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The school is small, but it provides students with everything they might need during their studying here. The professors are very knowledgable and understanding, they will try their best to help you prepare for your future career.
This school was a major disappointment. They care very little for their students. I have one semester left of school and cannot afford it. Instead of giving me options, I was told that helping me find aid was not their job. Funny, since the people I was in contact with worked in the financial aid office. I want to finish at a community college, but cannot because they refuse to release my official transcripts. I do not mind setting up a payment plan, but they want the money upfront. I told the head of the financial aid department that I would be stuck with loans and no degree. I was told again that that was not their problem.
I really that my University is strictly gear toward Medicine it makes everything a bit easier. All of out events are medical based, like Blood Drives, allowing Professional to come to our campus and speak with us. Research opportunities are great, we have a research area just for school to utilize. There is a hospital located right next to us so that's awesome as well.
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Coming into Charles Drew as a Undergrad was a transition itself but my school isn't really undergrad savy. As undergrads we learned a lot on our own.
Post-Bac program are good, and they offer various networking relationships allowing advancement and possible job placement
Since I am majoring in Health Sciences, the University allow hands on experience and all the professor have done some sort of research in all area of studies. There are always some type of seminar or some events going on related to the health disparities and forum there. The University is always involved in the community health issues. They have ties with various hospital and medical clinics
My experience at the school has been good so far. Since I am a older student, I have no time to play around with class, curriculum. All school can improve flexibility you have to take the good with the not so good
Online classes are okay, they are easy to manage and understand. The library and professor provide assistance as needed.
As school go, you come across some good professor and so excellent professors. At Charles Drew, it is not excluded from that range as well. Over all, the professor and courses will prepare you to succeed in the health care field. They have some excellent tutors and they class style is good.
The University has several career prospects to offer students in the medical area. It also offers a variety range of degrees from associates to masters
The professors are very knowledgeable about the their subjects. They are always open to answer any question. The material is challenging so their support is great to have.
If you are a student not just looking to break into the medical field but, want to make a real difference; Charles R. Drew University is the place for you. The class size is small enough to be submerged in conceptual academia while able to give an opinion and be truly heard. There is always some health related event on campus allowing students to be well aware of new breakthroughs, or changes before setting foot in a medical setting. I love my community and would love nothing more than to see them prosper in all aspects but, health is what we can't live without. Therefore, Charles R Drew is where I can root myself to make a difference.
My overall experience of the school is and was how well structured the orientation sessions were, how the actual teachers organized the orientation and gave demonstration as to what you would be looking forward to accomplishing in the classes. They also give out help hint to succeeding at the school as a whole.
I just got accepted in the school and based on what I saw, it's more family oriented with a huge diversity. It's one of the few school in California, that give that much opportunity and trust to immigrants and international students.
It has its hiccups but don't most schools
Besides Blackboard that is my only interaction with online classes.
They could use more people in Financial Aid.
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I like it here and I am sure you will too
Its a rigorous program for student, but you have lots of support to help you along the way
The student body is well diverse
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