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The professors at Chandler-Gilbert Community College are very attentive and make sure the students get what they're being taught. Even the school itself wants to make sure their students are getting the best out of their education. There is free tutoring on campus that is a great source of extra help. Overall, the school looks out for their students.
I have throughly enjoyed my time here at CGCC. Most of the instructors I have had have all been very helpful and educational.
Chandler Gilbert has been an amazing college to attend. All of the staff has been so helpful with all of the questions I've had and I truly feel they care about my success as a student and future teacher.
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CGCC was an amazing place to start off my college adventure with. The learning environments are ideal since you receive a real one on one connection with them. They are always willing to help in any way they can and make your college experience a million times better.
Chandler Gilbert offers a chance for students to grow in their academics. It has great clubs, and the teachers are really nice. The tutoring centers are also amazing, and the tutors are incredible. They have helped me to understand difficult concepts, like how to answer a difficult trigonometry question.
I love the professors that I've had so far. They are very informative, organized, and I know they truly care about their student's success. I also love the resources that Chandler-Gilbert provides. The campus has a Writing Center that I went to for proof reading and editing for one of my English papers. The tutors there were welcoming, encouraging, and helpful. The Library also has classrooms that my own classes met at for research purposes. The instructor there showed us different databases that we can retrieve reliable information from. I will definitely implement what I've learned there to find sources for my future essays. The one thing I would like to see changed is the website. It should be updated so that students aren't as confused when they have to enroll in their classes. Although the Coyote Center can help you with this, it would be nice to be able to easily do it on your own.
Loved this college! It's a smaller campus than Mesa Community College, so it makes the atmosphere feel more at home. Class sizes are also smaller, which allows you to ask questions and be more involved in the classes. Only downfall would be that they don't offer as many courses as other larger community colleges.
It's a great school! Everyone there is respectful, and ready to help you succeed. All teachers feel the need to help you move forward in life, and better yourself.
I love Chandler-Gilbert! I have been hesitant to enroll in classes and I've taken some time off of school so the age difference between me & all the other classmates I have always felt nervous about, but in every single one of my classes I have felt comfortable and made friends with that I still talk to after the classes are over!
Chandler-Gilbert Community College is a wonderful college with a small school feel. Class sizes are small and the professors really seem to care about you and your learning. The honors programs is wonderful and extremely supportive!
Small class sizes, free tutoring, great resources, and for the most part, understanding intelligent professors.
Chandler-Gilbert has great teachers that are willing to put in their time & effort to help you, as long as you're willing to do the same.
My experience at chandler/Gilbert community college has been great so far. The teachers have been amazing and I have been able to continue my education with success.
All of the teachers are more than willing to help. If needed they were always able to help outside of class. The best thing is when needing help with english or math there is a writing center and math center alway there if you need help. con is that if you are in a hurry they are always busy there.
I really like chandler Gilbert community college. The professors actually care, and it is easy to make new friends. I enjoy going to the study groups after my classes because I can get help from people that have already done the work.
Chandler Gilbert Community College is an excellent school with great care for all of the attending students and prospecting students. The wide variety of classes offered are sure to please all potential students on their way to attain a greater goal in life.
I love the campus of this college, very wide and has great art work on walls and bridges from building to building. Many of the teachers nice, but others just see teaching as a job and are not as fun in the classroom. Their disability resource center helps many students who have some form of disability to a reasonable extent, but they still need to work and a few different aspects. Their advisement center is a little hit and miss. You could go in there are get a different answer each time with some little correlation from you last visit.
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Great place to go I really enjoy it. I love this college its the best . My professors are great and the classes where fantastic.
I absolutely love how this college gets everyone interested in clubs and major events. It's definitely a school to invest in and definitely also worth it!
Enrolling into my courses for Chandler-Gilbert has been an amazing and easy experience. I find myself becoming more and more excited the closer i get to becoming a student.
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