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My experience at Chatfield OTR is very comfortable. I enjoy class and it is very professional. I am glad I chose this school. Chatfield OTR is helping me in so many ways such as preparing me for my career to ensure I am competent with my assignments. I will give it a 10 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest. I had doubts about attending only because I didn't have faith in myself. I grew faith when I started communicating with various staff. The staff has become my family and i plan on reaching my goal at Chatfield OTR.

Thank you Chatfield Staff for everything!!!
I currently do not take an online but may attend in the future. Chat field is preparing me by getting comfortable with computers. Online is an option for me if I become employed and that will make schooling easier. Chatfield also has many staff members that can help you navigate a computer. There is a computer room available for students to use and resource center to provide private time.
I have taken a bunch of online classes at Chatfield. I have always had a good experience here whether it was on campus or online. One thing I did struggle with was getting use to canvas. I was so use to schoology but I eventually got it.
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I have had a really great experience at Chatfield College. I have been going here for 8 semesters. The staff have always been very nice to me and always try their best to help me whenever I have a question. I did struggle a little bit this semester trying to get understand canvas but I got the help I needed.
I'm a CCP student and this is my fourth semester going to Chatfield. Being completely new to college I found it to be a wonderful first time experience and three semesters later I still share that same viewpoint. The teachers and administrators want to see you succeed and they try their best to help you. The teachers encourage you to ask questions and if you aren't getting something they are more than willing to help you. The administrators are also very helpful and do their best to clear up any problems and concerns you have. If a particular administrator can't assist you then they make sure to get another administrator that can. They don't just leave you hanging to try to figure it out on your own. As far as the class sizes go, they are relatively small. This is one of the biggest reasons why like Chatfield. I previously attended a large high school. Upon attending Chatfield I found its small comfortable atmosphere to be a wonderful fit.
I took online classes due to the pandemic. It wasn't ideal because the classes I was taking would have never been online classes. For instance, I was taking pottery at the time. However, the teachers worked really hard to help us get through the semester and still learn. I am currently in my second week of taking voluntary online classes for this fall semester. I have found it to be a lot more organized so far.
This is my 3rd semester at Chatfield it has made me welcome and loved, the staff here is great. The instructors really care about the students and they want us to achieve our goals. This school has really made me realize that at 47 I can still achieve my goals. I am blessed and humbled that I came here and I won’t change a thing.
Online learning was different because of COVID-19 but it was scary at first but, I pressed forward and made it through. I am happy that I was able to do online classes.
My experience with chatfield is great. I feel they have a great support team, i like the classes because they are smaller then other campuses, and i feel like you learn alot from teachers and students, and the teachers are so understanding.
I take three classes online. And i love it. They way they explain things on how to do your work. And the timing on when your work is due. And online classes is a great when you a full time parent and work.
This is my first year doing classes online actually first week ,but they seem like they’ll be cool, giving instructions on what to do and deadlines it’s very understandable I think I’ll do great.
Me being a drop out and going back to get my ged I always thought school wasn’t for me ,or that I’d be shy in a big university so I choose Chatfield College Otr campus . The instructors are great and really care they check up on you, make sure your semester is going good making sure your on track with everything they just really seem to care and with all that’s going on a student could really use the extra care am really proud of my self and my journey .Chatfield was a great choice for me and their instructors are awesome am on a mission that am going to achieve with the guidance of Chatfield one year down one to go yahhhh.
I have taken a handful of classes online. I wouldn’t say it was any of the teachers, we had to switch to at home learning because of the pandemic. They did a very good job of switching things to make it easier for us at home.
I have loved going to Chatfield. Started here in high school and it is so peaceful and pretty. The teachers are super nice and very understanding.
my online experience was wonderful. it started off rough for me because everything had transitioned over to remote learning but in time, I started grasping the assignments.
I attend Chatfield college in OTR in Cincinnati ohio. My experience with Chatfield college has been wonderful. I have been helping my aunt out with her son every since her heart surgery last yr. I explained that to the staff at Chatfield college and they actually worked around my schedule. The location of the college is very convenient because I actually live ten minutes away from the college, its also right on the bus line and near Findlay market so all i have to do is leave out the doors and walk straight up if i want to get something from the market. like i said earlier, the staff is a caring staff that are willing to work with you. This is my fourth semester. I feel like what keeps me motivated to keep going is the fact that the Professors actually doesnt make you feel out of place if you don't understand anything. They will actually stop what they're doing and explain the assignment just so the whole class can get an understanding of it.
I am a Faculty member, not a student. I have helped build the online program, though. We are improving every week.
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In Fall 2015, I taught Intro to Theater. I had been teaching with Chatfield, as an adjunct, for three semesters. Fall 15 was the semester I taught a world literature and my first SPE121 class, I had eight theater students and many had never been on stage. A couple had even taken the class simply because I was teaching it and they’d been in my classes before. At the end of that semester, those kids put on a variety show. I think it was the first theatrical performance the college had produced in decades. My students flourished. I truly watched a transformation happen for the students in that class. Not many instructors get to see the dramatic physical changes in students the way one does in a performance based class.
Chatfield college is a very personalized class. I always feel like I can ask for help here. The class sizes are very small and I love this.
I have taken a few online classes and love it. Even though these classes are online, there are still small classes.
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