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Charleston Southern is such an amazing campus. All the faculty and staff are welcoming and the students are so nice!
As of right now I haven't taken any online classes with Charleston Southern but I am looking into it!
Online learning has been an adjustment for everyone, but the professors are very helpful in making the experience the best that it could be.
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I love being a student at Charleston Southern University. The professors are knowledgeable and kind. The campus is an enjoyable place to live and learn.
I did not take any online classes at CSU, do its really hard to rate it. I guess I can give it an average review.
Overall, I had a great experience at CSU. Their Biochemistry degree program was interactive and intense. The teacher are always willing to help you and get you to where you needed to be.
did not take classes online but they probably would have been good. the in person lasses are very good as well
chose a different school to finish my degree faster, but loved the student body and the close knit atmosphere of the campus.
After attending Charleston Southern University my freshman year I fell in love. The campus is not only beautiful but it is easy to walk from class to class. I also enjoy that it is a smaller campus so you can get a more one on one experience with teachers if needed. Along with the great learning atmosphere, the campus has a dedicated campus security staff which is available 24/7 for emergencies, escorts, and a variety of other services. Overall I have really enjoyed my first year at CSU and can not wait to see what the next three have to offer.
Overall Charleston Southern University had a great transition in to an online experience. I finished out my first year second semester online. I feel like both the professors and administration made sure to provide students with an experience as close to regular in person class as possible. Using video calls and open availability for office hours, I was able to have a in class interaction with other students and professors, while still having opportunity to ask for help as needed.
The online classes are very helpful and thorough. They do not load you with too much work just with the right amount amount to keep you active in the class and help you learn better.
I like how personal they were and how most of the teachers help me to succeed and help me be a better individual.
I took one online class (before COVID) and we didn't have much of actual teaching. It was mostly textbook reading and quizzes and then turning in assignments, so it didn't feel much like I was being taught very much. We had access to a few powerpoints, but it was mostly stuff that was in the reading. I think my professors adapted well to online teaching during COVID this past semester (spring 2020). My teachers either lectured through the video chat or uploaded videos of lectures. They also adapted assignments as needed to the circumstances.
A lot of my teachers are great. Most of them really care about their students. All of the staff are friendly. I wish the food places were open longer, especially on the weekends.
This is a faith based school that really cares. Everyone is so helpful at the school. Beautiful campus.
As a military veteran this school offered all the tools to help me earn my Bachelor’s degree. I also liked the fact that it was a Christian college. Everyone of my professors made an effort to relate Christian values to everyday life.
The professors are very kind and help a lot. They want the students to do well. There is not much help with financial aid if you are not an undergrad student. The campus is beautiful and near the heart of Charleston.
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The professors at Charleston Southern University are amazing. I wouldn't have gotten through 2 years without their support. The campus is beautiful and a great place to study. The Christian atmosphere is very supportive and calming. I've met so many life-long friends at this college that make it 10x better.
I graduated with my bs and it was a Greta school. I really likes most of my teachers in public health. They were very helpful if I ever needed anything
I like the culture and the heart at CSU. It is an amazing place for growth and prosperity. Making new friends or even academic opportunities are always there.
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