education at Chattanooga State. The campus is small and pretty easy to navigate, and there are some really good professors. There are also plenty of sports and social activities available for students.
The Professors really care about their students. They are willing to help you. I am an adult student and they worked with me to make sure I stayed on track.
My experience at Chatt State has been pleasant. I had zero complaints about Chatt State. I was very nervous when I decide to graduate early from high school to attend Chatt State for the spring semester. Before I was even enrolled I had a lot of help from counselors and staff on my application status and my financial aid. I get along with my professor and they always give helpful feedback when we turn in our assignments. Chatt State is the best alternative to take general classes and not end up in crazy student loans.
I have been a dual enrollment student at Chattanooga State for the last two years. I enjoyed all my classes. Anytime I have had to contact the school with any problems they have been very helpful. All my professors have been super awesome! Overall, my Chattanooga State experience has been wonderful and I am considering attending college there.
So far it has been a pretty good school. It can be stressful at times but all schools are. Their Veterinary Technician program is really great. It is the one I am trying to get into.
This community college was a great choice for me to decide my major for my degree. I really enjoyed going to school here for 2.5 years.
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Its a good college for a place to start or if your seeking training for general jobs. Going to a community college helps you really decide on what you want to do in the future, while getting those GenEds out of the way.
I love the guidance they provide but the freedom they also give. It’s very balancing, especially for an incoming freshman fresh out of a strict high school. People and administration at Chattanooga State Community College want to see you succeed in life and will do anything to get you a diploma the right way.
So far, I am one semester away from receiving my Associate's Degree from Chattanooga State. It's not a bad school, but it's definitely not a first choice. I attended because I received two years free from Tennessee Promise so I could transfer my credits . It's a pretty average school, I'm not social enough to know the student/campus life but I know the academics are fairly nice , professors are okay, and Food isn't too bad.
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