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They use Blackboard for every class. The cheapest online schools tend to use this format. The downside is their are no video lectures. It is also horrible for certain subjects like math. It is better to take math classes elsewhere such as a local college or Other than that, the courses are easy to navigate and the instructors are usually helpful. I've only had one instructor I didn't like.
As far as online schools for working adults wanting to finish their degree, COSC is the best. They have the most liberal transfer policy out there. They also only require on course to be taken there for an associate's and two for a bachelor's. Everything else can be transferred in from other sources such as Saylor Academy. What it is not good for is young people looking to enter into their first career. They have no career services and recruiters don't typically recruit there. Also, most students just seek out a general studies degree there. For me, I work for the Postal Service so it made sense for to go there. All I needed was extra credentials to help me move up. Also, it is good for those who were irresponsible when they were younger to go back to school and get a fresh start. They go further to help people finish their degrees than any other college.
I liked how flexible they were on credit by exam requirements. However, this has changed and in the upcoming semesters credit by exam will be much more limited, driving up the cost dramatically. It was a great college for working adults/non-traditional students with previous credit, experience, and education. This is still true but less so now.
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My online experience was amazing. The professors are quick to respond and are very helpful, and the software platforms they use are easy to use and easy to use to learn. I was provided with every tool I could need, including the full Office suite, online tutoring, and online paper grading/plagiarism check.
This was a perfect school to attend making use of all earned credits. I was able to dual purpose credits and obtain an entirely different degree while completing undergrad at another university, and fielding an internship. The flexibility of COSC was the only way this was made possible. Very knowledgable instructors, worth the educational value.
My experience at Charter Oak has been great thus far. I have been attending for 2 semesters and plan on continuing to attend next semester. The staff cares about helping with costs of school, discussing education plans, and answering any questions you might have, as well as providing resources.
I enjoyed the online classes with Charter Oak. It was very affordable and had good student to faculty ratio. I felt the work was challenging but not overbearing. This is an amazing school for working adults trying to earn their degree.
My experience as an undergraduate was so great, I was happy to enroll in the new Graduate Program for Organizational Effectiveness and Leadership. There is so much to know about being an effective leader. So many ways to expand on your own strengths and apply using documented research methods to master leadership in every capacity. We are being groomed for success.
This is a great school for those who busy and would like to back to school. I have flexible schedule for me to handle both work and study
Completely online fully accredited Connecticut state school. Affordable tuition, financial aid available, and an excellent choice for those who are seeking bachelors or masters degrees while working full-time. All credits from CT Community Colleges and State Universities transferred.
I really like the Charter Oak experience. I enjoy being able to take all my classes online and despite never seeing students in person, you often become close with your classmates. I like the teachers that I have had and have found many of the courses rewarding.
The class I took was online. I only had an over the phone contact with the stuff. Every time I called everyone was great, pleasant and always helped me with anything I needed.
Charter Oak State College was by far the best thing that happened to me while I was acquiring my Bachelor's degree. I am a working adult in the automotive retail industry who needed a 4 year degree to move over to the corporate side of the industry. Before transferring to Charter Oak, I was enrolled at a community college and working 12 hours per day. At that rate it would have taken me about 8 years to complete a 4 year program and I couldn't bear to think about it. Then I discovered Charter Oak, transferred my existing credits and was able to finish my 4 year degree within 3 total years. My academic counselor was amazing and understood how important it was for me to finish school in a timely manner since my career advancement depended on it. The institution is accredited and adult friendly. I would recommend this school to anyone, and if you choose to continue into graduate school like I did, all your credits will transfer without a problem. Thank you Charter Oak!
I believe this college is a great way to be independent while balancing work and school. Learning in an online classroom is tricky at sometimes, but if you really apply yourself, anything can be possible with the right attitude.
Charter Oak is an online transfer college with a liberal acceptance policy for credits. Considered one of the "big three," a nickname for three online colleges which allow students to test out of many--nearly all-- courses using CLEP and other credit-by-examination, it's a perfect choice for the non-traditional student.
I registered and paid to attend this school. As soon as I started digging a little deeper, I found out a lot of things that didn't sit well with me, so I withdrew immediately from the school. One thing I didn't like is that this school touts that they are so affordable, in reality they charge a lot of fees. If you don't go to school for a semester, you get charged for the semester you didn't attend, on top of the current semester you do attend. When I paid to attend, they never sent me a college email, I had to write a person there and let them know I never got one. Even though the school has a lot of online programs, and I am sure they have a lot of out-of-state students, there seem to be more scholarships for in- state students than any for out-of-state students attending( I found a school that offers online student scholarships). The school sure was quick to offer me loans to help put me in debt though.
This school has been the perfect choice for me, someone who holds down 2 jobs and lives far from any 4 year college campus. They have allowed me to compile credits from other colleges, standard tests like the CLEP, portfolio experience, independent study, and online courses. They have been great about keeping contact with me and encouraging me to keep going. The advisors are always available and helpful, their response time is great. The faculty are very professional and knowledgeable. This school has been a great experience for me. I would definitely recommend them to someone who is in a similar situation as I am. They are also well-priced.
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It feels like a great and safe place to be at.
The quality of the stuff in the Pasco campus is great. There are very helpful. they care about you they don't treat you like a number.
Friendly stuff lots of information. By talking to them they made it very easy to find the information I need. Wither is on line or at school I have always had help with any question that I had. That what make it unique there is always someone available for me. If I could do it all over again I would choose this school again.
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