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I loved my time at CUH. All of my classes were challenging and thought-provoking. My academic advisors were always really responsive and helped me as much as they were able to. My high school experience was in a large, public school environment. Chaminade is much smaller, but I definitely appreciated the one-to-one. Chaminade is extremely close to UH Manoa, so it never felt like we were missing out on the whole "college experience". I appreciated having the "option" to do that.
I recently visited Chaminade I really enjoyed my time their. Everyone was very helpful and nice. Its a beautiful place and the education is great. I wasn't crazy about it being in a city and its very far away from home but other than that I loved it.
The professors in my major are extremely knowledgeable of their particular topics. I really like how the class sizes makes for an intimate class, allowing students to create a relationship amongst each other and with the professor. The campus is very diverse and so welcoming. Although the campus is small, I enjoy the friendly atmosphere because even though people don't necessarily know each other closely, they still smile and say hi.
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This school is a home away from home. I came to Chaminade as a transfer student and because of that I understand just how lucky I am to be attending. The campus is hands down the most beautiful campus in the country. I can see the city and ocean from my dorm room, I'm less than 10 minutes from Waikiki beach, and the faculty and staff are kind, passionate, and genuinely want you to thrive.
The BSN program really helps you prepare for the diverse workforce in the nursing field to better prepare you for real life experiences. Classes are small so you get more one on one time with your professors which also help you to better grasp the concepts and skills need to become an excellent nurse!
Love being a student at Chaminade University! I'll be a sophomore this coming 2018 Fall semester so I am very excited to go back. Every single staff and/or worker that I have encountered were all friendly and very approachable. I feel so welcome on campus. The professors all seems like they know what they're doing and I can easily approach them when I want to, which is great. There are also amazing events on campus that all the students can enjoy!
Chaminade University of Honolulu is a safe, nurturing environment and the staff members are great. You will be surrounded by students who are also very helpful. I love that it is a small campus and the classes are easy to find. I also love the size of our classes, which allows for student and teacher interactions. Chaminade is a great institution that provides a lot of support for its students. I am in the science program, and it is very exceptional. They provide a lot of opportunities and are very encouraging with your goals and ambitions. However, I do wish it would be more affordable.
I enjoy the relatively small class sizes. However, it is difficult to register for classes every semester due to limited space and an overwhelming amount of students who have overlapping required courses.
Chaminade University of Honolulu is very involved in their student's lives. The small class sizes make it easy to get 1 on 1 learning with the professors. The only think that could change is the strict rules that the University promotes.
I received my Bachelor's Degree from Chaminade University in 2018. The teachers and staff always were helpful and easy to work with. I recommend this school.
The school is awesome and the professors work well with educating their students. The staff is very informative and are their for everyone at Chaminade. All the classes are well kept up and the school is very clean. They provide everything you need to make sure you are educated in whatever field you choose.
They believe in their students and go above and beyond to make sure they have everything they need and get the best education possible. They also offer buses for transportation to be able to go anywhere on the island at one cost and they offer scholarships to all their students.
My experience so far has been very well. I've come across some very nice people and very knowledgable professors. However, I must admit it has been a journey transferring to this school. I highly do not recommend transferring to Chaminade if you are planning on graduating in exactly four years simply because not all of your credits are transferrable. But it is a very good school to attend from the beginning. Great academics, always have activities.
Chaminade University of Honolulu has small class, so you can get your questions answered. All faculty and staff is easily accessible, no waiting for an appointment to talk to a professor! Professors all come from unique backgrounds, and the students are there because they want to learn which makes any group projects actually fun.
I have just transferred to Chaminade from University of Hawaii at West Oahu and I love it! The teachers are very helpful, I have more class availability, and my program is almost all online! If I could change anything about the school it would probably just to have it be more affordable, it is the only thing rough about my school.
The college can be disorganized at times. The instructors have been hit or miss as far as class organization and quality of curriculum. The price to attend is high but they offer a great accelerated online program.
I'm in the graduate MSCP program at Chaminade and there is both lot's to like and lot's to be frustrated with at this university (would is the usual I think). First, the professors are either awesome or terrible with not much in between. Either the effort is there and they are passionate about what they are teaching or they basically show you videos all class and use textbook generated slides instead of taking the time to build their own. However all of the professors do have lived experience in the profession so that is extremely valuable in and of itself. This program is based around lived experience of the profession and not research.
I love that it is a small campus, beautiful and clean. The student to teacher ratio is low and the teachers are actual practitioners and very good instructors! The support from faculty and administration is awesome!
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Chaminade University is a close knit community with diverse groups of people. The small college environment is helpful when communicating with staff and teachers. The campus is very small with not too much room to roam around, but it is beautiful.
The teachers are understanding and most make time to talk if you cannot visit during their office hours. The classes are on the smaller side so the teachers and students get to know each other better
I love the diverse and positive energy on campus! Professors are really helpful and our campus is sorrounded by good places to eat!
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