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Chatham has good daily life activities and wonderful proffesors and the overall staff. I especially like their no drug/smoking policy. The dorms and classes are good and Chatham is located in a very convenient area.
I love this college when I first stepped on the campus I felt a home feel I really like it and couldn't ask for a better place to want to start college
I am currently enrolled in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program, which is an online program, and am thoroughly enjoying my education. Although it is very involved the outcomes are very rewarding and the instructors are caring, compassionate, and very knowledgeable.
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My first year spent on campus was fantastic. All the professors are wonderful and the rest of the staff is too. Chatham has a beautiful campus within Pittsburgh.
Chatham is a good college overall. There are a lot of academic opportunities and the classes are easy to follow but also challenge the student. I have found that there is not a lot of things going on outside academics that is school-facilitated. Also, there were some discrepancies with transfer credits and the school does not seem to have enough organization between departments.
Beautiful campus and living accommodations. Strong academic prowess. Not a party school, but has communal and social activity. City life with town atmosphere. Diverse, yet cultural niche. Great for young and older students. Exciting college and artistic scene.
Chatham University has various things to offer. The campus I very close to the downtown Pittsburgh area, where you have the opportunity to explore the city and meet new people. The school itself has amazing teachers where their main focus is to know you on a personal level. This helps with finding internships or jobs, even networking events. As for the students, they are provided with many clubs and activities on campus to distract themselves from homework, and take a break.
This is University is the hidden gem in Pittsburgh. With they going Co-ed recently has brought move people to them. The staff and everyone that works there are a delight. The academics are amazing.
I attended Chatham as an adult continuing ed student. The classes are rigorous and the professors invested in the students success. The campus is a beautiful, peaceful, secluded section of a vibrant city. For those who crave the occasional night-life, your student ID will get you a bus ride to downtown Pittsburgh or Oakland (where Pitt and CMU, and several other student bodies make up most of the population).
The food is delicious, with vegan, vegetarian, international cuisine, and farm to table products of the Eden Hall campus and other local farmers.
You can also get a delicious burger and fries, if you are determined to eat junkfood.
There were opportunities for international travel, networking, career councilling, tutoring, work study, internships with leading companies, and fun field trips.
I liked how engaged the teachers were with your own individual education, as well as the steps they took to ensure you understood everything.
I love the biology curriculum-- I like being able to focus on human biology for the entirety of my undergrad career. The small class sizes allow students to get to know the professors, and that has been extremely beneficial. I also like that students are required to complete an internship. That takes the guess work out of the grad school/job search.
Chatham has a very beautiful campus, as well as a great student body. I was there over a weekend, but the people that were there seemed very kind and welcoming. I overall enjoyed the vibe that the campus gave off and the view of Pittsburgh from some of the buildings. I think the best part of the campus is the architecture, but then again I am trying to major in interior architecture, so I focus on that kind of thing. I really enjoyed the campus and I recommend those who are planning on going there to view the campus.
Chatham university is a very welcoming school in a great location. Teachers who care and give you your full attention.
I loved my college. The study abroad programs, business classes, and facilities were amazing. I just wish Chatham had more connections with companies for students after college.
Chatham is such a lovely school. I like that it has its own secluded and save campus, while also being so close to the city of Pittsburgh because you get the best of both worlds.
I am an incoming freshman at the school, and my experience so far there has been excellent! The campus is beautiful and woodsy yet is situated in the heart of Pittsburgh, so it makes it very easily to find good jobs and internships for whatever major you choose! Some of the staff is very helpful, especially with all my credits coming in. Go Cougars!
Chatham University is a beautiful school all around. The professors are wonderful and the academics is also pretty good. Going to school here is enjoyable.
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At Chatham you have the chance to get to know your professors because of the small class sizes. Your professors you your name and know who you are and are willing to help you.
My experience at Chatham University has been extremely positive. I'm in the midst of a master's program for counseling psychology. The classes I've taken and the professors I've had have been challenging, helpful, and insightful. The campus is beautiful and the student body is very active. I have a bit of a limited scope of the college as a whole because I live off campus, but I would recommend Chatham to anyone who wants a challenging, social-justice oriented enducation.
Some quick notes:
-Diversity is a priority to the faculty and most students. Mostly WASPs, but diversity is growing.
-Growing male athletics. Not super competitive, and most sports are welcoming to walk-ons.
-Dorms are better (IMO) in comparison to bigger schools (Pitt). Many rooms located in cool old mansions. Others more modern, including the apartments.
-Professors are helpful. One-on-one meetings are common. Each professor I've had has been understanding and accommodating.
-Safety is great. Police are there if needed, not overbearing. Many have a good relationship w/ them, as they are pretty cool people.
-Small, pretty campus. Students love sitting in the grass on nice days.
-Huge parties are nonexistent. Smaller, discreet parties are common and most students are chill.
-Activities are average. You have to jump in on your own terms. Pittsburgh is an amazing city with lots to do.
-Least favorite thing is the food. Students order often.
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