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So far I have really enjoyed Chapman University. Their class sizes are small but not too small, the teachers are usually very nice and easily accessible for extra help, and there are many clubs and organizations to join.
I am a film conservatory student at the Orange County School of the Arts. Our conservatory is fortunate to have Chapman University as a resource for us. We are able to use their Dodge School of Film theatre to present our conservatory films in the Winter and at the end of the school year. It’s a beautiful theatre.
I also have taken 2 tours of the Chapman campus as well as a tour of their film department. I applied to Chapman for admission for Fall 2019, and hope I will be accepted to their film school.
Coming from a female sophomore, the party scene is somewhere between 3 stars-- average and 4 stars--good. It's not USC or UCSB, so incoming students shouldn't expect extremely crazy parties. The fraternities host a lot of parties on Fridays and Saturdays, which have different vibes/sizes depending on where you go. The ones that are bigger tend to be a lot of fun but sometimes whether a night will have good parties or not can be unpredictable which is annoying. I do wish there were more house parties for older students that don't have to do with fraternities. There are bars near campus that the older students tend to go to.
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Chapman has a lot of networking opportunities. If I could change one thing I would improve transfer student integration. As a transfer student I have had some difficulty integrating into the Chapman community.
Chapman is a place like no other where the students are driven to learn not for their own benefit but to help others with the knowledge and skills they develop at this university. Go Panthers!
Obviously, there are things that could be better, but so much of the school is amazing! There is a great community of students that are supporting and friendly, especially if you join clubs. For me, that club was Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. I loved getting to know everyone and sharing life with them!
Chapman was like my saving grace school. I tried transferring to other places and would have spent more time for the same degree. Chapman made it easy to transfer and get my coursework finished in a timely manner. The professors were so welcoming and understanding of my unique situation and helped me get acclimated to campus life and took an interest in my personal life as well to ensure I would succeed in all aspects.
As a prospective transfer student, I have nothing but good things to say about Chapman. They have been easy to communicate with, helpful, and really seem to care. Also, the campus is beautiful!
Academically I enjoy my classes but the atmosphere of campus is less than ideal. Since the school picks roommates and plans each floor of each dorm based on the specific college you are in, it makes it difficult to interact with people outside of your major. This made it especially hard for me socially because I went in as a science major. So, I was surrounded by lots of uptight, particular and pretentious students. Many were nice, but it was hard for me to connect with them because I didn't care the same mindset as them. Living off campus this year is nice, especially with having a kitchen (because the Chapman meal plans are not worthwhile at all). I have also changed my major which has introduced me to more friendly, outgoing and positive people.
It is a beautiful campus with great teachers who really care about you. Everyone is very friendly all the time, and there's a lot you can do to get involved.
Overall I am very happy with the undergraduate program and my experience at Chapman. I’m working on a BA in digital arts/animation, finishing up my thesis, and I feel very well prepared for my future. Why? Because my professors, department chair and Student Career Center care about me. They motivated me to do my best, helped me get into high quality internships to improve my chances of getting a job in a highly competitive field hopefully before I even graduate, and gave me the self confidence to know that I am going to succeed. That’s why I love Chapman!
I didn't get to go to a four-year school right out of high school, so I felt like I was missing out on the college experience. Chapman has excelled in making me feel welcomed and supported in every choice I have made in my educational career. Orientation was amazing, my professors are hilarious and informational. I love the location and look of the campus. Chapman is my new home and I hope one day it could be your new home too.
Chapman has a beautiful campus and is encompassed by the cute, quiet historic town of Orange. The buildings and facilities are unbelievable and expanding everyday. Faculty to student ratio is good with small class sizes. Campus and cafeteria food is really good.
I’ve been a Chapman Business major and Spanish minor and I love it. The classes are small sized and about 25 to a class and the professors always know your name- several teach at Chapman & USC. I love the small campus size and the intramural soccer I play on! It’s easy to see other students you know on campus and the downtown Orange area is so fun. The Greek life at Chapman is really strong even though I chose not to go that path. I am so busy between finance classes and soccer travel that It’s a great balance for me. In my Freshman year I was in the dorm and they are the nicest dorms around!! Super clean. In Fall 2019 it is required that all new students must commit to 2 years of living on campus- you’ll like it and it REALLY helps you to connect with another students in your major!
I really enjoy all my professors and how helpful and knowledgable they are/were. I also love the small class sizes for a majority of my classes, it's amazing that i can say most of my classes have a class size of about 15 people or less including myself. Some things i think could be changed would be the lack of diversity at chapman with an overwhelming about of the students identifying as Caucasian. I also think the school's tuition is ridiculously high and it's honestly made me consider transferring to a public university because i can't afford to continue to get educated at Chapman.
Just like the white buildings, and immaculately pedicured campus, this college is somewhat of a facade. Admissions is good but the rest of the administration sucks and always gives out misinformation; it's so difficult to find answers. Their website pages are incomplete. Housing personnel are super incompetent. Stairways and hallways are filthy. Moving into the dorms was horrific, poorly managed; we missed orientation events because it was on the same day as move-in! Bring vodka so you can relax at the end of the move-in day, since there is only one parking elevator for thousands of people moving into the dorms. Oh, no wonder: the housing director is a philosophy major. I had high hopes that this was the next USC but with management so poor, I doubt it will improve unless they fire everyone and rehire competent people. I do like the students here, however; people are nice and friendly.
Overall had a great experience at Chapman. Challenging academics with supportive professors, and there are so many opportunities for leadership and involvement. This really helped me to grow as a student and person, and to improve my resume. ;)
Chapman is constantly growing and striving to better its reputation worldwide, though it still retains the benefits of a smaller school.
As for what needs to change? Well, there's obviously room for more diversity in the student population.
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As a transfer student, it was a little hard to make friends, as people have settled in their groups by their junior year. However, overall, I really liked Chapman! Join as many groups/clubs as you can, and buy a Disneyland annual pass.
Chapman University is a beautiful campus in a fantastic location. I love the overall atmosphere there with the promotion of togetherness and diversity. Everyone is friendly, kind, and helpful wherever I go.
Chapman has a beautiful campus, top of the line academics and a great community! It has a small school feel without being isolated. Everyone works together to make it a great community. It doesn't feel super competitive like a lot of other schools. There are a lot of resources as far as financial aid and other opportunities. The town itself is built completely around the school so that the outlying community is very college-friendly. Although it is Christian-based, all faiths are welcome with open arms and encouraged to apply. The campus has a very safe, secure feeling to it and the campus is also easy to navigate and isn't overwhelmingly large. Due to its location and notable alumni, there is always something going on at Chapman and everyone can find something to suit his or her likes.
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