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The online experience is great and makes it easy to access the classes. Plus they make Canvas very organized.
Chandler-Gilbert cares about their students and the diversity is so great. They are always willing to help no matter the issue.
I took a few online classes to work around my work schedule, but online classes were not meant for me. Online classes are great for people who are good at teaching themselves and great at keeping things organized. I am a more hands-on type of learner, so online was not meant for me. Unless I had already taken the class before and wanted to get a better grade or if it was for something simple, like English, I would recommend online classes. You can ask your professors questions online, but there is only so much that they can do over the computer.
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Chandler-gilbert community college reminds me of my small charter school that I had gone to. The class rooms are small enough that I am able to know most students, which is very helpful in finding someone to study with. I also like how chandler-gilbert provides free tutoring for every subject on campus. I do not know of many schools that offer that kind of one-on-one help like this school has. Even though this school has a lot off amazing things about it, I do think they should sit in on some of the professors classes. I have had an experience with 2 professors where their teaching tactics had nothing to do with subject they should have been teaching.
Chandler-Gilbert used Canvas for their online classes. It is super easy and convenient. It’s very helpful with homework and other teacher-student interactions.
Chandler-Gilbert is a great college. So much culture, diversity and happiness. I would always recommend this college. I would not change anything about it.
Not great. I took one class that became online due to the coronavirus. My teacher just stopped giving lectures or teaching at that point and we just had to finish the assignments on our own. That being said, that was an extreme circumstance and I'm confident that the normal online classes are very engaging and prepared.
I took a lot of classes here as a highschool student and for the most part I loved them. Especially the intro to fiction writing class I took last fall. More free student events could have been fun, but I wasn't there full-time anyways, so I might not have taken advantage of them regardless.
Chandler Gilbert Community was a pretty good community college experience, it was just as i expected it to be, simple yet effective. The teachers and staff are pretty helpful for the most part and will go out of your way to make sure you have what you need without being excessive. The campus is pretty average and easy to navigate as well.
Awesome staff, best education I have ever received. Campus is always clean and has plenty of awesome amenities.
Some great teachers, but nursing advisor is very unhelpful in guiding students in the right direction. Most of the questions I had were answered by other students due to the contradicting information I was given.
CGCC is a small school with excellent professors, friendly students and plenty of opportunity. They care about your success!
I'm currently at this school for only this one semester but I don't find this school well put together and the staff isnt very helpful. I feel for the area they should really make the effort to paint and add new tech available for their students. But going back to staff, I've had to do a lot of leg work on my own because the staff would just give me the run around and by the time i got to someone that knewn what was going on it was to late for me to apply for certain activities and or scholarships. I dont blame them for my losses but I wish they took the time to actually train thier staff.
I liked the range of different classes that are offered there. I did not like the environment of the school and how the professors I had treated the students.
Chandler-Gilbert Community College is a very lively school. They always have events and extra curricular going on. There is plenty of fun music, cultural events, and art pieces shown in the courtyards. The campus is easy to get around and clean. Campus is also about 10 minuets from down town Gilbert. I feel very safe around my other peers on campus. It is easy to make new friends and create long life connections. The Professors are all very educated and involved with the students. They make sure to do everything they can to help the students thrive. If I could change one thing it would be making a easier way to set up academic counselor meetings and more help with signing up for next semester classes.
Great instructors and a very clean and well maintained shop and classrooms. The support staff are always very helpful and friendly. Overall a great experience thus far.
As a student that is nearing the completion of my Associate in Arts with a concentration in Sustainability, I can confirm that my experience at Chandler-Gilbert Community College has been phenomenal. I have taken multiple classes on the Pecos campus, and each class provided me with an abundance of experience. In addition to my in-person classes, I have taken various online courses. Thanks to Chandler-Gilbert Community College, I have been able to be accepted into the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University, where I will be attending in fall of 2020. During my time at Chandler-Gilbert Community College, I have become a more well-rounded student and person, overall. I believe that Chandler-Gilbert is a great institution to confide in and attend when wanting to achieve higher education and making your dreams come true.
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Chandler Gilbert Community College has such a clean campus and has an amazing faculty. I find it to be very diverse and I can easily learn there with no issues. I find the students to also be very nice and helpful all around campus. I really do enjoy this campus and the school as a whole. The food selection is also amazing which is great.
Chandler-Gilbert is a great school. The staff is helpful, there's a wide variety of courses to take, and they've planned their Associates degrees to accommodate for those who are planning to transfer to ASU to finish up a four-year degree.
I have just started here, but so far everything seems good. Class selection, instructors, flexibility, and resources are a big plus for me here.
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