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Helpful staff that is very timely in response to emails and calls regarding questions or concerns, accelerated 19 month associates in high demand field. High success rates on NCLEX exam with good job placement.
So far it's great they are very helpful and help all along the way. I haven't taken the classes yet to see how it is
So far my experience has been amazing. Everyone is so nice and friendly. Thde instructors are extremely helpful and want to see you succeed.
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My husband attended and graduated with a Bachelors degree and I am currently enrolled to attend to get my BS degree. What I love about Charter College is that they understand that most of us work full time. They have streamlined the online course so that that degree is obtainable within a reasonable timeframe and relevant to the job market.
I have just recently enrolled, but the on-board was smooth. I'm excited to start my journey with Charter College!
I had a great experience during my time at Charter College. I had help when I needed it and friendly guidance as I completed my program. This is why I am returning to finish my degree.
Just getting started and so far everything is as expected. Everything appears to be transparent and all of my questions have been answered.
I am happy they offer fast programs in career fields that are in high demand. Enjoying my classes, faculty and other students. Tuition is high but a good investment if picking the right career.
Charter College helped me reach my education goals. With being able to do my classes online and work around my work schedule and still be able to spend time with my Children!
I actually don't start until January, but I want to say that the staff are very professional and friendly and the school is easy to navigate. I am looking forward to attending!
I enjoy this school very much, very strict guidelines on their nursing program but for good reasons. For those that complete the program, they have a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX.
They have online classes and satellite campuses with great technology and a helpful staff. The staff seem to go out of their way to help you with everything from admissions, and finances to getting you all going with your classes.
I had just enrolled and the school is very nice/ It could be a little bigger but it isi nice how the people who work are caring and want you to succeed. I am going to be working on myu certificate for business
Charter college is an excellent school. I have not yet came across anything that I wouldn't like about charter college.
I've never felt like I could learn due to past experiences with college, but this place has turned my life around almost instantly. I love the teachers, students, and the entire staff. They led me in the right direction and really care about their students.
Charter is amazing I work 12 hour shifts at a treatment center I am a single mother of 3 everything is online so I have plenty of time to spend with my kids since I’m able to do my work and studying at home.
I liked how friendly and helpful all of our staff is. When I was signing up I brought my daughter with me. They treated her absolutely amazing and was able to help me get enrolled. I appreciate how we were all treated like family.
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Their slogan is "We work to put you to work". This slogan is 100% accurate. The folks here do everything they can to help their students succeed. With all the technology they use, it is easy to learn on the go.
I am overly very pleased with Charter College. I am Happy to be a student here. There is a strong sense of community at this college.
I have recently begun classes here. The campus is extremely clean, and the environment is wonderful! The instructors seem to really care for the students and their success in the programs.
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