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I really enjoy all my professors and how helpful and knowledgable they are/were. I also love the small class sizes for a majority of my classes, it's amazing that i can say most of my classes have a class size of about 15 people or less including myself. Some things i think could be changed would be the lack of diversity at chapman with an overwhelming about of the students identifying as Caucasian. I also think the school's tuition is ridiculously high and it's honestly made me consider transferring to a public university because i can't afford to continue to get educated at Chapman.
Just like the white buildings, and immaculately pedicured campus, this college is somewhat of a facade. Admissions is good but the rest of the administration sucks and always gives out misinformation; it's so difficult to find answers. Their website pages are incomplete. Housing personnel are super incompetent. Stairways and hallways are filthy. Moving into the dorms was horrific, poorly managed; we missed orientation events because it was on the same day as move-in! Bring vodka so you can relax at the end of the move-in day, since there is only one parking elevator for thousands of people moving into the dorms. Oh, no wonder: the housing director is a philosophy major. I had high hopes that this was the next USC but with management so poor, I doubt it will improve unless they fire everyone and rehire competent people. I do like the students here, however; people are nice and friendly.
Overall had a great experience at Chapman. Challenging academics with supportive professors, and there are so many opportunities for leadership and involvement. This really helped me to grow as a student and person, and to improve my resume. ;)
Chapman is constantly growing and striving to better its reputation worldwide, though it still retains the benefits of a smaller school.
As for what needs to change? Well, there's obviously room for more diversity in the student population.
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As a transfer student, it was a little hard to make friends, as people have settled in their groups by their junior year. However, overall, I really liked Chapman! Join as many groups/clubs as you can, and buy a Disneyland annual pass.
Chapman University is a beautiful campus in a fantastic location. I love the overall atmosphere there with the promotion of togetherness and diversity. Everyone is friendly, kind, and helpful wherever I go.
Chapman has a beautiful campus, top of the line academics and a great community! It has a small school feel without being isolated. Everyone works together to make it a great community. It doesn't feel super competitive like a lot of other schools. There are a lot of resources as far as financial aid and other opportunities. The town itself is built completely around the school so that the outlying community is very college-friendly. Although it is Christian-based, all faiths are welcome with open arms and encouraged to apply. The campus has a very safe, secure feeling to it and the campus is also easy to navigate and isn't overwhelmingly large. Due to its location and notable alumni, there is always something going on at Chapman and everyone can find something to suit his or her likes.
I love how the campus's small size offers great ways for students to maintain great relationships with their professors on shallow levels as well as personal levels. I also love the music school on campus. I am bettering my performance skills greatly as well as many other music skills. The food on campus is great. The wide variety of food the school offers is amazing. The food vendors are also spread out greatly so there is always a place nearby. The orange circle a block away also offers fantastic food. In general, I feel the campus is a safe place to be, and people are very friendly all around.
Chapman has amazing faculty and the student life here is very vibrant. The small community allows you to make friends very easily and I definitely recommend joining clubs, sports, or greek life! It's an amazing way to meet new people. The academics are pretty good; the only down side I have is the small campus and student population.
Chapman is a great school. Professors are very helpful and willing to help you outside of class as well. Campus is beautiful and always clean.
I love the small campus and school population. People are very nice and caring. Great academic programs.
Chapman University has a lot to offer academically for a wide variety of students. They have a really great business school, as well as a strong film making and preforming arts school. The school is quickly expanding and gaining a strong presence in the city of Orange, as well as California and the rest of the country.
Chapman is a one of a kind institution. It is a small school where you will run into most people you know and grab a coffee with your professors. A school where greek life is the life of the school and they like to get everyone involved. Chapman has given me the opportunity to form a close relationship with my RA, my professors, my peers and the faculty at this University.
Chapman University is an amazing school. And while I love it here, there are a few things that I wish I had known prior to committing to the school:

1. The business school has the ability to curve your grade down. Each class must have an average GPA (in the class) of 2.8. So if the grades are too high, the professor reserves the right to (and in most cases will) curve your grade down. It's done to make the school seem more competitive but it really screws over some of the students.

2. The financial aid department is not as helpful as you want. Every time I've gone into the office everyone was super rude. There are only a few kind people in there.

3. It's super hard to get a job, even with work study. The surrounding area of Orange has tons of restaurants and shops so if you are looking for a way to help pay for school, that's your best bet. If you are granted work study, good luck finding a job because almost all of them are already taken.
Chapman is the kind of place where if you don't get involved you simply won't have a good time. The academic standards aren't very high. You get to know your professors well but a lot of them aren't pursuing research. The ones in dodge tend to be less accomplished, credible, and contemporary than one would want. But if you put your all into the experience, joining organizations, getting to know the faculty, etc. you'll have a good time.
Chapman is a great school. It is located 10 minutes from Disneyland, and is also a relatively short drive away from both San Diego and Los Angeles. Academics are great, people are friendly, and there is little to complain about.
I graduated from Chapman with a BS in Health Sciences. This school was a great fit for me coming from a small town. I felt a great sense of community and made a lot of friends. There was a lot to do in the area. I successfully graduated and felt I learned a lot and felt prepared for my future in the work force.
Chapman is a great school for anyone looking for a smaller, more intimate learning experience. Small class sizes allow students and professors to have a close relationship and the school makes an effort to be inclusive and safe for all.
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I went to Chapman from 2011-2015 and it was the best time of my life! Stellar campus with proximity to the beach and mountains. Beautiful weather all year round and everyone is super nice with great school pride.
Chapman has fantastic facilities, clubs, programs, and engagement. The only thing lacking is diversity.
I love chapman it is such an amazing school! It has the most amazing campus and it is absolutely beautiful.
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