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So far, my experience at Charleston Southern has been a great growing opportunity. This school may not be for the student who enjoys the party scene or is looking for raging student life on campus, but the people who go to the school is what makes it amazing. I have met such caring and loving people who include students, faculty, staff and many of the professors. I have already made such quality relationships with people here. If I had to change anything, I would try and up some of the student life on campus, and make changes to some of the rules that seem outdated. However, our new president is working with the students to make the school an outstanding place to live and study.
What I like about Charleston Southern is that there is a lot of AMAZING people here that cares about the students well-being and safety, and are basically here for the students as a whole. What I don't like about Charleston Southern is that when there are visitors that come on campus tours they make the canpus seem friendly and makes it seems like there is just one big fanily. Well that is not the case, because there is a lot of division here at Charleston Southern University and something needs to be done about it.
The international student office takes care of every aspect of international students. Accommodation is cheaper than the community.
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Cares about international students. Plenty of campus activities. Most of the professors are friendly and willing to help.
CSU is an excellent school! It's a private school, so it's a bit expensive, but it teaches you how to succeed in life as well as your courses. It was my BEST first-year experience at college!!
I transferred here as a commuter student from Florence-Darlington Technical College. The environment is peaceful and God’s Spirit moves in the campus. I have no complaints at all. This school is the best choice if you want a Christian learning in your academics.
I absolutely love the new online classes! The courses are only 7 weeeks long so youvtale 2-3 classes 1st 7 wks then remaining next 7 wks, so uou still have a full course load but it just seems more progressive and suitable!
Charleston Southern has a beautiful campus and everyone is friendly and helpful. The campus is a size that is not over whelming. CSU is close to many activities, shopping, and only a few hours from my home town. They offer lots to do on campus like football games, movies, student organizations, and various events throughout the year. The nursing program is very organized and up to date on current standards. I am excited to start the nursing program this year.
Overall, Charleston Southern is a good university but, it does have some cons. For example, financial aid is a bit confusing and there are a lot things you have to do to complete your financial aid. The food is better than average and they're places on campus and off campus that you can go to. The campus is very safe and I do appreciate that. It is a small campus so some might view that as a con but, I enjoy a smaller campus.
It's a very nice school however they're aren't many events to keep the students excited and energized throughout the school year.
I loved CSU, it is a smaller campus in the sense that everything is within a reasonable walking distance from your dorm. Security is always prepared and ensures the safety of all students and staff.
good people and education. really small though. very strict as well. close to the beach and to the city which is nice. can be somewhat boring though. the area surrounding the school can also be kinda sketchy at night. there's a waffle house right next to the campus though which is nice.
Charleston Southern University is a cute little college nestled in Charleston, which gives its students access to just about anything they could want. The campus is beautiful, but small. The facilities are new, and the campus is constantly growing with new buildings and new staff. The students are kind and diverse, which enables everyone to walk among other walks of life. The best parts of the college are the little nooks and crannies, which can be the secret lounges, the shady walks around the reflection pond, and the gorgeous hiking trails. The campus is very safe, despite being so open, and the security staff, administration, and the president, Dondi Costin, are wonderful people and incredibly good-hearted. Great Christian environment, and they are always willing to help you succeed.
It is a good school. It is one of the best schools in nursing. Enrollement is kind of complicated but they have gotten much better over the years.
What I like about Charleston Southern University is the campus layout is not confusing it is easy to get from class to class. The buildings are not too far spread out. The professors are nice and they actually know what they are teaching and make little errors.
As an out of state student, the family like atmosphere rooted in the faith of Jesus Christ while also obtaining the highest professionalism in the classroom is a unique characteristic that CSU holds and maintains. Plus it’s close to a city, close to the beach, is warmer than my home state year-round, close to mountains and hiking/outdoorsy outlets, has a beautiful up in coming safe campus friendly staff, and is the smallest D1 school in the south! What’s not to love!!
Online masters program is great. The set up is super easy for those already in the work field. Super easy to work in with other jobs or families. Very Christian oriented. You have to buy new textbooks for every class. Sometimes 4 books and an online subscription for one class.
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Although the campus is beautiful and the people are great, there needs to be more activities for the students to get involved in.
Charleston Southern is a place of enriched learning paired with faith-based principles that provide for an education that can lead to very promising futures.
During the summer of last year I went with my school on a field trip to Charleston Southern University and it is a school I knew I wanted to attend. Being around the scenery and also understanding how the campus itself works really was intriguing.
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