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Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Chattahoochee Technical College. The professors were very kind and helped their students as much as possible. All the staff were very helpful. I also enjoyed the courses I took there. The courses were challenging, but brought out my true potential. This was a great school.
welcoming classroom environment. All the teachers want to see you succeed. The school offers a lot of different career opportunities ranging from culinary arts to computer science. I have had only a half of a semester experience but I can honestly say that I will be carrying out my two years there.
It's a cool school to get to you ready for the university not to many distraction. One thing I would like to see is more programs for student to interact with each other.
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I went to the North Metro campus and I definitely would not recommend this school... the staff at the front office and in financial aid are horrible. They don't give you enough information and get irritated when you ask questions. The professors are also pretty horrible, I only had three good teachers from my four semesters who didn't contradict themselves and didn't try to cram tons of information into me all at once. Also, the advisors are absolutely terrible. They were very unprofessional and talked to me like I was stupid. Don't waste your time or money with this college.
I enjoyed going to this college. It is very resourceful when it comes to helping, the staff and facilities are really great when it comes to helping you make a decision on getting your core classes or fulfilling a full two years of the major of your choice. The financial aid system is very nice, and processing runs very smoothly. I would like to see a better system for the book store. Student staff can be kind of hard dealing with when you have to explain your situations with grants. Also the office to get your ID made is always closed, and makes it hard for students who need them for off campus events or new students needing one in general.
Not bad, I went here for dual enrollment. It is a nice way to test the waters of college and get a groove of how to plan classes and time manage school, job, and fun.
The professors and tutors worked with the students to help us succeed. The professors encouraged us to ask questions if we did not understand why we missed a question on an exam .
I started attending Chattahoochee Technical College in the Spring of 2014. I have liked going to this school, because of the location and also the cost to attend is manageable.
The staff is very helpful and friendly to the students! The atmosphere is all about the academics! I have meet very driven students which makes the classes dynamic!
I took six classes at Chattahoochee Technical College for prerequisite requirements for a masters level program. Enrollment and course registration were both very simple and straightforward. I had no issues transferring my credits or sending my transcripts. Chattahoochee was very affordable and they have several campuses that make it convenient to get to.
I am currently starting my freshman year of college at Chatt. It is diverse, a friendly environment, and also full of hard working teachers and eager to learn students.
I'm looking forward to transferring to another school.
The main classes I have taken are classes that teachers just love to discuss the subject. They fill you up with list of knowledge about the topic and then they tell everyone to discuss to and have a class participation grade by talking in class about it. It helps remembering it better if its further discussed
Although Chattahooche does not have a Animal Health program, they are still helping me out by advising me to take as much sciences as possible. I also have an internship at a Clinic called Pet Vet Clinic. It's such a great experience.
It's best to be independent and focus on school only and have no distractions. That's why when I go to school it's the best because everyone is only focusing on themselves. Teachers are awesome, they explain everything so clearly. Once I've thought i should've just went to a university instead of a technical, but now I don't think that. It was a great choice and a great way to save money. And it has taught me how all of this classes and programs are about and let's you be independent about it.
School is great, everyone is nice and willing to share information
The quality of services is average, nothing goes wrong and everything is pretty good. It provides enough for those willing to make use of it
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There are a good variety of times to choose from, in fact I don't have classes on Friday every semester so its pretty good. The overall experience has been great and I haven't undergone any major difficulties
I don't know what to say, I've never taken an online course at Chattahoochee Tech but I'm sure I can learn a thing or two
Im not all too sure so I cant say much
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