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I was in the LPN program. It's 5 nights/wk, 6.5 hrs/night and they have no problem forcing you to stay as much as 1.75 hrs late, without notice. The instructors are unprofessional and lack mastery of the subject matter. The (current, she’s retiring in 2019) program director is also a lecture instructor. She reads from the powerpoints, and not well. She often can’t pronounce words and, lacking mastery of the material, most of the time can’t even elaborate (teach) on what she is reading. Further, she can be very mean. She shames the class, individually and as a group, if they disappoint her which occurs often. The instructors play favorites to the point of being juvenile and two of them have full time day jobs and are too exhausted by evening to invest energy into doing an effective job. Expect 11 months of hell if you join this program. But, their retention rate is so low, expect to not complete the program at all. It is a huge waste of money, time, and energy.
didnt like the online course so i switched back to in campus
some of this doesnt apply to me
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dont really know but no one seems to speak about it either
some of the recruiters that I have seen on the campus aren't offering careers in the field that I am taking so I have had to look other places
There are some that are great and understanding,a few act like they are teaching grade school
I have been going here for 1 year it was great when I started then I noticed the change .most of the other students that enter or completely childish .I let it go because i am here with a purpose.I do feel that they should do a more extensive screening process as far as entrance into this school.
The acceptance screening turned out to be a joke when I found myself in class with adult kindergarteners. Half the people they accept there have lower IQs and less home training than my 5 year old. They are childish and disruptive in class making it hard to consentrat. Then there are the teachers that give my A's away to these people to keep from being disliked. These are grades that only I did the work for but we all got the credit. Meanwhile this has become one of ever ones favorite teacher but mine. The only teacher I like is the one no one else likes because she is the ONLY one there who actually teaches. You have to study for her tests unlike the others test, that also give my grades away, that are the exact same as the easy to memorize study guid. I feel like I have been cheated out of the hands on experience Iv received grades for yet never preformed. I know I paid way to much for such a poor quality education. I'm almost finished so I'm sticking it out, but I will never go back nor would I recommend it EVER!!
Everyone I came in contact with at McCann made me feel welcome. They seemed sincere and committed to their students finishing school and being successful afterward.
Can't really describe going to school for therapy.
a little bit of everything, business to massage my school has everything, the instructors are knowledgeable in their skill and are very helpful in the class room. The curriculum is challenging. the workloads aren't that bad, registration was very easy because they use most of the info from your financial aid then all you have to do is sign. Our medical program is the best I believe that they graduate more students in that program than in any other at Miami Jacobs.
As a business student I have oppurtunities that will allow me to go far in my endeavors, such as FBLA business fraternity. Several of my classmates have decided as well as myself to join the business fraternity so that we can have the experience. But overall I love my school the staff the students and my program, and department
I like the overall services and people at the school, I have had a lot of fun with my classmates, we have a cookout occasionally through the summer that allows us to socialize with the newbies and to help them to get to know our instructors that they may have not had and things like that. I love my school. I have had fun learning and training with my new friends.
ms Ellis is a great help in the career center at my school, she helps to prepare you for either work or school, they have suits for interviews and they also have job listings and they help you to figure out what you wanna do after school so it is very helpful and encouraging towards your next move after school.
the computers are slow, and sometimes you cant log onto your work page when you want to complete work assignments and these are just a few of my classmates gripes. I haven't personally taken any yet but here this next quarter I will.
We are all pretty much encouraging to one another, there are several different ethnic groups within my student body.

We love to help one another and build each other up, I use a lot of tough love on the younger students that wanna give up right after getting started in school.
I have dealt with worse, but when they mess up and I catch it they fix it. Havent had another financial problem since then
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the teacher student ratio is small, makes it more comfortable to learn, and easy to ask questions. No over crowding where you feel ignored, I love my school, cant wait to graduate but I love my school....
it was quick and easy to enroll and the staff was very encouraging and positive, which made me want to begin classes as soon as possible
it is ok out this way the area is nice and clean and there is barely any traffic during school hours, so it is ok out here.
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