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Chandler-Gilbert Community College Reviews

913 reviews
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I have loved my experience at Chandler Gilbert Community College. I really don't have any complaints. The campus is just feels right and safe. There are lots of resources for help on campus and the professors are able to help more personally because of the small class sizes.
For a new student there I thing that CGCC is a good community college to go to. Is is very small and easy to find, what make this college good is that everyone knows everyone and they have so many programs to go to. There are lots of Study Abroad programs that are very interesting. The school is very organized, thats what makes it good.
Attending Chandler-Gilbert Community College for my first year of college has been a wonderful decision. I have been able to complete so many courses at such a low cost. If you live in the area, definitely check this college out.
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I have had the best experience at this community college by far. Everyone has been so incredibly helpful. Everyone in the front office was helpful in helping me pick out exactly what classes I would need to take in order to be most beneficial towards my degree. The teachers were kind and interested in benefiting their students for the ultimate success.
So far, I've had a very pleasant experience at Chandler-Gilbert Community College. I am currently a Sophomore and I plan on earning my bachelors degree through Chandler Gilbert, for Northern Arizona University. I am so glad my school has such a great program that will allow me to save thousands of dollars on tuition for NAU!
I enjoy the variety of classes at Chandler Gilbert as well as the passionate teachers who are employed there. I think this is a great community college for anyone to earn their associates degree from.
I have had the best experience so far during my time here! I honestly don't know what I would change professors I have had have been awesome!
As a stepping stone from homeschool to eventually attending a university, CGCC has been an amazing experience for me. The campus is small but well-kept and easy to find your way around, the professors are accessible and actually care about you learning the material, and the whole atmosphere of the school is very laid back and unintimidating. My favorite part of CGCC is the tutoring center, which offers free tutoring for many classes. I would highly recommend CGCC as a great, affordable option for getting a higher education.
I attended Chandler Gilbert Community college for two years from 2009-2011. The campus was fairly new, environmentally friendly, easily accessible, and diverse! I enjoyed my education there and recommend any aspiring student to enroll at CGCC. The office staff is competent, friendly, and is always open to help with any issues.
Chandler-Gilbert Community College has a great campus that was large and clean. The classrooms were spacious with comfortable seats and were very clean. The professors were great with working with you when needed and when a class wanted to be dropped, it wasn't a difficult process.
Nothing much, everything is alright. I have no problems with the college. And truthfully have not even started I just know about it from my sister who attends.
The school is good, there are some teachers that are a bit of a problem. other than that the school is great, the people are great, the atmosphere is great.
My experience at Chandler Gilbert Community college is so far a good one. My teachers have been phenomenal. My only complaint would be the atmosphere is very similar to that of a high school. With that said, that is a similar theme for many community colleges. The campus is very nice, and I frequently get drinks from the coffee shop on campus. The workers at the coffee shop are beyond nice and do a great job every time. The tutors in the library are the best resource available. Anytime I need help they come to my rescue.
Absolutely love it here! The classes are small and allows you to interact with the professor and classmates.
It's what school is supposed to be. A pain in the tukus and something you have to want to do.
They were amazing at helping me plan out my path.
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The atmosphere they usually have is that we need to have fun and learn at the same time. Overall creative and useful in pursuing my degrees.
The student center was very helpful in getting me started on my degree path. They answered all my questions.
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The teachers and classmates are challenging me to think differently than I normally do.
Most of the teachers I have had have cared a lot about their student's success. But with anything, there come something that is not as good. While one teacher there is not the worst teacher I have had, that teacher is definitely not in my top 10 teachers.
My teachers are understanding that "life happens" and is flexible.
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