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So far classes have been great. At the beginning of the semester, classes were held online and I did not enjoy that as much. I felt as though I wasn't really retaining any of the information I was being taught. The professors understood that and did everything they could to help each and every single one of us does our best.
Chaminade is a great school to which the faculty and staff are dedicated to your learning skills. The class sizes are small which make it easier for teachers to help the students one on one. Every teacher makes sure that every single student understands the material. Everyone is always checking up on each other and just making sure everyone is okay.
All of my professors have been extremely kind as we adapt to online learning. It's much less stressful of an experience than that of other schools according to my friends.
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All of the staff are extremely friendly and helpful. It's a moderately small school but you'll find activities all around if you pay attention to bulletin boards and the like. Talk to your advisors early on though so you don't get confused later in your degree plan.
I loved everything about this school. I was a transfer student but I wished that I had started off here in the first place. Everyone is so welcoming.
I do not prefer taking classes online but the professors I had have proved me otherwise. They were very accommodating. Some classes were challenging but not too difficult.
Chaminade university of Honolulu is a small college with teachers and students that actually care about your well being.
Online classes at Chaminade are amazing with flexible teachers that allow to work around your schedule.
I like that Chaminade has a choice between the quarter system and semester system when going to school online. It allows students to work at their own pace. The professor were super helpful and it made my online experience awesome.
I like that Chaminade has a choice between the quarter system and semester system when going to school online. It allows students to work at their own pace. The professor were super helpful and it made my online experience awesome.
I didn't take any online classes but due to the pandemic, we were all transitioned to distance learning classes. I'd say my professors adapted very well and were very understanding of any mishaps that happened along the way. Overall I'd say my online class experience was pretty good.
I love the sense of family spirit at this school. Being that it is such a small school, it easy to get to know everyone very well and you'll always have someone to say hello to while walking through campus. The small class sizes help me to be able to get to know my professors better and get the help that I really need in order to succeed. My only wish for this school is to see the price go down as it is very expensive.
I honestly think that Chaminade has the potential to be a great nursing program, but the current Dean of Nursing needs to go. She is extremely unprofessional, and truly does not care about the well-being of the students AND faculty.The faulty and professors on the other hand are great, and actually make me feel like they are truly interested in my well being and my success as a nursing student and future nurse.
Throughout my experience at Chaminade University, I have enjoyed the small classes. This allows, the student to have one-on-one attention with professors about important projects or new class topics. In additions, the professors are fair and organized throughout the entire course to ensure the best educational needs. What s most important, is how knowledgeable each professor is in their department. I have learned way more then any other education throughout my college careers.
The only thing I would change abut Chaminade is the portal to register for classes. It is outdated and somewhat confusing
It's a great school. I wish the tuition fee and other school related fees are lower especially for nursing students. Also, there aren't much scholarships offered by financial aid office to transfer students who aren't Hawaiian residents. Housing is ok. Wish they put AC since it gets really really humid inside the building. Since the school is on top/side of the mountain, you're basically hiking your way up/down to your classes. The meal plan is A-ok. There are some days when it's good and some are junk. Professors really make their way to help you out. They are really nice and approachable. The classroom itself is like high school size with not so much students so you can have one on one discussion with your prof.
Overall, Chaminade has helped me improve in my learning experience in Early Childhood Education. All my teachers I have had has always helped me at whatever time to better understand what I am learning.
Chaminade has a variety of scholarships they offer students which can be really helpful. There's academic, religious, athletic, and many more scholarship opportunities that the school offers. I love that it's a small school so the students can have better relationships with professors, unlike big public universities where you can often get lost in the crowd. It's easier to get help or clarification when the professor knows you by name and has less students to think about. The small campus allows you to meet lots of new people and it helps when trying to make friends. I have been at Chaminade for two years now and I love it. The education is great quality, the professors are very helpful and make themselves available as much as possible to help students, and the environment is really friendly. I definitely recommend incoming college students to apply at Chaminade because you'll learn so much from great professors while making life long friends.
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Great environment, the library is a great place to be. Parking is usually available! I haven't had any issues getting my courses with my academic advisers - they are always so helpful. The class selection is great, and most of the professors are always around to help - as well as getting along with you on an interpersonal level.
My experience at Chaminade is somewhat a blessing. 2019 was my first year and I have met many of my friends and other family there. The classes population are low so its easy to interact with the professors and grab their attention. The campus is beautiful and is safe.
There are a few colleges in Hawaii, and this is the best one by far. The diversity, professors, and all around atmosphere make it second to none.
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