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Students here are amazing. I have never met a larger demographic of people who are truly the kindest, most accepting people I know.
Classes sizes are small and nice. Beautiful campus. Fun clubs and lots of chances to meet new people. Classes are difficult, but there is a lot of help offered.
Medium sized campus: Not too big to be a super overwhelming college experience, yet not too small for it to feel like a small, repetitive town. Classes are small, so you won't be just a face or an ID number in class. Your peers k now you, the professors know you, that lunch lady loves talking to you. Campus community is tight knit, so students and faculty are all kind and compassionate, talented and creative, hardworking and goal-oriented. The expansion of the school's programs and state of the art facilities shows that Chapman is committed to making its students thrive and better experience their future career interests.

In the future, I would love to see Chapman be more considerate of its students' family income. Costs continues to rise every year, and more students and their families are at higher risks of not successfully putting their kids in college for the full four years. I hope that Chapman seriously reconsiders and caps the growth in its housing, tuition, room and board.
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Professors are all really friendly and always willing to offer extra help if you need it. They really want you to succeed and will do whatever they can to help. Also, the connections you can make just by being an alum of chapman are incredible.
I first went there because I won an essay contest. It was so much fun and made me love the campus for hosting such a meaningful event for students all around. I later took a tour and loved every bit of the school. I hope one day be a Panther and continue my academic career at such an amazing college that offers me the perfect education for the job I am looking for in the future. As well as a beautiful all around campus with great eating spots.
Chapman University is the perfect size of school for me - not extremely tiny where I see the same faces every single day but not so large that I recognize now. Not only is this true within my social circle, but also with professors! I am able to have a personal relationship with my professors, and that is of tremendous benefit beyond the classroom for networking.
As a Graduate Student attending Chapman University, I feel I have had a beneficial experience thus far. I love how small the community is and the cleanliness of the campus. Because the student population is much smaller, I have been able to make stronger friendships and relationships. I love the shops and restaurants surrounding the area! They welcome the college community and support college students.
I like the location and the overall campus of Chapman University. The professors seem to be interested and engaged with each of the students. I have a hard time focusing but they have small class sizes which really benefits me and my learning. The location of Chapman is very convenient for me. Just 10 minutes away is Disneyland, the beaches are so close, and the city of Orange is beautiful.
The Chapman University campus is beautiful! The classes in the Science department are difficult, but they are worth it. I like Chapman University!
I'm going into my 4th year, and while I love being local, there are several issues I have with Chapman. First, the lack of diversity is sad, but I guess that's what you get when most of the students are from rich white families, mainly from Newport or the Bay. However, it's also been shown time and time again that Chapman has a lack of respect for its students of color and minorities. Student Involvement is huge, which is nice to see on a small campus, but for a school that rakes in so much money every year, you would wish they would use that money more to help their students rather than focus on redoing the landscaping every month. There is more, but not enough room to type.
The college is staffed with faculty who truly care about helping you succeed and who are so accommodating with any life difficulties. Being someone with a registered disability, everyone does everything they can to make sure I can succeed. The atmosphere with professors is welcoming.
This school only cares about money. The classes and teachers are ordinary especially for the business school. Teachers are unwilling to help and meet students with busy schedules and often don't care enough to help the students actually learn. Nobody is willing to help or guide you and will often lead you down a never ending rabbit hole in search of some type of help or guidance. Trust me on this one, don't waste your time with this school.
Chapman is definitely a school for the driven. While the overall area and off-campus scene may be a bit lacking, the professors and supportive community more than make up for it. Freshmen are able to do so much it's unreal. I can't imagine having the opportunities and relationships that I was able to make here anywhere else.
i like the massive variety of majors and minors that chapman has to offer. the staff and students are wonderful and very inviting, i have no personal qualms or changes for this school.
Chapman University holds the title for one of the most beautiful campuses on the west coast and it lives up to that title in every aspect. The roughly 7,000 students that comprize the undergraduate population create a welcome but not overwhelming environment. In my time at this university, I have found the close-knit campus, prominent greek life, and progressive learning environment allows students to feel like more of a community and brings the true "college experience" to life.
I felt that it was overpriced education for fair-good physical therapy program. The campus environment was comfortable and safe. The library was average.
The campus is beautiful! Because it is a private school, the class sizes are smaller and it gives you a chance to get more help from the professors. Everyone there is really kind as well!
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Chapman University was my first acceptance letter. I'm a first-generation student, and adapting to college life was a bit difficult for me towards the beginning. Luckily, something I love about Chapman is their first-generation program and learning about college life. Unfortunately, I recently found out that tuition prices rise each year and this is something I would change because it feels like I have been tricked to accepting to come thinking that I could afford it, but in reality, I cannot. Coming from a low-income family of 6 with a single mother who supports all of us at once has been very difficult. I wish I could say that I have had an amazing college experience, but if I'm answering this question honestly I would say my college experience has been overwhelming, and disappointing but with my family by my side it has been my strength to keep going and getting that diploma.
Chapman University is a well respected college that will open a path in order to be successful. The academic levels will challenge you and prepare you for the real world. The location is beautiful and safe and full of diversity.
chapman has great teachers that really care about their students and want to see them succeed. There are many different clubs to join that make it easy to make friends.
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