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Chandler-Gilbert Community College Reviews

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Being an older adult student, I would recommend this campus to anyone. Great staff and well qualified faculty!
What I like about Chandler-Gilbert Community College is that the teachers are very friendly and helpful.
I absolutely adore my Junior College and all of the classes and professors I've had. I was undecided in my major for so long that I took classes from science to music to photography. I received my Associates in the Arts recently because of my Presidents Honors Scholarship. The only thing that I would change would be parts of administration. I had such a hard time maneuvering the Honors Program and it wasn't until my last semester that I knew who to contact about questions and taking the hold off my account to register for classes each term.
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Chandler-Gilbert is a wonderful school and really helped to prepare me for university. It's a clean school with involved instructors who want you to succeed!
One thing that I loved about Chandler Gilbert community college is that the campus was really open and everyone on the campus was very helpful! One thing that I would want to see change at Chandler Gilbert is at night there should be more security at night
The campus is absolutely stunning and is one of the newer locations for the Maricopa Community District. The staff and students are nice and very helpful. The only thing I wish would change is the environmental atmosphere. When walking around the campus it feels more like a high school than a college. I also attended Mesa Community College, also part of Maricopa Community District, and I just feel like the atmosphere is more adult/professional feelings for both students and teachers. Maybe it's just me and there may not be anything the school can specifically do, but that's just something I feel would make me want to stay on campus and study.
The major thing I really like about chandler gilbert is the fact that the faculty is extremely helpful and caring in regards to the students. I would however like to see the school grow in size but I believe that will happen in time
It is big and its beautiful. I took this for my first 2 years to save money and yet the quality of education is better than I would expect at ASU, they have good semi high school style classes which allows every student the chance to succeed and learn
The professors are usually pretty good. I always use rate my professor before registering for classes, that way I know what I am getting into with each faculty member.
My experience with Chandler-Gilbert Community College has been wonderful. I have been taking Dual Credit through them and they have been very helpful through the entire process, always ensuring that I'm up to date on everything and keeping me informed about how to transfer my credits to a University!
Had a blast being a student here. The two years went by really fast, all the classes I took were difficult but it helped prepare me for my career.
Throughout the two years that I have spent at Chandler-Gilbert, I believe that I will be coming out a better and more knowledgeable person. It is obvious that the professors want to see their students succeed, and will do anything that they can in order to help them along in their journey.
I enjoyed my time at CGCC, the teachers were great, but I would like to see a bit more freedom in elective classes, rather than railroading students into taking classes that meet a historical/cultural awareness (of which there is only one offered)
I just enrolled, so I don't have much of an experience, but I like the courses selection, it fits me and my need for future employment.
This was a great place to start my college education - The course schedules were very flexible and the professors, for the most part, were very easy to get a hold of and worked hard to ensure that their students understood the material.
I love the campus! The people who work there are great! I feel super safe when i go there. The atmosphere just makes you want to be there. I have done many competitions at gilbert chandler community college and they run things so well. There music department is very well built and love how it is important to them on the campus. I have seen some of the students and they are always very kind and thoughtful! Would be Just a great place to go to school in! If i had a chance to go there for schooling, i would totally go there.
It is a very good school with dedicated staff and small quiet campuses. I have been there for the last few years since I took less classes every semester due to my job. However, the professors helped me feel confident and energy to complete all the courses with the best results. The library and student center are good place to study beside the class-hours.
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I really enjoyed my time at CGCC. It's a small school, so it's easy to make a lot of friends. I'm a film major, so I was constantly in and out of the PAC building. Everyone in the theater department are so nice and willing to help you with any theater or film projects you may have. The campus has a lot of great clubs and events every month. They sell discounted entertainment tickets. The Red Cross will come every once in a while, and if you donate, you usually get a free pass to a festival or concert. The cafe is a great perk as well. They rotate food every day so you'll always have something new! Overall, this is a great campus and I highly recommend to anyone wanting to start at a community college, that they start here.
CGCC is a great school with many professors that are interested in making you successful in school. Best of all is a free tutoring center to help with math, science, and english courses that student typically find difficulty in. For any student in the Phoenix area looking for inexpensive undergraduate courses taught by professionals, I recommend CGCC.
Being a second-semester full-time freshman has been such a great experience. I stepped onto campus my very first day thinking all the professors didn't care and/or other students just worried about themselves. As weeks carried on, I came to realize my assumption was wrong. Chandler-Gilbert has one of the best academic advisory and other faculties services. I learned that my teachers actually care and they show passion in their career by pushing students to be the best that they can. I also found out my peers were the greatest. We all have a goal and instead of leaving someone behind, we get the work done efficiently together. Honestly, there isn't anything I would want to change on this campus. Everything is amazing!!!
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