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My experience with Champlain College has been most rewarding. The academics are challenging yet fun and apply to your specific major or interests. I would like to see the COR (general eds) be less of a role in the education as they are quite repetitive and surprisingly incredibly hard at times as well as more work than major classes most of the time. But overall I love the school and the community it's in.
I love the scenery of the surrounding area, and that it's so close to downtown Burlington. The only thing I would like to see change is more sports teams that can compete at the collegiate level - not just club teams.
Professors are very committed to your success and improvement. For media-related majors, Champlain is very good at finding industry professionals to pass on knowledge. Food is atrocious, though.
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The atmosphere of Champlain College is so friendly, innovative, unique, and creative. I drove 12 hours and it was worth every second this is my dream college now I simply can't wait to start!
I've made a home for myself at Champlain. As a senior, I've spent my years meeting incredibly dedicated and passionate students and faculty, getting involved in various student leadership opportunities (there are so many ways to get involved!) and building my professional portfolio. Champlain's upside-down curriculum let me get right into my major my very first semester so I could determine whether or not I wanted to continue my career path. We've built ourselves a welcoming community on our tight-knit campus and with our small class sizes, every student has the opportunity to make a connection with each of their professors. I've loved going to Champlain and I'm a little sad that by the end of the spring semester, my time here will be over.
I'm very glad I made the choice to come to Champlain. When I was looking at some other schools across the country, I never felt any sense of community at any of those other schools. They were seemed so tightly wound that looking at Champlain was a breath of fresh air. I had someone once say to me that at Champlain, it's just the right size and friendly area that walking to class, you will see one person you know and can wave at, and one person who you've never met. Champlain is a prime example of a tight-knit community
Champlain College is a MUST to visit. The academics are amazing. My classes are small and have under 25 people in them. Because of that, my professors know my name and I have strong relationships with them. With the upside down curriculum, I have already taken nine classes that fit into my major as a second year. Student Life is constantly putting on events for all students to attend and they are always super fun. Living in Victorian mansions as a first-year really helped me build an awesome community in my hall, as well as on campus. The dining hall was just renovated and now offers more food options that are always delicious. Burlington is an amazing area with the amenities of a city and is very safe. Overall, I love Champlain College and it was a great choice to attend here.
As a senior at Champlain I've had four internships, spent a year abroad, held several leadership positions, and understand how to articulate all of these experiences into a professional resume and cover letter. Champlain makes it really easy for you to succeed as long as you put forth your best effort and professors and staff are always willing to help you out. If you want to attend a school that actually cares if you get a job after graduation, definitely give Champlain a visit!
Champlain College is amazing. Let's start off with academics. All the professors know their students on a first name basis and are genuinely dedicated to teaching, making sure the students comprehend the content in the course, and helping students further their education.My first semester in my new major made me realize I had made the right choice for my career goals. The courses were exactly what I was looking for and we even got to work with real clients in the Burlington area. This brings me to my second point, job placement and connections. I know the reason I decided to go to college was to broaden my opportunity for employment. There are so many opportunities to network, get internships, or gain experience that will help you when looking for jobs post-graduation. My final point is the campus. Visiting Campus is a MUST! Burlington is the perfect setting for Campus, especially in the fall when the leaves change and it looks like an L.L.Bean catalog.
As a Game Design major, Champlain was the only real choice for me. All the other colleges that offered any type of game major were super broad and I didn't feel like I would actually learn what it meant to be a game designer. Champlain splits game development into the four separate categories, and I actually feel like I'm specializing in something. The classes are amazing, and all my professors are from the industry, so I know that I'm actually learning things right. I've also been encouraged to travel abroad to Montreal for a semester and I am so excited for it! I'll be able to have an industry internship while I take my classes up there, and all my professors have connections on top of connections for the industry. The food is good as far as college food goes, the only real downside is how crowded it gets. If you don't like what they serve there is always another place to get food on campus (which includes an Auntie Anne's!) I honestly love being here at Champlain.
I came into Champlain College as an undeclared freshman and my advisor worked closely with me to craft a class schedule that allowed me to test every major that I was interested in (which were all of them). Every one of my professors were genuinely interested in me and my studies. I have had 6 internships - the majority of which were brought to me by professors who thought I would fit well. This school is a tight-knit community where you actually know your peers and you can share a coffee with your professors. My on-campus job turned out to be a passion of mine - which I in-turn transformed into my minor all with the support of Champlain faculty. Our diversity on campus is low and our dining hall gets really crowded at lunchtimes. But all in all I love this school!!
I had a great experience at Champlain-- I'm confident that I'll be finding a job soon after I graduate, and I've met really great people here. I love Burlington and I love the housing on campus. I wish there was a sports scene here, especially wish that we had a track. The classes are hard and the professors push you but if you have good time management, you'll be okay.
Major related classes are great, clubs are amazing because we get loads of funding, housing gets better the higher you are in years, and the city itself is wonderful.
Beautiful campus in a hidden gem of a town. Develop great relationships with your professors. The college gives a lot of real world opportunities, as well.
Though I do not attend Champlain, I did have the opportunity to tour there last week. From the start, I was put off as there was a large group of students (who ended up being our tour guides) talking loudly about how little effort teachers here put into their classes and how easy the workload is. I ignored these comments and entered their information session where I was almost immediately harassed by one of the admission counselors because I am from West Virginia. This was ironic, as much of the presentation was spent speaking highly about the diversity of their students. Several rude stereotypes were made about my family and I, which resulted in us leaving before the information session even ended. Needless to say, I will NOT be applying here, and I encourage anyone who is looking for a diverse, accepting college to look somewhere else.
Not a very diverse college. Very expensive. Limited majors offered. Only recommended if you are certain about what you want to do. There isn't much room to explore.
I love the opportunities that I have been given as a student at Champlain College. I have had first hand experience in the field since first semester of my freshman year and attribute my success in the Elementary Education field thus far to the combination of these field experiences and my coursework. I feel very safe on campus and the Burlington area. I would like more diversity in a student body but that often comes with a smaller school. Burlington is an amazing area, great for college students. I wish there were more sporting events at Champlain.
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Wonderful school - it's easy to get to know your professors and they are very engaged and involved with students. My only major complaint is around housing for students who do not live close. The dorms close for all breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks) so don't forget to add in the additional costs of flying back home if you don't live close. There are a few dorms that stay open but the school does NOT give priority to students who live far away. In my opinion if you are from the west coast you should get priority in these dorms - it's to far to fly home for Thanksgiving break! Also the dorm food is terrible! Champlain please do something about the awful dorm food!
Champlain is an amazing community. The school is pretty small so it's easy to get to know the people in your year. The classes are about as big as a high school class and it's really cool to get to know people in your classes. I think it's amazing that we get to start learning our major from the beginning of your first year. The school is extremely inclusive and diverse.
Champlain is definitely a school for certain crowds. If you're okay with that, you'll love the school. Major related classes are great, clubs are amazing because we get loads of funding, housing gets better the higher you are in years, and the city itself is wonderful. You don't feel trapped on campus and the people are extremely friendly all around.

Campus food is the only huge downside. You are required to have a meal plan if you live on campus (all freshmen and most lower class years), and it is expensive for what you get. The quality is poor in the main dining hall (required), so you are somewhat "forced" to venture out into the two other dining options (breakfast/ lunch only place or a very unhealthy place open until 11pm every night) or even get your own from supermarkets. If food was fixed, Champlain would be close to perfect.