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Chandler-Gilbert Community College Reviews

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Chandler Gilbert Community College is a great school for those who might feel lost about what they want to do later in life.
I personally think I made the right choice of starting out at a community college especially Chandler-Gilbert. I play soccer here and my teachers often work with me to get to where I am and overall my experience has been great. I think its a great transition and a good place to go if you don't know exactly what you want to do with your career path.
It a very great school with amazing teachers that are helpful and friendly. lots of opportunities with creative classes to boost different skill sets (free). Food and coffee shop are also wonderful especially if you have very early or late classes.
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I really like the campus and the tutoring center. I would however like a better way of learning more about financial aid. I am normally denied financial aid and was offered a grant last year for the first time. When I asked how it worked they said I just had to accept it so I did, however, I was not told I had to use it all by a certain deadline so when I registered for an extra class and had $1000+ left I was no longer allowed to touch it and had to pay out of pocket.
One of the reasons I like about this college is the campus itself because it is nice, clean, and easy to get around when going to my classes. Also, the professors from personal experience that I have had the pleasure learning from were amazing. They helped to the best of their abilities when I needed the help by answering my questions, and did a stellar job on explaining the concepts that were taught to me during the lectures. Lastly, something that could be added or improved of the campus, I have no suggestions, it has been a great experience.
Professors are always there and willing to help you succeed. The school is filled with a lot of opportunities to try new things.
Chandler Gilbert Community College has really opened my eyes on attending community instead of university. They really connect with their students and you never feel left out. They always have the best ways to get comfortable with people whether it's studying in the library or grabbing a coffee.
I am a student that is part of a program where the school offers college courses while still being a high school student. As a high school student I expected for the professors to be negligent when it came to assistance on work or other but I was wrong the professors on campus are stern but take the time out of their day to make sure each and every student can understand and be on the same page, while as well creating open discussion between the students in class.
The environment of Chandler-Gilbert is very welcoming and made a transition from high school easier. Teachers can be very helpfull some can be too much like high school teachers, but then others are a perfect balance. Good food options but more importantly the resources for students is amazing. The teachers during the first semester make sure the students blend in and make a good adjustment.
The teachers are super helpful and truly want to see you succeed. I have never had any issues with the staff or students, everyone is very welcoming!
I never lived on campus, but I still found it to be a wonderful college to go to. It's a great way to complete throw away classes that don't apply to your major, such as English and History, because the classes are much cheaper than most other colleges and universities. However, that does not mean that the quality is any worse as some of my favorite professors are in this college.
What I like about Chandler Gilbert community college is my student advisor is making my personal success a priority. The professor’s are truly involved with my success and want to see me prosper
I have been with the Maricopa school district for 2 years now and I love it. They are very helpful when it comes to financial aid, enrolling in classes and providing tutors. I can say that I have learned a ton these past two years and I can't wait to continue my education.
Excellent experience with faculty and staff. Very engaged in student success and helping along their journey.
I really enjoy going here because it's closer home and easier to get to. The library is a good place to go to and get help because they have lots of help centers.
Everyone that is apart of this college is so helpful!! Anytime I need help, even with the smallest thing, they always come through. Also, I love that the facility is always clean!
My experience thus far has been the best! The campus is big and has lots of students. I like how at Chandler Gilbert they have many clubs and activities. One thing that I would like to see change is to have a little bit more options as far as “elective classes”. For example they do not have social work classes and not very many criminal Justice type classes.
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The campus is very clean and the people that work or go to school here are very friendly. The teachers always try to help us whether its with an assignment, project or just giving pointers to help us work in the right direction.
My experience has been extremely positive while going to school at Chandler-Gilbert community college. The class that I have taken there was the college math 151 and my teacher was absolutely amazing. He kept the class interested and went over the material very well. If you had any questions or issues you could let him know and he will help you any way that you can. The location was nice because it is right off the freeway and in a good area. I took a night class and everyone was friendly and seemed like they wanted to be there.
I am currently a student in the Aviation Maintenance Technology program at CGCC. The program is very robust and is well supported by staff and by an assortment of generally excellent instructors.
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