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Charter College is a life-changing experience. Going to this school got me to believe I made a great investment because of the hands-on experience, most caring and loveable instructors, and great campus overall. I am so glad to have found this school and how it helps people like me who wants to further their education and find great jobs.
They made it work around my home life and work life. They made sure my needs were met. As well as my sons.
I absolutely loved my classes onlline. It was able to work around my schedule and my sons schedule.
Review Charter College - California
They encourage you to hit your goal. They help you make your dreams come true.
They are always there to help you. They go the extra miles to see you succeed.
I even returned to get a higher degree than the two certificates I obtained before.
They review things you may already know and go in depth with it. Always able to learn new things. Teachers break it down to detail for students to understand.
By far the best school I've attended! I'm even returning. I'd recomend this school to anyone. I love the staff and the professors are amazing!
Its a Great School .You are sundered by amazing teacher and students. There are Teachers that stay and use their time to help you out on school , and outside problems. If you are a New students after the first day you fit in with anyone there.
it has been a very easy process. i am in constant contact and always getting my questions answered
Although i have not started yet. they make sure you have all the tools you need to make sure you are able to work online.
they assign you an advisor to help you look for a job
Although i have not started school yet. i look forward to working with everyone and having a great experience
I was informed of the graduating rate and they have a successful completion rate
the schooling is 5 weeks in class then online. then hands on. i also have to complete 40 hours of externship
Sara is in contact with me all the time. asking about my day and my kids and also helping me with any question i have about the school. she and all the staff at charter college are amazing
The give you a sence of an actual clinic and everything is hands on
Review Charter College - California
They gave me all the information needed to feel comfortable in attending this college I loved it
The staff is awesome and are approachable.
I don't start school.until February 1, 2016...But so far, from what I've seen, the staff is very approachable and helpful.
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