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I love Chaminade! The teachers are amazing and always willing to work with the students. I love that the classrooms are kept small. I wish the tuition was more affordable.
Chaminade University is a great college with a large diversity of student bodies and professors. The campus is a very safe place to be with a variety of resources being offered to the students at Chaminade.
I love my school. There's many activities available for the students, and the people there are simply wonderful. The staff is great, and i enjoy meeting students from all over the world.
Review Chaminade University of Honolulu
Chaminade is an amazing school. It's pretty small but because of that you get to meet a lot of people and you even get to know your professors really well. Only thing I don't like at chaminade is our tuition, coming from a family of six and having no money to spare for school makes it hard to pay for school even with scholarships. I would change it and make it more affordable for students who live on the island maybe have a instate tuition where it's free if you lived on the island for longer than five years. Over all chaminade is an amazing school and I had a great first year and I met a lot of people from around the states.
Chaminade University has definitely been my stability during a trying time. I'm active duty Army so a lot of times I get called on random missions and I need to leave Hawaii at a moments notice. Chaminade has been there to adhere my concerns and have worked with me every time and have afforded me the ability to make up the work.
Professors know your name in a week due to small class size (average of 20 students per class. Very diverse students from all over the country and the faculty is really friendly and nice. The drop back is there are not many professors for one subject to pick from so sometimes you are stuck with one professor throughout the remaining of your college year.
Going to Chaminade University has been amazing so far. The diversity of students that attend this university makes the experience much more better. You get to know different ethnicities, other people's story(s), and how they got to where they are now. The thing about Chaminade that is amazing, is that you get that one-on-one opportunity with the professor; when you are struggling with a context, you can ask for help without disrupting the entire lecture. The Campus is such an amazing scenery, beside going up the hill, the campus captures such an landscape environment which displays not only nature, but also the urban parts of Honolulu. The area around Chaminade is perfect, it the right size; you have Subway, L&L, McDonalds, Taste Tea, Teaspresso, and many more places to go an eat. Also, you can catch a bus that goes to the famous hiking trail in Honolulu, Diamond Head. Since Chaminade is such a diverse school, the food that they serve must be diverse as well.
Well i did not start yet but I do work with a few chaminade graduates they are well educated and passionate to their patients. This is the kind of nurse I want to be!
I love the small school environment and how we are able to form connections with almost everyone on campus.
The class sizes are small, so it makes communicating with the professors a little easier. The campus has a beautiful view. Dorms are decent, could use a little upgrading. The campus is on a hill so its a workout going from the classrooms to the dorms.
Chaminade University provides a warm and friendly environment with professors and staff who are supportive of and responsive to their students. In terms of academics, my experience has been positive with good professors and curricula that educates and prepares students for their future careers.
Chaminade is a very reserved Univesity. The classes and professors are great. Some changes would be nice, such as more student involvement and activities on campus.
Amazing community and faculty. It's a calm campus that can be relaxing. The only downside is the limited courses students can choose from.
Because I haven't started classes yet, I can't give an accurate, honest perspective on the professors. However, my counselor is very helpful in aiding my online college journey. He responds to my emails in a timely manner, and answers my questions thoroughly and comprehensively.
We have good options for student jobs on campus
I love the school I chose. Everything is great
I feel pretty safe at night especially
Review Chaminade University of Honolulu
I enjoy living on campus. Good community
I am not very involved in sports
It's small class sizes and helpful professors help
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