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Charlotte Technical Center - Adult Education Reviews

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Well, I always look at what make me interligent whether I'm in school or out school. Always take advice from people one thing I realize teacher change my, most of my knowledge come directly from them, the teach me well they spend tI'm to laugh with to feel better, they help me achieve my drea in a small time by working hard the right way, they know how to have fun, everyo me respect opinion of others, my school always opportunity to make history because we always had a lot of great activities around us, take us to the next level.
they work with you to find jobs
teachers work with you on everything.
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great teachers and awesome school
All sorts of people young and old all seem to work well together as we are all there for the same reason, To learn
If I knew what I know now I would have chosen another school
I am currently trying to enroll to Charlotte Technical Center, however, their financial aid resources are very limited. My qualm with them is how they will not accept a student loan i already have. After months of being on the phone with my student loan from a previous school i was told to fill out a form and they'll use my remaining balance for my school of choice. When i asked the financial aid office about , what i thought was a solution to my financial aid problem, they refused and told me they do not take personal student loans. I feel they should expand their options so people like me can return to school and make a difference in their lives. We all deserve an education and when i have almost enough to pay for my schooling but can't use it, it makes it much more difficult. I am unable to apply for any federal loan or scholarship because of poor credit and a defaulted loan i was unaware of and i have spend 3 weeks straight applying for one scholarship after another. Without any financial aid or money i cannot even turn in my application to get noticed! i feel as though all my doors have shut and no one is giving me a chance to speak long enough for them to let me in. The tuition is low enough and for that i give an A but the process for someone like me with limited funds and resources i give a C.
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