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The teachers actually care whether or not you understand the course material. They will gladly help with any concern you might have regarding anything they have knowledge of.
Its a great community college that helps you get ready to transfer to other colleges. It also has technical courses if you are interested in that.
Chattanooga State Community College is a college unlike any other. The faculty is so supportive and they help you every step of the way. you aren't thrown into the deep end of the pool without knowing how to swim. One thing I did find slightly annoying is that they like to treat you like a child. They are supportive, yes, but not in a way that helps you come to terms with your own sense of adulthood. Sometimes I feel like I'm in high school again when I'm there.
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So far my experience with Chattanooga State has been very good. Everyone I've talked to or went to for advice has been very friendly and helpful.
It was the best community college I've ever enrolled. I completed there more than a year toward my Bachelor degree of Electrical Engineering. The atmosphere and location of the college is calmly and gentle. All instructors of my classes were very well experience in their specific field of study. Overall, I'd love it!
I have recently been enrolled as a freshman at Chattanooga State Community College. The process has been quite easily made with the assistants of my "success coach" along with online orientation. I am looking forward to the falling academic year!
I spent my Freshman year there and enjoyed it. I played Baseball and lived about ten minutes away from campus. I really enjoyed my time there and the classes were tough, but I enjoyed them and learned.
I love Chattanooga State! I am currently enrolled at the college and love the campus environment. The professors and other staff members are nice and extremely helpful. You have any and resources that one would need available to you such as flexible library hours stocked with computers and private study rooms. The professors are extremely helpful when a student comes to them for help and they make all the time in the world for their students to provide that extra help. They want to see their students succeed and they make sure to do just that. I would highly recommend this school to any student seeking information about attending college. I don't think I would change anything about the school because I have not had a bad experience there to date.
It has been a perfect school with helpful staff and teachers, I have been to other colleges and some do not meet the same standards that Chattanooga State offers to all of its students. If I could give this school more than 5 Stars I would.
Chattanooga State Community College has a wonderful experience in store for anyone who chooses to attend there. The staff were more than accommodating in helping to get started. The professors are inspiring and motivating students at all times. I have had an amazing experience while attending Chatt State and strongly encourage anyone who wants to further their education and be all they can be to choose Chattanooga State Community College.
Chattanooga State Community College has a large variety of academics to choose from. The campus staff members are eager and quite helpful.
I like how there are professors who are always there will to help but I would like change if we could more tutors for different subjects.
I have been going here for 3 years. There are some WONDERFUL teachers and some that are not so great... They have a wide array of different fields you can go into. There are plenty of clubs and support services(of many kinds). I am currently in the RN nursing program and although it is tough, I feel I am getting some of the best education.
My major is Registered nurse. It takes a lot of determination to get into to the program not just grade wise but you have to want it.
Chatt state has a variety of things to do on campus each semester. They have different clubs students can join to have fun while studying for their classes.
Being a part of my specific major is the most fulfilling part of going to college. The program is advanced and challenging, along with the workload, but it's a challenge that is well rewarded. The facilities in which these classes are held are kept very nice and are easy to learn in.
The class scheduling is actually pretty decent in regards to the flexability and scheduleing. However, the transferring of transcripts and all the different types of information that we recieved on classes/scheduleing was in itself a bit of a hassle and more than confusing.
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I haven't taken any online classes, although I enjoy the classes I have taken that have tests and work sources on ELearn.
I honestly haven't looked into this information so far, but a few individuals that I know have been able to go right into workinging in a hospital while still studying at Chatt. State.
From those who are graduating from the nursing program at Chattanooga State Community College and those who are in the program now, I have heard so many possitive things that have come out of job oportunities and career success.
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