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Open lines of communication and caring relationships between the staff and students. All the of the academic programs are available to the student and staff members are readily accessible
Super easy and helpful. I've been able to take classes around work and studying
Straightforward and easy to understand. Submitting and viewing past assignments and grades is super easy.
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Very helpful. My adviser mapped out the classes I need to take that will be transferable to my next college.
Courses are easy and straightforward to apply to. Help is always here if needed
The teachers know what they are teaching and will answer any academic question directly.
I have gone to this school for two semesters and have nothing to complain about. Teachers are friendly and approachable. Like every school, it is important to do the work and show up for class. The campus hold activities weekly to help the interaction of the students.
Most of the time, I am able to build class schedules that do not interfere with other commitments. I have not had to transfer anything either to or from this school, as of yet.
I have only taken one online class, and it was only a one credit course for term two. Therefore, professor/student relationships did not develop, which made getting help or in contact slightly more difficult. The work load seemed a little heavy for the type of material we were covering, but it was not totally unfair.
While sometimes I do wish the school had more programs available, or more instructors in certain departments, I would say that overall, the school is doing a great job with what they have. Most instructors see their students as individuals, and smaller class sizes make it easier to get the help I need, even if it's just asking for clarification on a topic or more time to write my notes before moving on. Very accommodating!
Because classes are small, most instructors get to know you on a personal level, and are very helpful.
While being a student, I am also a wife and mom and work a full time job. I love that CVCC offers such a variety of times and classes that I am able to easily balance all my roles.
I love that I am able to have a one-on-one relationship with my professors.
I know several other past students that have had no problems getting a job with their degree from CVCC. I'm looking forward to furthering my education!
There are plenty of clubs offered on campus for students to join. And the career center always helps to steer us in the right way.
So far, all the classes that I have needed have been offered and my advisor is always there to help me get what I need.
The teachers don't overload us with work outside the classroom. I feel like I've learned a lot and will continue so.
Review Chattahoochee Valley Community College
So far I've only had one teacher out of 5 semesters that I didn't like. Love the class size and the teachers know us by name!
I am not necessarily majoring in what I want to do with my life at this school but it is helping me get there.
So far its a great experience. The classes are small which gives you plenty of time with your professor. You can ask questions whenever you need to and they give you feedback right away.
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