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The professors have all been incredibly helpful and friendly, the environment is clean and comfortable.
Chatfield is a great atmosphere to earn you associates degree. Despite what some hear that college is truly working to improve its inflexibility by involving the other well known universities and their professors. They have also worked to improve their class ranges in terms of sciences, math, and languages.
I liked the clean environment and the small classes. I also enjoyed the friendly professors. Chatfield College is very helpful when you need any information. Although, I like many things from Chatfield I would like a bigger parking lot easier for me to get to class earlier.
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Professor and student relationships is great and so is peer to peer.
My major is Social Work. I absolutely love my Sociology class & can't wait to take Psychology Early Childhood Development.
The quality of employers recruiting on campus are helpful and nice.
I've never transferred any credits. The flexibility of my classes is just how I wanted it to be. I have only morning classes and it allows me to do anything in the afternoon.
Haven't really talked about job prospects. Though I am only in the second week of my freshmen year, but im sure it will be a topic later on.
The professors are awesome. They definitely make all class work and homework interesting ! Class sizes are small, but it helps you know every one and have a good relationship with your professor.
Awesome professors, great small classes & lots of resources. They also have very friendly staff members.
i have not started quite yet
The atmosphere was great i enjoyed the staff company and their great help and information i received
Some of the Instructors are great at applying real life to what we learn, but some of the Instructors are so far off it makes no sense that they are instructing us! These teachers have no perspective on current positions in the field or how to make what we are learning relevant to the demographic of students at this campus!
My experience has been mostly great! This past semester I started going full time during the day, instead of part time evenings. My experience going full time has given me the opportunity to complete more classes, also to realize that Chatfield OTR/Cincinnati campus has vital components missing. As far as a Student Government, enough administrative contact with the evening students, and the OTR/Cincinnati campus doesn't have a Transition Coordinator for students transitioning towards graduation, other Associate degree schools in the area have discounted bus cards, Chatfield doesn't! I think these items are a necessity for current, transitioning and/or graduated students that may need assistance finding employment.
I really don't no nothing BUT students body at the school
They have a niece post graduate for students
I like it there and the teacher and staff members an some classmates are cool
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I work very hard,and I don't do a lot of complaining so it is what it is and it's time to move on.
I mean I dont have anything good to say about it but I also don't really have anything bad about cause I feel like am gttting rob with everything out here in society today everybody is just about the money.
Their is not much for the students at all .
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