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Chandler-Gilbert Community College Reviews

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Great education in a smaller class room atmosphere. Easy registration and convenient class schedule.
So far my experience is very good, some of my teachers have a thick accent but nothing to horrible where I cant understand. Everyone is very friendly and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else to kickstart my college career.
Chandler Gilbert is a great community college. Not exactly the best for parties or sports, but for saving money and getting a great education for cheap, its the best around.
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It may not be the complete college experience since it's a short step up from high school, but CGCC was the perfect introduction to how college life could be. The advisement team really takes you step by step as to how you should proceed with your education based off of what you are looking to personally achieve. The majority of the professors that I have had teaching my courses so far truly care about our understanding of the cirriculum which is a great feeling since even though my first steps of college are not directly into a 4-year university, the faculty pushes for their wide-range of students to succeed in their own way. Though, I will say that I do wish the school had a wider selection of courses to be taken like some of the other in-state community colleges have to offer.
My experience at CGCC thus far has been mostly excellent. I go to the Williams campus, which is much closer to my home. The campus itself is clean and has beautiful vegetation. It's smaller scale and I like that. I am now a sophomore and have 2-3 semesters left before I can transfer to ASU. I am going for an Associates of Science and majoring in Applied Biological Sciences. The majority of my professors have been great and I've thoroughly enjoyed their courses. I've received As and high Bs so far. The homework load varies based on your classes, but it hasn't been overbearing for me. The atmosphere is down to earth, and everyone is here to learn, there have been no problem people in any of my classes. I'm really glad I chose to go here, I am enjoying it. The lower tuition is a plus and I wouldn't change anything.
Great school to be apart of/ a lot of different programs to choose from. super easy to navigate to find classes. all of the professors know what they are doing and can always help you out.
I was a transfer student this past Spring 2018. I believe that CGCC is an excellent school. The instructors are helpful and want you to succeed. If I could do it all over again I would've started at CGCC first!
I really like the small class sizes and that classes can be taken during the day or at night (which work better for my schedule).
Awesome college to get your associates degree, everyone is always willing to help. In my personal experience all the professors I had always took the time to answer any questions students had beyond just class time. Many were always available to answer question via other methods of communication other then school email which is great when you need an immediate response.
I have really enjoyed my experience at CGCC. The campus is very nice and super easy to navigate, there are plenty of extracurriculars to get involved in, and the professors are great! There is also a tutoring center that is available to all students for free, which is super helpful.
Being an older adult student, I would recommend this campus to anyone. Great staff and well qualified faculty!
What I like about Chandler-Gilbert Community College is that the teachers are very friendly and helpful.
I absolutely adore my Junior College and all of the classes and professors I've had. I was undecided in my major for so long that I took classes from science to music to photography. I received my Associates in the Arts recently because of my Presidents Honors Scholarship. The only thing that I would change would be parts of administration. I had such a hard time maneuvering the Honors Program and it wasn't until my last semester that I knew who to contact about questions and taking the hold off my account to register for classes each term.
Chandler-Gilbert is a wonderful school and really helped to prepare me for university. It's a clean school with involved instructors who want you to succeed!
One thing that I loved about Chandler Gilbert community college is that the campus was really open and everyone on the campus was very helpful! One thing that I would want to see change at Chandler Gilbert is at night there should be more security at night
The campus is absolutely stunning and is one of the newer locations for the Maricopa Community District. The staff and students are nice and very helpful. The only thing I wish would change is the environmental atmosphere. When walking around the campus it feels more like a high school than a college. I also attended Mesa Community College, also part of Maricopa Community District, and I just feel like the atmosphere is more adult/professional feelings for both students and teachers. Maybe it's just me and there may not be anything the school can specifically do, but that's just something I feel would make me want to stay on campus and study.
The major thing I really like about chandler gilbert is the fact that the faculty is extremely helpful and caring in regards to the students. I would however like to see the school grow in size but I believe that will happen in time
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It is big and its beautiful. I took this for my first 2 years to save money and yet the quality of education is better than I would expect at ASU, they have good semi high school style classes which allows every student the chance to succeed and learn
The professors are usually pretty good. I always use rate my professor before registering for classes, that way I know what I am getting into with each faculty member.
My experience with Chandler-Gilbert Community College has been wonderful. I have been taking Dual Credit through them and they have been very helpful through the entire process, always ensuring that I'm up to date on everything and keeping me informed about how to transfer my credits to a University!
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