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Honestly at this point, I absolutely love this college. All the enrollment people have been so helpful! I am transferring into this college and when I enrolled into my previous college I barely heard anything back from them and had to hunt people down to answer one question! With Charleston Southern I have received at least one or two letters a week on reminding me of things I still need to do before I start in the fall.
This is a good place to go. I would recommend going here because you will truly excel academically. This place is a little pricey if your family doesn't make what's necessary. They have lots of clubs and activities and I really would recommend this college.
Awesome school that gave me another chance at getting a degree! I would recommend them to any student looking for a Christian based school as well!
Review Charleston Southern University
The professors are very caring and always available to students. Most of the classes except, except for survey classes, are kept small. They have amazing nursing and education programs as well and graduates usually have little to no trouble finding jobs in these majors. This university also promotes internships which helps to get much needed real world experience. The biggest downside is the price. It is expensive and most students would not be able to attend it not for financial aide. They also have a strict code of moral conduct. No drinking, no smoking, and of course no drugs. It is a Christian school but it is not a requirement to attend.
I love CSU! The campus is so peaceful and beautiful, just the right size, and the perfect focus: Christ. There are many opportunities to serve Christ, further my knowledge of the Bible, learn leadership skills, and CSU has quality academic instruction with much rigor. On top of that, the student body includes many different cultures, and the people are just lovely.
I adore the professors and they have a wonderful education program. One thing I as a student would like to see changed, is more attention to students who are not financially able to continue their education.
I love the college that I attend. It is a christian university. It has free tutoring and counseling. They offer many opportunities for their students. They are growing in size and it is exciting to see. I live on campus in the dorms and all of my classes I am able to walk to in less than 10 minutes. I spend a lot of time in the library which is available until midnight. They also have lounges on each floor of the dorms. You can use these for studying or relaxing watching tv with friends. The professors are encouraging and care for their students academic performances.
I love the environment and how friendly everyone is. It is truly such a fun place to be, especially with charleston right down the road. I would recommend this school to anyone wanting to go to school. Even though it is a christian school, not everyone here is a christian.
This is a Bible thumping Christian school. If you're anything like me, you won't be happy here; in fact, you'll probably be close to miserable. The first thing you have got to understand is that if you're looking for a true "college experience" this is not the place for you. You can't have the other sex in your room. You can't drink. You can't have any tobacco on campus. There's little to no parking and if you park illegally campus security will be very quick to give you a ticket. There is 0 greek life on campus. NO PARTIES ARE HELD ON CAMPUS. The professors are very respectful and understanding. Sports teams here are good and the Football team is one of the best in the FCS. If you want to party you'll need to go downtown to a bar (you'll need a fake id if you're under 21). The school itself isn't even in "Charleston". It's in Goose Creek or North Charleston which isn't nearly as nice as Charleston. They drown out the college feel of this school.
I like the program I'm in, but there really needs to be more dorms and upgraded campus facilities! Also the food selection is very slim and is mostly junk food, just a dining hall, coffee shop, and CFA.
It's a great school, also it's a private university. It's small school with between 25 -40 students in a classroom. So that makes learning much easier. But overall its a great campus, with different activities and organizations.
The school is academically well off, but the party and resident aspect isn't amazing. The dorms are over populated and some resident students live in hotels.
i've been going to this school for 3 years and it's an amazing school. the only downfall is how expensive it is. also housing is so crowded and everything seems to be unorganized.
CSU has given me the best experience for college. I love the way professors are willing to meet with you individually and give extra help. The classes are in great walking distance from my dorm building. I don't think I want to see a change on this campus. It is basically perfect.
We get speakers from different occupations to talk
Do not like staying in a dorm made for two people with three people. Very squished
not much, but we are a D1 school so i guess thats good
Review Charleston Southern University
The classes are okay, but dorm life stinks. Also the cafeteria is not that great.
I've recently joined Niche and I'm already in love with it. They guide you through this experience very well. There connecting you to schools that best fit you and saving you some time and worry
The school isn't very diverse. The students are very cliquey and there is hardly and intertwining between racial groups.
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