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So far it is engaging as possible. The professors are making sure to communicate on canvas before classes and give clear expectations.
They are working to provide a great education and experience through this tough and new virtual time.
Chapman was such a welcoming campus which was one of my favorite things about the school. From the moment I walked on campus, I felt as if I was apart of something special. Another thing that I loved about the school was the town around it and how it was so cute.
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Chapman is very informative and responds to emails very quickly. They are super friendly and make sure that they answer all your questions!
Despite the suddenness of our online change, our professors quickly adapted to Zoom meetings and a full inclusion of Canvas into the curriculum. I felt that I received the best online experience that was possible.
Chapman has been exceptional for first-generation and transfer students, they have several support groups for said students. Chapmans offers an inclusive community for four year, transfer, and graduate students.
I didn't take any classes online. I attended pre-COVID. This is making me write 100 characters. hmmm
I transferred out of Chapman after 1 semester, so my experience there was limited but enough to make me want to leave immediately. To me, Chapman felt exclusionary to anyone who wasn't incredibly "mainstream." It felt like the museum of icecream in sf: designed purely for appearances and popular for those who were part of a particular crowd, but otherwise just not a spectacular place. My peers seemed uninterested in the actual learning part of college, wanting more to make connections. A valid approach to college, but not one that resonated with me in any way. This is an amazing college for some, but if I had read a review that summed up my experience in this way, i definitely would have thought twice about attending. Pretty good financial aid, very mediocre housing (three people in a room designed for two) and ok everything else.
I have loved Chapman University so far. Most of the teachers are very invested in the well-being of their students, and are understanding. I would like the Morlan Hall dorms to be better well kept, as my roommate and suite mates experienced many bathroom malfunctions through the course of one year. The chemistry department also needs to reevaluate one of the professors there for certain remarks made and his inability to teach properly. Said professor also did not provide adequate help and failed to stay on course and we fell behind the other classes which made exams difficult-especially because everyone took chem exams on the same day.
Many of my professors were very understanding of the transition and made accommodations to help students continue to do their best given the circumstances.
Online learning varies professor to professor and I was on campus full time until COVID hit, so online was new for everyone. Some professors navigated it extremely well while others made it difficult for the students. If online learning continues, I'm confident most professors will figure it out to make it the best learning environment possible.
Chapman is a great school! There are so many amazing things about it like the professors, the people, the greek life, the campus as a whole, the president. Overall, Chapman is amazing. Though I do not give it 5 stars because they do lack diversity and they really market themselves as a small school so you'll be able to get into all your classes which definitely is not the case. There are so many different opportunities Chapman gives you from the variety of majors and minors to the connections you will make, Chapman is the place to go if you want an amazing career in the future. The professors push and challenge you while also making learning fun. And how can you beat living 20 mins from the beach!
The instructors doing a good job of making all the assignments due dates clear, and how we are supposed to access all the necessary files.
I like the fact that the class sizes are small so you develop a professor student relationship. I also like how at Chapman the staff really cares about you and your goals, and how you're not considered a number like at some schools.
I absolutely love the campus and social life. It's a perfect size and the classes are wonderful. The professors are great and you will have a great time.
The professors were very understanding during COVID and excepted late work due to the circumstance. They made the material easier as well.
The faculty at Chapman University is extremely helpful and encouraging. Everyone who has guided me thus far has given me the energy to strive towards success.
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I'm going to take online courses this Fall 2020 semester due to COVID-19 precautions. The professors are prepared to engage with students!
Chapman classes online versus in-person aren't comparable. In-person classes at Chapman are amazing as the professors genuinely care about their students success. However, when classes are online its easy to become unmotivated and lost in coursework.
Chapman is a great University that strives of community and inclusion. I have joined several clubs on campus and have always felt at home. Most of my professors have been women of color which has been very great to hear a different perspective.
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