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In some areas, Champlain Collge is amazing. For example, the major related classes are great and the way they prepare for the real world and industry you plan on going into is amazing. However, some aspects of the college need improvement. For example, the food, diversity, and core cirriculum.
All around I have loved my time at Champlain College. The campus sits in the beautiful Hill District of Burlington, VT. Champlain's unique approach to academics, places you in your major related courses on day one. The upside-down curriculum is great for those that know what they want to do, and helpful for those still deciding. Instead of declaring a major that you won't see until your final years, Champlain places you in classes to help you find the right fit. Not to mention the focus on community is another amazing aspect of the school. Your first year residence hall is a restored Victorian-Era mansion ranging from 14-60 students, when returning, you then move into a larger residence hall 50+. From Orientation to Graduation, the support of your peers, faculty & staff carries through.

Looking back on my decision to attend Champlain, I definitely would still choose Champlain.
Champlain is a great college that is very professionally focused. You start taking classes in your major from day 1.
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I kinda wish the staff was more politically diverse as all of them seem to be to the left, and while that can be a good thing it really hinders dialog at times when a teacher ends up shaming a student due to their political stance.
I am currently a first-year at Champlain and I love it so far! One of the reasons I love it is the upside-down curriculum. As a game major, I had a class in my first semester that I was already making games in. I also love the college because it is so easy to get involved. I knew that I wanted to be involved in Esports and the management team found a role for me that fit my interests. So far my experience has been great! I have made so many amazing friends and I am excited for the next few years.
My college experience has been everything I expected it to be. One of the biggest draws for Champlain is the area that it's in. Burlington, Vt, is a college town and it's great in the way that it has lots of resources and there's always something to do. Champlain's upside-down curriculum helped me figure out what I wanted to do early on and because of the small campus, it's easy to get involved, get to know people, and gain leadership roles and experience.
I have really enjoyed my time here at Champlain so far. They were great with financial aid for me, and the classes are exactly what I wanted to take and will help me a lot in my future. The food isn't the best, but there's usually at least something to eat. Lots of different clubs here on campus.
Champlain College is phenomenal. Everyone there is so kind and including of others. I was nervous to start at Champlain, but my fears went away after the first week of classes. There are so many fun things to do on Campus like free Movie, Trampoline or Bowling night. Also the Professors see you as a person rather than just a number. They are invested in your success not only as a student, but as a person. I love Champlain and its a beautiful blue jewel tucked away in Burlington City , Vermont.
Champlain College is a small campus with an excellent upside down curriculum and rad core class options. It could always be improved, but they listen to student input and are always striving for better.
I started here as a Computer Networking and Cybersecurity student and absolutely hated it, but because of the upside down curriculum, I was able to find that out during my first semester while taking major related classes. I was able to easily change my major after my first semester and now I am a Computer Science and Innovation major. I really like all of my professors and they do a great job of facilitating a good learning environment. However, I think Champlain has a LOT that they could do to improve the mental health awareness and environment on campus. The counseling center is in desperate need of an overhaul.
I have made many friends at Champlain College, have used the school's resources, and have taken advantage of its location in Burlington, Vermont. The school is really great at pointing students in the direction of obtaining a career after their 4 years at the college. Every year, there are career building requirements, career coaches you give aid in LinkedIn profiles and resumes, and internship opportunities. I feel on track to a successful career. Champlain also does a really good job at giving its students free ways to enjoy activities off campus, and the Student Activities board organizes things on campus for the students to enjoy. On the other hand, the food situation at Champlain is not the best, but has gotten better since I have started school here. There are also no "real" sports teams at the college except the rugby team.. so if you are looking for a pep rally type of place, this probably is not it. We do have club and intramural sports though!
I chose Champlain because they were one of the only schools with my major, and stayed because experience has been amazing.

Finding a school that had a quality Game Art major was a challenge, but once I found Champlain it immediately felt like a perfect fit. The classes I've been taking have been challenging but really fulfilling. The amount of work you have depends on your major and Game Art is certainly a lot of work, but it's super worth it though because you end up learning a ton. My professors are really knowledgeable and are always open to students going to their office hours or emailing them to get extra feedback on assignments.

Overall my experience at Champlain has been really positive. I can't say it's for everyone but it was definitely a good pick for me.
Champlain starts you in the classes in your major your very first semester. For someone like me that knew what I wanted to do, it was amazing to get started right away. My friends who were less sure got to try out major related classes right away, and it helped them figure out what they wanted to do. Professors are amazing, knowledgeable, and personable. They will always make time for you.
Champlain College is an excellent school. The campus is small, but a tight knit community that wants you to succeed academically, mentally, socially and professionally. Professors know you by name, and are always willing to help you out. Honestly a great school that treats you like a person, not a number.
Champlain College is a great school if you find your Niche. While some professors are undoubtedly better than others, many of them care about your success. This is a very nice looking school with awesome academics. Champlain College has what they call an upside-down curriculum in which you are immersed in your major from the very first day. They also have many volunteering options in addition to their great curriculum.
Very great diversity and highly intelligent professors. The students here are kind and open minded. You can get into debates with any student and they will not get mad at you for having your own opinion. The classes are very fun and most teachers do not believe in testing which is really nice.
Would highly recommend Champlain College. I am a 100% online student so I am not speak on behalf of those that are on campus. Online instructors are very helpful. Tuition is very affordable if you are part of their TruED program. I am currently a senior and will be attaining a Masters in 2019 from Champlain as well.
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great school, small classes. The professors are great easy to get to know. student life is as good as you make it. Not much for sports but UVM is next door
Dorms are really cool freshman year and beyond if you like dorms. I am in an apartment now. Thats more my style, but each their own
The student health center is pretty awful. they don't seem like they know how to help someone who doesn't have a visible injury. The people there seem like they need to learn how to treat others and actually interact with people? of course it matters your experience, but through my own I give a warning of ignorance by a few teachers and students.
If you are thinking about coming to Champlain, you must understand what it is and what it is not. It was originally a business school. That coupled with the fact that it is a very small school overall makes for very small populations within majors. Most students are in some major related to gaming or information technology. So, if that is not your crowd, you may feel a bit out of place. All this aside, I have had some amazing COR teachers and Burlington is a wonderful place to be.