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Chattanooga College Medical Dental & Technical Careers Reviews

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I’m really happy with my decision to attend Chattanooga College for cosmetology. My instructors prepared me for both passing my State Board and for doing hair in the real world. I feel very confident now that I’m out of school and wouldn’t have gotten there without the instructors at this school.
I went to enroll in to school at Chattanooga College and soon as you walked in the door you could feel the positive energy and seen so many smiling faces ready to help you and assist you with school and following your dreams. If you plan on being in any kind of beauty school or nursing or even criminal justice program i suggest that you go check out Chattanooga College. They are amazing!
Friendliness is unreal how happy the teachers and worker are here. it makes you feel excited to go to school. they treat you as family with warm hugs and hands shakes. i have no complaints.
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i love my school and will refer more students to join.
100% job placement guarantee in my field!
Very caring and kind. A lot of fun!
Extremely affordable. Willingness to help students obtain grants, scholarships and such is wonderful!
Brand new! Fast and very nice.
Small, one on one genuine help and care, family type atmosphere. Free and more than willing extra tutoring by professors.
It took me a while to understand the whole financial aid thing. The ladies are very helpful with sitting you down and explaining eveything and answering any questions you may have.
Threre are a few different majors taught at this school. Some of the teachers that are teaching may have even went to college majoring in the same thing their teaching.
The workload isn't all that bad. You have to keep up being that you only have class 10 or 11 times. Within this time you should have learned the material. Scarey, but possible. Moving on to the next course.
Sometimes these courses can be difficult. Me personally when you take classes that have connect this is a class that is self taught. Sometimes I need more interaction an examples from the teacher to brake things down.
Computers at the school are the best. Works beyond your expectations. Whatever you need done , you will be able to do here without going anywhere else.
There are endless possibilities. Anything you need is available. This college was designed to help you succeed and make college life as easy as possible. Throughout the school is equipt with all the hardware as well as software you need. You name it we got it!
The student body at Chattanooga College is remarkable. Everyone is respectful and caring. I'm a high school drop out 27yr old mother of two who thought college was out of my league. The students are there to help you as well as the staff.Thank God for this second generation of a large family, he put me in the right hands. I'm maintaining so far with a 3.9 gpa. Who knew this could come true. I now know everything is possible you just have to want it. I love everybody here, some just don't know how much they mean to me to have met them at this time in my life.
The program I am in is the associates dental assistant, but there are a lot of other opportunities.
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We are able to use the library and student center when ever we need.
There are several new computers, we are able to print from any of them and the internet speed is great!!
This is my second time attending this college and I was placed in my clinical and received the job. I do know that there is a lady that is always working on updating our career center for job prospects.
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