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Was very hard to go from engaging classes to watching a whiteboard for two hours. The professors tried, but I believe the school could have given them more time, or allowed us to cancel finals to help some students with stress.
Beautiful school and really caring professors. Food could be much better, but they certainly try to keep it interesting.
Chatham University is an awesome institution with a strong student centered focus in a rigorous yet supportive learning environment. faculty are engaged and motivated to inspire students to develop professionally. There is much emphasis on professional writing and meeting national standards within their respective programs.
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An excellent asynchronous learning environment in where students develop great scholarship as evidence of their student centered curriculum. the asynchronous learning platform is supported by faculty student engagement for scholarly development intellectually.
Academically, this school is great. Living on campus is overpriced for the outcome. Food is not up to par either.
Overall learning online was okay. Some professors did get a little lazy when it came to preparing materials and responding to emails, but for the situation, it was acceptable.
The campus is absolutely beautiful, and it's only a few minutes from downtown Pittsburgh. The school offers a wide variety of majors and programs, and takes takes pride in its sustainability and eco-friendly campus and cafeteria. The lacrosse team specifically, with whom I have played with at prospect clinics, are incredibly welcoming and pleasant to be around, and I look forward to applying their as a senior.
Chatham University treats all students equally and with dignity, and helps each student to grow into who they want to be. The campus is beautiful, and the dorms are housed in old mansion with alot of character and warmth. The faculty and staff help to grow relationships with their students and are always on hand to help.
Chatham University is a good campus to attend if you dont mind small schools. Its big enough that you do see new people but still small that once you know a handful of people theres a good chance youll see at least one of them throughout your day, as well as any drama that goes along with them. The academics are good but somewhat lacking in the specialized majors. The food is not very good. It lacks variation and imagination. It tends to be the same thing over and over again. The only perk is that during lunch they do specialized options where you can create your own of whatever option they're offering that day, such as a ramen bowl. Unfortunately this is only during lunch.
I absolutely loved Chatham University when I toured the campus. From its beautiful and unique architecture to it's centralized location it had everything I could ever needed.
I transfer to Chatham University this spring semester. So far, the faculty are very friendly and helpful in a way that i really need help. I start class for a week now and the professors really take an effort of helping me.
For a Nursing major or a grad student in the PT program, this may be a great fit -- these programs seem to be what the school is geared toward. If you're looking to major in Humanities/Social Sciences I can say that the faculty is great but resources are extremely limited. Even since my first year, the focus has drifted from the supposed values of the university toward promoting athletics, which is not bad in itself but has created a cynical relationship between administration and students who were seeking a different experience.
I would like to see more diversity in the chatham community I love being at chatham its quite its refreshening. chatham I think could use more activities to do or more engaged activities with everyone not just select few
The IArch program is very cliquey for how small it is. A few good professors. It is a LOCK STEP program-if there are classes you can test out of the student has to fight for the right to test out. Dean makes it seam like an inconvenience- money is the bottom line, is classist. If you do go here get Everything in writing from Dean so you can back up your convictions. This program is Not for introverts, cohorts not as supportive as may seam. Loaded with unecessary competition, no good constructive criticism from peers or collaborative learning. The program is constantly going through changes be wary. If you have any design or art background consider another program in the area. Undergrad students and grad students learn same material at this school, instead of combining students for beginning courses they basically teach the same thing twice to get double the cost.
I am planning on applying to Chatham University, but before doing so, I've decided to go on a campus tour. I was pretty nervous when I first got there, but I felt all that uneasiness disappear once I saw the property. The vibe given off was warm as most of the property was filled with plants, trees, and grass as it was located in a place away from any loud noises one would normally hear in the city. There was also dorms dedicated for female or males or were co-ed, which I really appreciated it. The only thing that really bothered me was the fact there was no air conditioning, but it isn't really a huge issue since most students wouldn't be present during the summertime. It's also understandable considering the dorms aren't brand new, but either way. I highly recommend the campus for anyone who are more of an outdoorsy person and prefers to go to a small college/university.
As a non-traditional undergraduate student, I chose Chatham for its small-community feel and more intimate class sizes. I feel a strong connection to my classmates and my professors as I continue my journey to a BS in Human Biology.
Chatham is great when it comes to being close to the city but also secluded from the busy part of Pittsburgh. It's just a quick bus ride down to the city in order to see everything that Pittsburgh has in store but once you're on campus you can't see or hear anything. It's a quiet campus that also has a lot of stuff going on. A great campus to have a little bit of everything.
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Chatham University has a welcoming and sustainable atmosphere. The class sizes are smaller and the professors truly take their time to invest in your learning journey at the school.
Chatham is a beautiful campus open to everyone with the most caring and friendly staff. I am from Wexford, Pa originally which is about 30 minutes north of the university. I am a transfer student studying Psychology and playing hockey there too. Everyone truly cares about your future and gives you the tools to succeed as a student and as an adult. I am so grateful that I transferred to Chatham and I hope I can continue there during grad school as well.
The best college decision I have ever made. I absolutely love this school! Chatham University offers so many opportunities that other schools lack consistently. They offer things like awareness months and activities for all types of ethnicities and races, to educate and teach students and faculty about other cultures. There is an outpour of support and respect that you can not find at any other college. Chatham is unique in the experience that it will offer both its students and faculty. I highly recommend this school to anyone on the college search.
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