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Charter college is a great school for anyone willing to work hard for a career they will love. They offer accelerated programs to get you trained and ready to join the work force with the skills and knowledge you will need to excel to the top of your field. The staff is there to support you and help you succeed in any way they. They truly care about your education and the goals you set for your career and yourself, they are there the entire way to help you achieve those goals.
Charter College has helped me achieve my goal to return to college and be successful. I have maintained a 3.5 GPA and gained knowledge in the MA program. My instructors are very knowledgeable and are available throughout the week if I have any questions. The hands on experience has truly made a difference in my confidence in the work place as a Certified Medical Assistant. I am in my third Module of seven. I am looking forward to my five week externship in Module 7. I look forward to my future on a positive path to endless possibilities.
I love this school, I wish I had known about them sooner! Everyone is very friendly and very helpful!
Review Charter College - Alaska
I loved how hands on this school was and how much they cared about me succeeding. The professors were always available to talk to or reach out to if I needed anything.
I really love Charter College! I like the fact that the class sizes are small enough that we get one on one attention from the instructors. The support we have at this college is amazing. If I have a question or need support, there is always someone there to help me out. I have learned so much in the short time I have been at Charter. I have met so many good people. I hope that someone reading this who isn't sure about attending Charter, makes the decision to give it a go. Charter has changed my life.
Excellent college. I would recommend to anyone looking to further their career to check it out. The programs are fast pace but manageable.
Charter college is a very fast paced an hands on school. Its very flexible to go to classes ranging from morning to evening. Only having to go to the campus a few days a week. All homework is online also small class sizes in my option it was a great choice for my college experience.
I love everything about Charter College. I mostly love how connected and involved they are with their students. Because it is a smaller school, it is a comfortable environment for me. Before attending Charter, I attended a university, and I drowned. I hated going there every day because I felt like I did not exist or matter to my peers or my professors. At Charter they make me feel connected, the environment is set up for me to be open and free. The structure of the school helps me to be unafraid of what others may think of my mistakes because we are growing together. Out of all the years, I have gone to school I have never felt happier or interested in getting up to go to school eager to learn.
So far my experience has been wonderful. I have already learned so much and I've only been there two months. I really like incorporating the online with the in-school classes. The teachers are amazing and you can really tell they enjoy what they do. They are enthusiastic and make classes a fun and inviting experience. I went back to school after being married for 20 years and this school has made me feel proud to be there and they give me support in all areas. They do what they can to help me succeed. The teachers are always reminding us to ask questions and never be afraid of a dumb question.
As a beginning nursing student, I am very pleased at the staff and how they work at giving you the best knowledge and information pertaining to your degree. They really have been accommodating, which gives me a good feeling before I even begin the nursing program. The one thing I would like to see change is maybe a decrease in tuition.
I am taking the charter college online and half on campus, I registered at the campus in Pasco Washington. Let just say that I have had some struggles and I am alone in this process, It feels awful when your trying to do your best, but no matter how hard you try you just get no help. I don't know how they want me to give this school a good rating when all I want to do is wish I would have never signed up at all in the first place. I wish I had something good and positive to say, but unfortunately I don't. I am sorry
I am currently attending the Washington branch and I really love it so far. I work full time while also going to school which causes a small struggle but it's still well within the realms of doable. Even better the courses are really fast paced and you can walk out ready for a better paying job in 10 months. The staff is more than willing to work with you and have some of the most enthusiastic, energetic and excited people I have ever seen. I am not to the end result yet so we will see where this goes. I am enrolled in their HVAC program and a very much enjoy it so far. It is, however, a small campus who is still trying to establish themselves and they share several buildings in the immediate area with other businesses. The campus is really small which for some is a good thing. So are the class sizes which really allows you to work with the teachers more fluidly.
They are a little hard when you have things that you just can't miss like do. Appiontments and they don't care unless you are very ill and have been to the hospital. I think they should give students some extensions when it comes to this.
They are ok but i really wish I had more time to do my studies, sometimes the 2 classess are a little heavy with the homework and assignments. Also with all the reding.
they are really slow, its like if the headquarters of the college does not speak to all other aspects to get you ready to meet all paper requirments to graduate.
just wish we had more of a chance to meet or interact with teachers and students
Not what I had expected for them to leave me alone at the first sign of problems
Review Charter College - Alaska
once you request their help it takes them at least a day or two to get back to you, then sometimes it takes a while and then they will see if they can help you.
They will do everything to get you in but once your in you your on your own.
This is the one area I did have issue with. I was disappointed because my prior credits could not be transferred because of how old they were. I graduated with a secretarial diploma from a junior college back in 1988, but none of those credits transferred because they were over 4 years old.

I secured a designation of "Certified Administrative Professional specializing in Organizational Management" (CAP-OM) after a 2-day testing for certification in 2010. Some of my trainings as well as the completion of that certification should've provided for some transfer credits, but I was told again that anything over 4 years old will not transfer over. I thought for at least my certification, some credit should've been issued as that happened only 5 years prior.
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