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Champlain is an amazing community. The school is pretty small so it's easy to get to know the people in your year. The classes are about as big as a high school class and it's really cool to get to know people in your classes. I think it's amazing that we get to start learning our major from the beginning of your first year. The school is extremely inclusive and diverse.
Champlain is definitely a school for certain crowds. If you're okay with that, you'll love the school. Major related classes are great, clubs are amazing because we get loads of funding, housing gets better the higher you are in years, and the city itself is wonderful. You don't feel trapped on campus and the people are extremely friendly all around.

Campus food is the only huge downside. You are required to have a meal plan if you live on campus (all freshmen and most lower class years), and it is expensive for what you get. The quality is poor in the main dining hall (required), so you are somewhat "forced" to venture out into the two other dining options (breakfast/ lunch only place or a very unhealthy place open until 11pm every night) or even get your own from supermarkets. If food was fixed, Champlain would be close to perfect.
No athletics and I didn't realize how much I missed sports until I attended this school. Most of the freshman housing is run don. Do not try to live in Sanders or North House. You will have to add 10 min walk to your schedule every time you need to get back to the dorm. Sophomore housing isn't bad but good luck getting it. Upperclassmen housing isn't even near campus, it's in the next town over. CPS cares too much about how much alc or drugs you have. The buildings are pretty, it's more like a neighborhood campus then a college campus. Also the hills are going to kill your legs. Burlington is beautiful, there's a clear view of the mountains in NY. There's a lot to do in the city, there's more to do in Burlington then there is to do on campus. The food gets old fast. Student life is very one sided, there's never really something for everyone. There's only video game clubs or drama clubs. Champlain is a great school for academics but other than that I'm considering transferring.
While choosing the right college for me to apply to, I decided to visit Champlain College to see if I could potentially apply. As a Vermont resident, Champlain College was one of my top choices because it is only a few minutes from my residency. During my research, I noticed that teachers care about students academics and are willing to take the time to give the student the necessary assistance.
I love the opportunity to take online classes. The classes are hard but the work is doable. The instructors are all positive and helpful.
I love Champlain. It is fun school with a great community. It is a business school, whether you're a business major or not you may feel like one at times.
The upside-down curriculum really gets you going during the first year. It helps you learn if your major is really right for you, and its easy to switch. The smaller sized campus helps you to feel at home - I never find myself in a room with no one I know. If there was anything I could change, it would be the fact the the campus is situated on an incline so that I have to daily walk uphill to my dorm.
I love all of my classes and professors.
Alot of businesses look for students from Champlain
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  • 7 months ago
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It depends where you live. Some of the freshman dorms have been renovated and are nice, while others haven't.
  • College Sophomore
  • 7 months ago
  • Housing
We don't have greek life. If students want to attend parties they go to UVM which is just up the hill. They have greek life.
Champlain doesn't have any sports. We only have intramurals which are quite popular. We have a nice sized gym and fitness studio.
I have only been at Champlain for two semesters but I already feel like I am knowledgeable in my field of study. I have learned so much and feel incredibly confident in my abilities to go out into the real world and excel.
I find the TruEd Program to be great!
CPS, our campus security services are always around and have access to psychiatric professionals 24/7 if necessary.
Compared to the other colleges around our rooms are incredibly spacious with lots of floor space. The one issue is that because the freshman dorms are refurbished mansions some rooms are strangely shaped or are without windows.
  • College Sophomore
  • 8 months ago
  • Housing
Champlain College was very few sporty people so the quality of the sports teams are sub-par...but their are intramural sports every week night!
Champlain college is a great school for those who are dedicated to their academic success. The quality of the dorm rooms your first year is a gamble but aside from that its great. If you are a cyber-security of digital forensic major I highly suggest taking a class with Ginter, he is the best professor ever.
Champlain College has an incredible curriculum which allows for students to dive right into their field work their first semester. I haven't seen any other school that gives their students that ability.
online learner. Not on campus that often
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