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I love Chapman! You simply can’t beat it’s Orange County location. The small class sizes give you access to all your professors with ease. It is the type of campus where you walk around and feel like you know about 10% of the people around you, but once you meet someone, you suddenly see them everywhere. The ONLY thing I can think of that is missing is sports. The sports presence on campus is so minimal. Wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.
Chapman is an amazing university with the best facilities and faculty. The small class sizes and up-to date technology help make the education process the best it can be.
So far, I have enjoyed my experience at Chapman University. Although the campus is smaller than most, I feel that this has helped with my learning experience, and has helped me make real and genuine connections with people.
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Chapman has a very pretty campus and overall not a bad school. It is kind of conservative as far as college campuses go but you can find all kinds of people. It is mostly upper class white people and the film school is what it's known for. Not sure if it's the right fit for me but some people would love it.
Its a private school with extraordinary tuition. Undergrad program seems pretty good, linked to research and etc experiences. Grad school seems revenue generating program
Chapman is definitely a great university and has been a great experience so far. Most classes are small and the teacher to student ratio really has an effect on the academic environment and allows students to really get to know their professors. The campus is small and really allows students to get involved and feel at home. The only thing that needs work is their diversity but there’s just been the addition of a cross cultural center and there is an obvious push for diversity on campus
Chapman is an amazing university that boasts opportunities for students at every corner. Professors are always available to help, each class has a blackboard supplement, and the campus is breathtaking. Classes are small and your peers are just as interested in learning as you are. Cannot wait to start my next semester in the spring.
Staff were very friendly, and students are willing to help whenever you need any assistance. You do not feel left out because everyone at Chapman is part of a family.
Chapman University is unmatched. I am a film production major in their Dodge College of Film and Media Arts and my experience has been overwhelmingly good. I've been on set every weekend learning from incredible upperclassmen talent. Even sophomore and junior cinematographers are at a professional level here and everyone is incredibly knowledgable about set work, cameras, stories, acting, and lighting. You'll learn more about a set after one weekend of being a grip on set here than you will at any other college.
based off my research Chapman is a very small school but also a great one. In the recent years it has rose to become on the the best private schools in America , having an overall very good academic field coverage as well as beautiful campus and amazing people
As a Screen-Acting major at Chapman University, my experience here has been really great. Getting to learn from teachers and work with students who attend the prestigious Dodge College of Film and Media Arts has been extraordinary. I know that I am especially privileged to be here.
Chapman University has a beautiful campus, however it is a little small for its growing population. Almost all freshman live with two other roommates and housing is not guaranteed after the first year. Class size is perfect, about 14 - 20 people in most regular classes. Overall, a very good experience so far.
Chapman allows students to explore various academics and allows its students to discover their true passions in life.
Chapman University has a great campus and surrounding environment, not to mention the excellent faculty and professors. The Old Towne shopping district and a mall are within a mile or two. The freshman orientation team helped me adapt to the college culture very well.
For social animals, this school is perfect. However, it does face a serious racial diversity issue, which I have heard can be alienating.

Athletics are not the focal point of the school (lacrosse gets some attention but that is about it), the arts are. Concerts, performances and film screenings almost always attract larger crowds, and for good reason. The student body is incredibly talented.

The school does a good job of handling issues of ideological contention. It isn't uncommon to see people on polar opposites of an argument (for example, a Trump supporter and Black Lives Matter activist) engaging in respectful debates/discussions throughout the common areas of campus. People do a good job of handling conflict in that regard around here.
I love virtually everything Chapman U has to offer. One of the biggest things that stands out to me is being in the atmosphere of high level academia while also maintaining reasonable class sizes so that your already capable professors can better help you. In the same sense Chapman as a whole makes it possible to lock down the specific classes and schedule that best fits you and your professional career needs. Beyond the classroom setting, Chapman is filled with a vibrant crowd with smiles on faces everywhere you turn. Wether you're interested in the entertainment industry, medical world, or perhaps looking to incubate and launch your very own start up, Chapman is located in the center of opportunity being surrounded by places such as Hollywood, Disneyland, prestigious medical graduate schools, etc.
I love my academics on campus and the intimacy of the classroom. I have a personal relationship with my professors and because of this, have amazing opportunities to network and see the film industry first hand. While the school lacks in nightlife and athletic spirit, I know I'm going to be graduating with amazing opportunities and relationships.
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Chapman University protects its students actively. It also has small classroom sizes that allow students to personalize their education much more than other universities might allow. The school does its best to serve the student as a valued part of the university's actions.
My first year at Chapman was the best year of my life so far. The professors are amazing and caring and the course load was never too much for me to handle. The atmosphere was welcoming and diverse and everyone you meet is very friendly. The one thing the university could work on is having more foods and snacks available for those with dietary restrictions.
Chapman University has not only assisted me in pursuing a degree in Creative Producing but has also become a home. The community is welcoming the minute you step on campus, everyone is willing to invest in your goals and help you achieve them. The small class sizes allows teachers to get to know you and possibly help with getting advice in applying for internships or jobs in the industry.
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