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I am giving Champlain a generous four star rating. Almost all the professor I had embraced their roles as educators and mentors. The non-student workers around campus were always helpful and kind. Overall I have enjoyed my college experience so far with only a few hiccups. There are issues with any university, unfortunately the higher leadership at Champlain has struggled these last few years. I am hopeful for the college to become more steadfast.
Due to Covid-19 all my courses moved virtual in the spring and remained virtual. My professors were very attentive in returning emails and scheduling one on one Zoom calls for extra help. Since were are a smaller college I think it was an easier adjustment. I did have a few technical issues or wifi disconnections. Overall it was a beneficial experience.
I have not taken an online course at Champlain, but Champlain College Online's programs are incredibly unique. Classes are small and students receive a tremendous amount of support.
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Situated on a hill overlooking Burlington, Lake Champlain, and the Adirondack Mountains, Champlain College has one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. You'll find jaw-dropping views from most of its dorms and academic buildings. Its welcoming community and innovative approach to academics are what makes it truly unique. Skiers, designers, techies, change-the-world types, entrepreneurs, creatives, and gamers all work collaboratively and support each other through a thriving student life scene. Most students take on multiple internships and many also study and intern abroad. The Upside-Down Curriculum allows students to start taking courses in their major in their first semester so they can take on more serious internships earlier in their studies.
Professors very accommodating of student needs and are aware of boundaries that may prevent participation during remote learning.
Great Professional Writing program. Very flexible curriculum to meet your desires. Lots of activities to participate in and the community is generally very friendly and welcoming. Though there still needs to be improvement in the areas of diversity and inclusivity, Champlain is a school I would recommend to all that prefer a small-school setting.
Champlain's online learning experience during the COVID-19 Pandemic was smooth sailing for the most part and engaging. Teachers really understood students limitations and all of mine were more then willing to work with students around these limitations while still meeting the learning goals of the class.
Champlain College provides a holistic education by not only having students take courses in there major and minor but also having students participate in financial literacy and career building sessions/seminars. In addition, Champlain's CORE curriculum is engaging and allows students to take a real inter-disciplinary approach to important topics affecting both the western civilization and the global community.
It's just getting much better! it had a rough start (which was to be expected with such a fast transition) but now with professors being provided top-grade cameras and microphones, communication and ease of access to your professors during your online classes I relatively easy and painless. It's good, it's getting better.
Champlain College is so spectacular! The campus is great (warm, inviting, modern) and it is just close enough to downtown Burlington that you can walk there in 5 minutes but still feel like your comfortably out of the town when on campus or in your dorm. The Victorian mansion's modern dorms are great, and allow you to just relax and feel like you are living together in a house with your friends. My experience with my teachers has been that they're friendly and lenient and also act very professionally. There is so many classes to choose from, and because the curriculum is so customizable you can take major and minor classes right off the bat. I had many other collages I wanted to go to, but I underestimated Champlain. I am super pleased to go to school here.
The ability to access courses and material anytime, anywhere has allowed my student to continue his learning when and where it works for him. Sometimes that's at a scheduled time, sometimes it's at 2:00 in the a.m. after getting off Discord.
As a parent, it's been amazing to see my son find his people, courses and faculty that challenge and inspire him and opportunities for him to grow and evolve, explore new interests and find his voice. Being in Burlington, Vermont is just the icing on the cake! I could not ask for anything more from a college town.
I only took one online class in conjunction with an internship. It wasn’t really a full online class, as there wasn’t an online learning component. It was just for reflecting on the internship.
I loved my program and professors. I was a Graphic Design & Digital Media major (which is now called Visual Communication Design) and I can’t speak highly enough of the major and the professors I learned from, especially Suzanne Glover and Jonathan Mikulak. They really were invested in helping me to succeed.
I didn't do online classes except for the stuff because of COVID, it was pretty good. It could have been better, but I saw other schools that were much worse.
Very open and accepting. Never met so many students who were so nice and inclusive of so many different groups. I've never met a group of more nice and accepting.
I'm really enjoying my time at Champlain so far. The university has given me the opportunity to study abroad on three separate occasions. As an international business major, these experiences have made a world of difference. My classes are small and I've gotten to know the students and professors in my major quite well. I'm headed into my senior year and I'm feeling prepared to get a job. Champlain does not have the same "college bubble" as a lot of universities. I feel ready for the real world because I'm living off-campus with an internship. I lived on campus for my first two years to get acclimated and make friends. Campus life can be quiet at times as a small school, but I've found my way by getting involved with on-campus jobs and spending time at the student activity center. Burlington has been great and is close to the ski mountain and hiking trails. It's a lively college town with a fun nightlife scene.
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At this time, I have not taken classes online at Champlain. I was studying abroad in New Zealand during the spring semester that COVID-19 affected when classes went online. I'm giving the online learning experience at Champlain five stars because it is a required field. From what I've heard, the online experience at Champlain is satisfactory.
I am a staff member, so do not have a direct experience with the online learning experience at Champlain College. However, the students I work with remained motivated and driven to succeed during their online learning experience.
Champlain College is a welcoming environment with a career-driven academic approach. The Champlain community is truly one-of-a-kind! It's a fantastic place to work—it's staff and faculty are positive, driven, and community-minded.