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I love this university and have for many years. My sister attended here so i grew attached to this campus and fell in love with it. I feel I was led to attend here and I am glad I do. This campus is so beautiful and is like my home away from home.
It is a very Christian friendly campus. Students and teachers work well together, and are generally pleasurable to be around.
Charleston Southern University is a Christian based college. Everyone is welcomed here. It's a great place to go to school. The professors and the staff are on your side to help you succeed.
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I love the diversity and location of the school. Very historical are whit a lot of knowledge for the students.
I am currently a senior at Charleston Southern University and I have enjoyed my experience here thus far. The campus is absolutely beautiful and it is always clean. It sits right in the middle of things, so it is easy to get to and from places, and there are a lot of restaurants to choose from. As far as academics, I feel like I am getting my monies worth.
The Classes can be tough, but the school is a welcoming and nurturing environment. There are tutoring services available, and there is good food in the dining hall.
This is as superficial a school as they come. They push Christianity as a front. The administration is much more concerned with your money than anything else. They provide subpar housing. I have lived in rooms rampant with leaks and black mold. The food has been served raw at times. If you’re a commuter then this may be a good option for you but otherwise, save yourself years of misery. Go somewhere else.
The University is an amazing school I love how they integrate the real world with the biblical teaching. The professors are about helping the student succeed in life they bring in their real world experiences to help you understand the reason things have change in the workplace.
I loved attending Charleston Southern University. They gave me the opportunity to complete my degree to become a teacher with the help from professors that care about you and are willing to help you in any way possible!
I love this school! Even though it was not my first choice (it was my second) I do not regret it one bit. I love the environment and the people there. I enjoy how the professor and student ratio is 1:15 so the professors are able to form a relationship with the student and know their needs.
I like CSU however, there are a few things that could be fixed but it is like that at every university. CSU is a competitive university and if you are here to stay then this is the place for you
This up coming summer will be my 3rd semester here at CSU. I transferred from TTC a 2 year college here in Charleston, SC after graduating with 2 degrees. Being here so far has been amazing. The people are friendly and wonderful and well-knowing. I've had no issues thus far with getting settled in and I got the hang of the online format within the first week of me being there. I recommend this college to anyone from a new student to a transfer student to older adults.
Charleston Southern University is by far one of the best colleges in my area, for both commuters and residents. There is never any crime here, and everyone is amazing, nice, and respectful. I love this college with all of my heart.
Charleston southern university is a great place to come if you're a christian looking for a christian environment. It is exceptionally well for the academics. I would personally not live on campus, because the (male) dorms are very old. The internet is very spotty all over campus, and the cafeteria is not open 24/7 like other private christian colleges I've heard about. Girls are not allowed in the boys dorm and the times where the guys can be in the girls dorms are very limited. You have to attend chapel so many times to graduate from the school. They are very strict with the no alcohol and drugs on campus so much that they enforce it even on social media (pictures of either two on your social media accounts can cause you to be removed off campus. I am a christian but there comes a time when you don't need your parents hovering over you, and Charleston Southern is just another place where that happens.
Charleston Southern University is a wonderful institution. The professors are widely diverse and always available to lend a helping hand even if they are not teaching you. Like most campuses there is room for improvements such as the food and housing, but I made the best choice of my life attending Charleston Southern University. Go Bucs!
The Criminal Justice department at Charleston Southern is the best. The facility members in the department are very knowledgeable in their fields. The Criminal Justice department operates as one big supportive family. The Professors will help you help inside and outside of the classroom.
I would not change anything about CSU for it is surely the place that God intended me to further my education.
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Charleston Southern University is a good school. Charleston Southern has great professors and offers many resources for your academics. It is also a small campus that is very easy to get around. I would like to see two things change about Charleston Southern: the student population and the athletics. I think Charleston Southern needs a bigger student population in order to create more diversity. It also needs a better athletics program.
It’s an alright college, but there isn’t much to do on campus. Campus life is pretty dead here. If you can, I would bring a car because there’s many things to do off campus. Also, if you’re looking for college here to be different than high school, there’s not much of a difference. This school is very cliquey, and sims cliques are hard to get into.
I will be starting my first semester at Charleston Southern University for the Spring 2018 term. So far, I have been completely satisfied with any questions regarding my class schedule or new campus. I look forward to the upcoming opportunity.
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