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Great option for non traditional and dual enrollment students. Small classes and a wide range a campuses. Scheduling can be a nightmare because they only have a select few of good professors.
Is a very helpful school and the professors help you with anything and help you understand they help you pass you classes and succeed in life
best decision I ever made in terms of going back to school. Very affordable and you can tell that the staff actually care about you. The courses are not easier, more so the professors actually take the time to explain the material in depth. If I could go back and re-do my college experience I would have started out here and then transferred to a 4 year University.
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My experience with Chat Tech isn't a big seeing as the only campus i go to is small but not too underwhelming. the teachers there try to help you the best they can and I have made many good friends and classmates during my past semesters. The only classes there are mostly for students focusing on digital media, culinary arts and photography. Overall I enjoyed my past semester and i have learned a lot from my major classes.
My current experience at Chattahoochee Technical College is satisfactory. There is a plentiful amount of programs to choose from to help prepare you for your future career. Personally, the environment for me is not very pleasant at times or may seem unwelcoming depending on which faculty/staff members I may encounter. The educational level for some academic courses does not seem as challenging for me. Depending on which professors you have is a determining factor for whether you feel this school is promising for your future. Of course, some professors may push you to strive to put forth your best effort (in which you should always want to) while others may seem very discouraging. Overall, I am determined to finish my degree here and transfer to a 4-year college so I can further my education.
Chattahoochee Technical College is a good school. I just think that the professors should interact more with their students and try harder to help the students understand the learning material. The school is a great college to start out with.
Everyone is very helpful in guiding future freshman in the process of becoming a student at CTC. On the other hand sometimes they do not answer the phone so that we may be able to contact them regarding funicular aide or if our transcripts came in. They have students looking up these informations and something that end up giving the wrong information with a bit of attitude. Other then that the staff that I’ve spoke with was very nice.
The value that you receive for the price is very good. It's college, so it's still expensive, but much less so than a major university. The teachers here are generally decent (David Busse is amazing!) and I feel like I'm getting a good, basic education. If you just do the minimum to skate by, you probably won't learn very much, but if you are pro-active you can learn a great deal.
This school is very inexpensive in my opinion which help me because I have to pay for all my school expenses right now. It also helps that this school is located relatively close to where I live.
I like every Professor that I have had so far. Everyone is helpful and there are tons of student involvement events that everyone has fun at and enjoys. I love this school.
Chattahooche tech is a good school for the most part. The professors are okay just like any other school. I would like to see some changes like they should offer more courses to help students with their major.
It’s a great school. Nothing needs to be change or anything. I cant wait til i graduate and the school helps me get into the work force.
Campus is close to where I live. Free tutoring services. Open lab hours are flexible. Teachers are willing to help you succeed.
An excellent school so far. Everyone is very helpful and nice to all my needs. The classes are diverse in location and times available. The website advises you on everything that you need to know as well as to where to go. I love the extra help that is offered for when I have a problem with one of my classes, I am able to get the needed help.
Class sizes are small and they have campuses all over Georgia. Their computer systems often fail around class signup time because of an influx of students so sign up early kids!
Not the best college academically.Student activities aren't as interesting and there are little to no student organizations. Marietta campus has NO food options and even the vending machines are empty.
It's an ok school. Most of the staff are friendly. Some professors are understanding. There aren't many sports. They got vending machines.
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It's pretty much just a great (and very cheap) option for those who typically don't do so well in academics. There are multiple campuses; all kept really clean and it's really easy to find your way around. But don't expect to get the whole "college lifestyle" package as it is extremely boring, but hey you know it's super cheap and super easy so why not.
I love how Chattahoochee Technical College constantly attempts to keep the students engaged and interacting with each other. Rather it be from having a rock climbing contest after school to serving international food for the student body.
Chattahoochee Tech is a great place for affordable education. The whole atmosphere is welcoming and the staff are incredibly helpful. They really want you to excel and succeed in school, and go out of their way to make sure you do. You also meet students of all ages and walks of life. Sometimes it can be harder getting to know them because there are many campuses and no dorms. I would like to see more indoor maps of the campuses because some of the major ones are hard to navigate if you have never been there. All in all I really love this college.
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