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I love the atmosphere of the campus. It was a great transition from high school to college. I'm not one that likes crowds, and Chattahoochee tech is the perfect size for me. It's like a bigger high school, but with more freedom.
The atmosphere at both the Woodstock and Mountain View campus is very calm. Great and patient professors and great students to be around.
Chattahoochee Technical College is a good school. They offer a lot of good resources to help with your school work. The tutoring center is open for a good amount of time through out the day and even on Saturday mornings. The campus is always proving fun school functions to take part in. Lastly there are people always there to help you with your next steps and much more.
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It an ok school. I never like it anyway. I'm transfer to a 4 years this semester. People are nice but please use ratemyprofessor before sign up for class.
I am an international student who has been studying at Chattahoochee Tech for two years. In the two years, I have been here I can honestly say I feel at home. The number of students in our classes is small, giving me opportunities to make friends, and to easily ask my instructors for assistance should I have questions. The free tutoring at the success center has made my academic transition easier than I anticipated. Chattahoochee tech truly values their students by offering a vast amount of resources, such as free tutoring, student organizations, and scholarships.
This is my first semester here at this school and so far it’s been great. I haven’t been that much involved but there’s plenty of stuff to do here on campus. There’s lots of activities to do and lots to get Involved in. I feel like this is the school for me, especially since they have a great cosmetology program and that’s what I’m thriving for. I wouldn’t change a thing, other then extending the time for events or changing the time to some, because not everyone can attend due to working and having classes in the afternoon and most events are in the morning.
Chattahoochee Technical College is an exemplary school that supports all walks of life! They do an excellent job accommodating anyone with specific preferences or needs. I would definitely recommend this college to anyone who is unsure about the path that they want to take in life. Not only because it is an inexpensive school to attend, but Chatt Tech has numerous opportunities to help you figure out what you may be interested in doing as a career. They also have multiple campuses, so enrolling in classes near you is not difficult. Another awesome thing about Chattahoochee Tech is that they have plenty of campus life activities to engage in, which makes it easy to create connections and friendships with other students. Overall, this college is one that I would definitely recommend to future college students.
I'm a freshmen just getting started. I hope this will change my life for the better. I want to grow up and become something. I've always dreamed of the day I could go to college. I'm a late starter but I'm here now and ready to take the next step to greatness.
For people wanting to get used to the college life or want a bare minimum college to quickly learn a trade, Chattahoochee Technical College would be a good college for them. Though lacking in school essentials such as cafeterias and after school clubs, Chattahoochee makes up for it by being close to a variety of different restaurants that are just a few minutes drive away. The classes, especially for the core classes, have varying quality depending on who is your instructor. From my experience, I experienced this more with the core classes than the major classes, but I would advise to always do research on your instructor before signing up for their class.
The smaller classrooms helps you relationship with your professor and that relationship makes learning so much more stress relieved than not.
The professors generally seem to care about my education, and are some of the most challenging yet caring teachers I have ever had. The campus is relatively small and congested, which makes for easy transportation.
The staff and teachers are typically nice and approachable. I wish there was more staff so you arent always waiting to talk to counselors, admissions or financial.
Chattahoocheetech is what you make it like any other college experience % although it’s only a technical college so there’s no actual campus life , it’s set up more of go to your classes , study, or go home .The students are amazing and have no problem helping everyone succeed . From seeing study groups everywhere in the student center to outside on the tables altogether. Teachers are also very good with communication for the most part.
This is a good school for students who dont know what to do after highschool. The professor's work with the students and want you to pass and graduate.
As a online dual enrollment student I haven't experienced the campus except for when I go to take test. However the Black Board system and student email makes it easy to communicate with teachers and most of the teachers I have had are very understanding and knowledgeable about the subjects that they teach.
I like Chattahoochee Tech. The classes aren't as large as a University which works well because you can get one on one time with the teacher if needed. They really teach you what you need to know as far as taking 1,000 unnecessary classes for your degree.
I enjoyed learning a lot, but my quality of education was very inconsistent. In the course of one semester, I had the best and most helpful professor, and I also had the WORST professor I've ever wasted my time taking. My current semester is also similar. I want to learn, but some of these professors are impressively bad at their jobs. Seeing a security officer is a rare occurrence.
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Chattahoochee Technical college is an all around great college experience. They make it super easy to talk to your professors and there is a greater face-to-face aspect.
While attending high school I participated in the dual enrollment program where I had the opportunity to take three courses at Chattahoochee Technical College. I would say that my overall experience was fantastic. Although it can be a little scary to attend college while you are still in high school, everyone made me feel very comfortable and helped me in any way that they could. With it being a smaller school, the professors had more time to spend one on one to help you achieve your goals. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Chattahoochee and would definitely recommend it to any upcoming freshman.
Chattahoochee school is one of the best technical colleges I could think of, the reasons being, it prepares one's mind into making choices of what they want to major in while searching for the universities of their choice. It has been one of the schools that recognizes students needs and at the same time try as much as possible to meet is a college that has Eight different campuses locations all around Atlanta, which makes attending classes convenient for students in the Atlanta area. Chattahoochee tech has staffs and teacher who are so organized, especially the teachers who teaches in practicality and standard way.
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