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I love how they teach with passion. Whether it's for Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant or Veterinarian Assistance the instructors teach with passion and are always there to answer any questions we have.
I attended Charter College-Bellingham. Most teachers were great, knowledgeable in the classes they taught and cared about student success. Not having to buy the books was a plus since the campus provided them as rentals for no cost. The way classes are scheduled is a plus since you are able to get more classes done in a short time. My main con is the price, the price was 30-40k for a 2.5 year program with the only financial help that was provided was federal student loans. The externship requirement is a good thing but did not have much support in finding somewhere to do it in a career area I was actually interested in. Also don't believe the post graduate career help, they didn't help like they claimed they would and as soon as I told them I had a job even though it had nothing to do with the degree, they stopped contacting me.
I attend Charter college, Pasco Washington campus. I absolutely love it. Great instructors. They genuinely care about your education and make sure you're always on track. I wouldn't change anything about this college!
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The enrollment process and set up with financial aid is painless and very quick. They make you feel right at home. They strongly encourage older students to return. They have weekly follow ups to make sure your staying on track and organized. Their first day is in class only to help associate their online program so your not on your own from the start.
love charter college. hands on very fun instructors every one is very helpful. you never fall behind they are always encouraging you to go the extra mile to be the best you can be.
it is an enjoyable happy environment. The teachers really focus on helping you and doing everything they can to help you succeed.
I like that I will be a new student at the Missoula MT campus. This is the only option to fill out. but I heard these campuses are great and easy way to go for earning a degree at a quicker pace than a 4 year college.
Admissions process is very smooth and the educators are passionate and dedicated to success! Be cognizant of the considerably higher cost that comes with the school, well worth it for the return on investment depending on your situation.
Charter is definitely a college for motivated people. You need to do the work to pass the classes, but the instructors are happy to answer questions as you go.

Staff has years of teaching them selves, and they help you later on in the mods to do hands on things, such as blood draws, taking and reading pulses, and reading blood pressures.
Im enjoying the online classes that are available. It makes it easier for single mom’s like me to make a better future. Online classes are easy to access and if you need any help there is always someone available to help you out.
Staff is very professional and helpful. Students are friendly and welcoming. Class sizes are manageable with student to instructor ratio. Equipment is all up to date for the technology that we will encounter in the field. Campus is very clean and we'll cared for. There is also plenty of parking. Unlike most colleges and universities. There is always plenty of room to park.
This is the first time I'm applying to college to pursue my career, this college has some of the best and extremely nicest staff member, they helped me thru every step on my financial aid and classes.
I am truly impressed with their level of professionalism. Everyone I have came in contact with has been so friendly and helpful. I am excited to further my career here.
My experience attending at Charter College-Alaska is that they make you feel at home right off the bat. They are very interactive which I love and are very easy to talk to or ask for help. But the one thing that made me enroll into Charter College was the staff, the students every single one of them had a smile on there face and a outstanding attitude. They were determined, determined to finish and do better for themselves and that's what sold me.
The courses are very focused on things that you need to know in the work force. There are 2 introductory SS classes that give you the basic knowledge of how you learn, how to use Microsoft 2013, and how to understand people's logic. The courses specific to the program you are enrolled in are very well taught with a mixture of hands on, video watching, and reading material to target people with different learning styles.
I had a very good experience in during my enrollment. I recommend others to join charter college because they promise you work after graduation. What I would change about charter college is the portal for online students to have a better organized in the moodle rooms.
Charter College has given me the education I need to be confident and succeed in my career. They are very responsive in any area, and their staff who guided me through admittance was excellent. The experience has been pleasant so far, and I feel the methods of teaching truly work.
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Charter College is filled with great, upfront, truly caring people. They genuinely care about your success from the front desk, to the back office to the teachers in the classroom.
Charter College was great to me since the beginning. Always answer my questions, or found someone to get those answers for me. Great support system that doesn't get you discouraged if anything goes wrong.
Overall, this school has given me a great opportunity and stepping stone to my career and future and I am so grateful for everyone working in this campus and for all their help and support.
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