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I liked going to the school. I liked the teachers I had and learned very interesting lessons there. There were two main issues, one was cost and the other was that at some point there was a time where you had to be careful because of a certain person trying to rob you in the parking lot. But you always have to be careful everywhere.
Chattahoochee Technical College has provided a wonderful first college experience for me. Offering affordable classes and programs, they are the leading technical college in my state for a reason. Professors are incredibly helpful and you will succeed if you put in the time and work. The social scene is not as lively as other campuses, but that is no consequence to me. We are here to work hard to accomplish our goals. Of the 3 campuses of CTC I have visited, they are all clean and organized. On-site campus police provide a safe environment.
Chatt Tech is a great local community college for those seeking to transfer or get diplomas in trade fields. The trade programs are good with great staff and resources. The school is split between five campuses so traveling for classes is normal for of most of the students. That means you can find a location near you and take your classes there. However that also means if a program is only offered at one location you have to travel.
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I love the learning atmosphere. The classes are affordable and the professors are awesome. My experience has been nothing less than great!
There is always campus police around so there rarely a problem and the teachers some go out of there way to help you and some could care less on how you do
A good school that allowed me to learn and adjust to college life. Before the merge with Chattahoochee tech, the north Metro campus was smaller and well organized.
I love Chattahoochee Technical College. Its a smaller school and you can transfer to any school in GA if you want to finish your 4 year degree.
The advisors aren’t really helpful unless you are in the nursing program. My friend has no problem getting responses from any of her advisors or anyone and yet I’ve emailed multiple with no response. The office also doesn’t know what they are doing and the buildings are kinda confusing to navigate. Otherwise you get what you give pretty much. Cheap local school and decent professors so far.
My time at Chattahoochee has been okay. I've had some struggles with communicating with the school such as, not having my phone calls answered, or not ever getting responses to any of my emails! however I have to say whenever I go to the office workers for help, they have always been more than helpful and have saved me so much grief. This school is nothing flashy but if you just need to get some classes on the cheap then this would be the way to go! When it comes to the actual education it's a hit or miss. Overall it's not that bad of a school it gets the job done and on the cheap!
Great for prerequisite classes while you meet the requirements for a 4 year institution or a more economical way to ear credit hours for required classes before selecting a major. No need to pay 2 or 3 times more for general classes needed like English, Algebra, Humanities, etc. Also, has short 2 year degree programs.
I was a dual enrollment student and a student here post graduation. Teachers are all very friendly, diverse classes and online classes are amazing!
This past month, figuring out what I want to study and finding the correct college, has been insane. Chattahoochee Tech has been incredibly helpful and made the process of starting school again easy.
I like that this is a local college perfect for dual enrollment students like myself. The majority of professors and staff are always friendly and local.
I enjoy the smaller class size and the expertise the professors have. I would like the communication between the administration and student to improve.
I like the affordability, the location and the professors. I would like to see them add more health care options such as an OTA program and I would love if they accepted financial aid to those who have a bachelor degree and are going back to school.
I really enjoyed my time at Chattahoochee Technical College. I took all of my pre-requisites there. The school is affordable, close to I75, and always looking for ways to help their students succeed.
My experience at chattahoochee technical college was amazing because it's safe, different from high school and the professors help you with everything, you need help on and the students are very friendly.
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Great option for non traditional and dual enrollment students. Small classes and a wide range a campuses. Scheduling can be a nightmare because they only have a select few of good professors.
Is a very helpful school and the professors help you with anything and help you understand they help you pass you classes and succeed in life
best decision I ever made in terms of going back to school. Very affordable and you can tell that the staff actually care about you. The courses are not easier, more so the professors actually take the time to explain the material in depth. If I could go back and re-do my college experience I would have started out here and then transferred to a 4 year University.
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