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I have been coming here for about 2 years under a high school scholarship. My experience here has been amazing and has really helped me grow as a student!
I absolutely love it here. The campus is clean and looks new. its a good environment and a big diversity of classes and people. Lots of clubs you can join and they offer different degrees.
Like any community college, this school is great for the price. I have had a multitude of great professors throughout my experience at this school, but I have also had a lot of bad professors. My best advice is to go on rate my professor before each semester to make sure that your professor is great at what they do.
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There are multiple campuses and they offer a variety of subjects study including aviation and sustainability.
The professors at CGCC are motivated to help each and every student succeed. The students I've encountered are generally driven to succeed. The environment is conducive to academic excellence.
my experience at cgcc has been wonderful so far, working full time and making it through my classes really help me becoming a better person to society.
It is very local and affordable. Professors are nice and willing to help. Work with their office hours as well as the free tutoring and you're guaranteed success.
Overall, I felt that this community college is average or just above average. It is not in a busy city, so it is fairly calm on campus. The teachers are very flexible and always willing to help. The small class sizes make it easier for the student to interact and learn in the classroom. It is in a good part of town so you don't have to worry about crime. Cost for the classes is a little pricey. They offer a wide variety of class times for those who work during the day or morning.
I am currently and ACE student at Chandler-Gilbert Community College and am loving my experience! The program is an amazing opportunity for high school students and
Campus has a newly remodeled student center. Staff is friendly. Professors were engaging and knowledgeable.
I love how I can get college credit in high school! It is super convent and affordable. I feel like I'm getting ahead of the game.
Chandler-Gilbert Community College has the best professors, and a dedicated tutoring staff, flexible classes, and a great articulation agreement with the state universities.
Chandler Gilbert is a good college for right after high school or if you are going back to get another career. it has a very good academics program a bit challenging but not too bad. its if you want a career then you have to work for it literally. but overall it is good.
Super nice people here. Everyone is super helpful around campus and all of my teachers really seems to know what they are doing. They make sure you understand what you are learning and answers any questions that you may have. Love being a coyote!
Great education in a smaller class room atmosphere. Easy registration and convenient class schedule.
So far my experience is very good, some of my teachers have a thick accent but nothing to horrible where I cant understand. Everyone is very friendly and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else to kickstart my college career.
Chandler Gilbert is a great community college. Not exactly the best for parties or sports, but for saving money and getting a great education for cheap, its the best around.
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It may not be the complete college experience since it's a short step up from high school, but CGCC was the perfect introduction to how college life could be. The advisement team really takes you step by step as to how you should proceed with your education based off of what you are looking to personally achieve. The majority of the professors that I have had teaching my courses so far truly care about our understanding of the cirriculum which is a great feeling since even though my first steps of college are not directly into a 4-year university, the faculty pushes for their wide-range of students to succeed in their own way. Though, I will say that I do wish the school had a wider selection of courses to be taken like some of the other in-state community colleges have to offer.
My experience at CGCC thus far has been mostly excellent. I go to the Williams campus, which is much closer to my home. The campus itself is clean and has beautiful vegetation. It's smaller scale and I like that. I am now a sophomore and have 2-3 semesters left before I can transfer to ASU. I am going for an Associates of Science and majoring in Applied Biological Sciences. The majority of my professors have been great and I've thoroughly enjoyed their courses. I've received As and high Bs so far. The homework load varies based on your classes, but it hasn't been overbearing for me. The atmosphere is down to earth, and everyone is here to learn, there have been no problem people in any of my classes. I'm really glad I chose to go here, I am enjoying it. The lower tuition is a plus and I wouldn't change anything.
Great school to be apart of/ a lot of different programs to choose from. super easy to navigate to find classes. all of the professors know what they are doing and can always help you out.
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