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Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary Reviews

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We have wonderful teachers whom are very dedicated to student success.
I have met students from different ethnic/racial backgrounds at my school.
My school does not allow the use of drugs at all.
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Jobs range based on the degree an individual is receiving. We do not have a career center at this time.
I am enjoying all of my courses, class styles and class sizes. I have no complaints.
The school is pretty safe. Most of the students seem to be very mature and would defend any student being assaulted.
At first, I was afraid because I was lost within the first week due to the large usage of theological terms that were far from familiar. I am now enjoying it. One of my favorite classes now is Church History because it is a vital part of how the world has developed especially the Western World. My school is unique because my teachers are dedicated to my success along with the helpful administration staff. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose my school again because the classroom sizes are small enough that I can ask questions during class hours but large enough to hear the opinions of others.
haven't yet arrive at the school yet.
For studying and being a pastor is the best.
The scenery is beautiful the people are wonderful and it's just relaxing.
My ad visor said if there's anything I need to address let her know and the matter will be taken care of.
I am still working the process so I can go to school and finish my degree and go on to the next degree.
I haven't live on the campus yet just the administrator telling me how it looks.
The facility has a layout and ask on the student application will they have a vehicle so it cut down in confusion of parking.
I haven't been to the school , but have talk to administrators and read my student conduct book.
There are many activities like volunteering, learning to play instruments and training such as vocals, and etc.
I believe that the cost is okay .
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I believe the schools where men and female meet is a unique person studying the word of God to make a difference by their speech, interest, studying and habits and the way they dress.
New Life Theological Seminary offers Greek Biblical language. There is no frat or sorority. But the student do enjoy the Greek lab where they are able to practice writing and reading the language.
New Life Theological Seminary has all sorts of Biblical studies and Languages necessary for the upcoming minister/pastor.
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