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Best school ever. The kids are so intellectual, nice, and wonderful, the professors are incredible, the weather is perfect, the campus is beautiful, everyone wants you to succeed...what more could a person want?
As it being my first semester here at Chapman, I already feel integrated into the system by the welcoming and knowledgeable professors. The students greet each other at all times throughout the day and provide a friendly environment, one that makes you want to be active in the community while engaging in your studies.
What I love about Chapman is the welcoming feeling I get every time I step on campus. I have been able to develop some wonderful relationships with not only friends, but staff and faculty as well. Due to the smaller class sizes at Chapman, it's very easy to get to know the professors well and find time to meet with them outside of class for extra help. What I do not care for at Chapman is the high priced tuition. Since it is a private university, the cost of attendance is much higher than that of other schools on the west coast. However, they do offer financial aid which does help many students.
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I liked the smaller class sizes and attention to tutoring hours. The campus itself is smaller than I initially thought and off campus housing is practically essential after the first year. Living prices in the area are extremely expensive which makes it difficult unless you consider renting a room with another person. Overall, sports are not popular here at all unless you are on the lacrosse team and there is little school spirit regarding the events. The student programming board does not do a good job of creating events for the student body which is very surprising since it is a private school that has more than enough money in order to create events for the student.
Great school with great People and I love the food! Although, something that I don’t appreciate as much is the diversity of the school, but that can be fixed easily.
So far, I've had a fairly good experience at Chapman. The school's a lot smaller than it seems coming in, and you tend to see the same people in all of your classes. One thing I really like about Chapman is that a lot of the professors have real life experience and many have been extremely successful in their respective fields. I'm currently studying accounting and finance and in just two years, I have had the opportunity to learn from a professor who was the CFO of an international company, a professor who ran his own Hedge Fund and Investment bank, a former partner at one of the Big 4 accounting firms, and someone who currently manages a portfolio of over a billion dollars for an investment firm based in Germany. There's tons of opportunities if you're willing to go out and look for them, my only disliking of the school is its size, but it's expanding rapidly. Chapman's a great school, but it may not be what you're looking for if you're looking forward to good sports and parties.
Chapman's small school size brings a tight-knit community of students and small class sizes that allow students to excel. Most professors are very knowledgeable in their field and ready to help. The campus is beautiful and it's in a great location. There are plenty of ways to get involved and meet people.
Film school is one of the best in the nation. Alumni and adjunct professors have a lengthy resume which prove to be impressive. They have various majors which help everyone find their niche in college. On campus jobs and opportunities help students prepare for the real world. Parking is a nightmare no matter how many structures they open. I hope to see the cost of tuition drop substantially.
Chapman University is a great institution for scholars who want to live in California, have a small class ratio and . This has helped me in so many ways because I have been able to keep a close relationship with my teachers, get all the help I need, and attend their office hours. Everyone is unique, friendly, and even though we do not have the best athletic teams they are still treated like the best and play to the best of their abilities. In Chapman we strive for more, we look up for success, and we communicate with one another. This is a crucial tool in life that many fail to carry on, communication, the ability to talk to other and get to know them. This might seem so easy to do but in fact people lack communication skills and that is why there are problems not just between individuals but in the world. In Chapman we learn how to communicate and we open the door of opportunity to one another.
I enjoy the small, intimate classroom size and clean campus. The local area is also quaint and a good place for hanging out. However, I would add more parking structures (as parking spaces are limited) and bring more light in the surrounding neighborhoods, so it isn't so dark for night-class students.
Good academics, good facilities, lots of clubs and campus involvement opportunities. Good specific programs (business, science, arts, film, etc. schools)
It is an amazing campus and the professors are always willing to help, though I have had a few grad students as professors and didn't have the best experience
I love Chapman so much because there are so many people who love what I love. There are so many people that I know I can call in a few years down the road when I want to make a film. This school is so amazing and so close to everything. I love it so much. I'm a cinematography major and they already have me talking to people to get works straight out of school. I know this isn't what happens with everyone but this is something that has happened to me and I appreciate it so much.
My experience at Chapman thus far has been nothing but satisfactory. Attending Chapman was my dream and it hasn't disappointed me. They put so much focus on the students and listen to what we want and what will best help us reach our success. The small class sizes make learning and really understanding the material possible while professors put so much time and interest into their students.
I got a chance to tour the buildings and dorms. I was pleasantly surprised by the renovations and how nice the campus was. The dorms were as spacious as a three-person dorm can be, I think I would be comfortable living there. Also the town surrounding the campus is very friendly and lively.
My experience here was very welcoming. I had a tough transition though, due to the unseen diversity on campus from professors to students, to administrators. In many cases I have noticed that I am the 5% hispanic girl attending Chapman. Although that doesn't affect me academically, at times it does affect me emotionally. Through the weeks it seems to get better and I do feel safe here. I have learned and experienced the environment here and have figured out how to adapt.
I love Chapman! You simply can’t beat it’s Orange County location. The small class sizes give you access to all your professors with ease. It is the type of campus where you walk around and feel like you know about 10% of the people around you, but once you meet someone, you suddenly see them everywhere. The ONLY thing I can think of that is missing is sports. The sports presence on campus is so minimal. Wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.
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Chapman is an amazing university with the best facilities and faculty. The small class sizes and up-to date technology help make the education process the best it can be.
So far, I have enjoyed my experience at Chapman University. Although the campus is smaller than most, I feel that this has helped with my learning experience, and has helped me make real and genuine connections with people.
Chapman has a very pretty campus and overall not a bad school. It is kind of conservative as far as college campuses go but you can find all kinds of people. It is mostly upper class white people and the film school is what it's known for. Not sure if it's the right fit for me but some people would love it.
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