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Charles A. Jones Career & Education Center Reviews

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I am so glad I chose Charles A. Jones to do my Vocational Nursing program. I have had nothing but a great experience. I started with their pre- req classes where I was taught by great nursing teachers. After getting in the nursing program, I have learned so much and have gotten the chance to experience so many great opportunity during clinical and even being able to do do immunization at the school district for children.
I am enrolled in the court reporting program. It may be a long program, however, the teachers are there to help you along your way. They always have open doors to ask questions about anything from how to write a word in steno to how to deal with something going on in your life. They are very professional and friendly too. I would recommend checking out orientation on Wednesdays.
Teachers in the facility really do care about the students attending.After receiving your certificates, they try and get you out in the field working. Elaine is a wonderful teacher, Strict but honest. She prepares you 120% so you won't have to retake your exams.
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the workload is immense however there are staff and teachers there to help and guide you. also the internship program gears you to exactly where you need to go.
You can make amazing connections with the staff. everyone is very helpful. also the leadership team Is amazing.
I really like Charles A. Jones and have enjoyed my experience here so far. My favorite experience has been getting to know my teachers because most of them are very understanding and want to help you accomplish your goals.
Generally, the teachers at Charles A. Jones are very understanding of situations that may happen and interfere with the schedule of classes. Some of the programs however, like the VN prerequisites and the VN program, require you to complete a certain amount of hours before being able to finish the course.
Due to the fact that Charles A. Jones is a career and education center as opposed to a four year college, it does not offer an athletics or recreation program, student housing, or visual arts. However, it meets the basic needs for the programs that are offered.
The career center sets you up with an individual councilor that you can visit with pretty much at any time you want. They also have you register for caljobs, which gives you a better idea of what your career options are after you are finished with your education.
Every Monday, the school offers free pizza for lunch and every Thursday morning they offer free coffee and tea. The campus is aesthetically pretty simple because it is a small school, however, it is always well kept and feels safe.
Compared to other accelerated programs, Charles A. Jones is one of the cheaper options for the program I am interested in (Vocational Nursing). The education you receive is also worth the experience you get while at this school. If you work hard and are passionate about what you are learning, the professors notice that and are much more willing to help guide you through the process. The financial aid office is also very helpful in helping you go over the kind of aid you may need/be available for.
The Vocational Nursing program at Charles A. Jones is fast paced, intensive, and rewarding all at the same time. Due to the fact that the program is only a little over 10 months (including the prerequisite courses), there is a lot of studying that must be accomplished outside of class. When I took their CNA course, I was set up for a job at the site where we did our clinical work. My teachers approached me and told me that the nursing home we had been going to was interested in hiring me as soon as I passed my certification test. I think the program is a great way to further your interest and career in nursing.
Although the workload may be intensive with some of the programs offered at Charles A. Jones, the instructors generally guide you through the process. The most well known program at this school is their Vocational Nursing program because it is so accelerated. Other programs that are offered include a Certified Nursing Assistant program, Pharmacy Tech program, Medical Assistant program, and various other technical career programs. The professors are helpful and know you by name because the class sizes are usually quite small.
The student body at Charles A. Jones is a very culturally diverse school. It offers several different programs for adults looking to start a career or further their careers. The typical students at Charles A. Jones are working parents who are interested in achieving their dream jobs with a fast paced program.
They really give you several different options when it comes to your education and whether or not you would like that program or prefer another.
They really try to help you succeed no matter what!
School consist of working class people. They are getting an education so they can seek a different life or career.
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Sigh I don't know how to come up with $2775 and I don't want to pull a loan because I don't want to be in debt. They said I can't sign up for scholarship !
Great for Tutoring, but Public Libraries Have More Resources. There are not any computer labs available for use, unless you include the career center and your activity is monitored. No known wi-fi.
Clarity Is Key – Charles A. Jones was very clear about the need for official sealed transcripts and syllabus, once those were provided there were no issues with transferring my credits.
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