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Chamberlain College of Nursing - Texas Reviews

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I enjoy the teachers and students at Chamberlain. They are extremely helpful and understanding. They walk you through FAFSA, grants, and scholarships.
Good School. Only needs to work on phone communication. Hard to contact employees by phone. Only able to leave voicemail.
Chamberlain is overall a great school to quickly get a degree and get out. The communication here is aweful and registering is a nightmare. They flip flop ideas around all the time and they are always changing things. The teachers themselves are wonderful though and I feel as if they are doing a great job in preparing us so far. I wish they would make it easier to resolve issues though.
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What I like about Chamberlain so far is the interaction that the professors give with the students in the class room. I also really like the diversity in students that attend the school.
I like Chamberlain College of Nursing - Houston because the campus is close to home. Most of their classes do not start until 9 am which work well for me since I have to drop my daughter off at her school in the morning. They do not have classes on Friday, so if I ever need to get a part-time job I can take advantage of the free weekend. What I do not like about this school is their tuition fee which is unbelievable expensive. Every now and then we would happen to have a terrible professor who is even more confused than we are. Some of our exams are written by our professors and they can be even more tricky than national exams, which is what I do not like. I hate the essay questions on non-nursing course exams. Those questions usually require a little bit of research, however we are not allowed to use any reference resource including our own notes.
Financial aid is the GREATEST headache of all - particularly in regards to the GI Bill. It is always submitted to the VA late due to a "coding error" or.. I don't know what the hold up was this time but I just received payment on September 19th. (The session started Aug 28th)
The online courses are very informative. Some of the main courses (sciences etc) are proctored now. Typically, the professors are readily available to help in any way at all
Class sizes are pretty small on campus. It seems that I've only had one professor that had previously taught the subject he was teaching here. They changed requirements for graduation in May, after i had already been accepted. That is a little irritating. I now am required to take a class that I previously dropped due to an alternative class being available.
Nursing programs have yet to start but I hear a lot of great things about clinicals in the area.
The cost is probably the greatest drawback of this college. Some of the professors have expressed that they were uncertain as to why they teaching a particular class when they have a college degree in another field. Power Points are available and the study groups are helpful. Staff is friendly and helpful. LOTS of issues with receiving timely GI BILL reimbursement payments though - by lots, I mean, every month with the exception of one so far out of the 9 months in. This poses to be a significant hinderance to those who depend on that money.
Because Chamberlain is a nursing school you have all of the resources you need at the school to help you out with your work. Everyone here at Chamberlain are all working towards the same goal which is receiving a nursing degree so you have a group of people to also help you with this journey. However because the courses are 8 weeks the work load is a lot but it is not impossible.
Chamberlain is a school that actually cares about your success. Anything that you need help with throughout your journey at Chamberlain they are willing to help you and find what you need so that you can excel at this school. Professors are always willing to talk to you about your exams and questions you may have in class. Overall I think Chamberlain is a great school!
My experience is great and the class sizes are ok. Overall I will recommend this school to anyone interested in nursing.
It's been great so far and I hope it remains this way.
online courses are great if you have a full time job. All the resources you need is pretty much online and the instructors are ready to help.
From what I have seen, it is expensive. I don't think I would want to complete my master's there. The quality of education you get is high standard.
The student service on campus is great, they make sure you get all the info you want.
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The academic curriculum is great. The clinical aspect is exceptional.
My school is very challenging and at the same time great. The 8 weeks classes are manageable and the instructors are great, they make sure you understand each lecture. The tuition is expensive, but at the end it's worth it.
I never have trouble getting the class and time I want to best fit my schedule. I can go to work and still have free days to do all my studies. All of my credits I received from my previous university were transferred with no problem at all.
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