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It has been very flexible with transferring my credits. They transferred almost all of them and I really only have the nursing classes left to take.
The only problem I had with one of my courses was that, I had a hard time understanding what the teacher wanted. I feel like I would fix what she would tell me to fix and then she would still find something wrong with it. Her instructions were also poor in quality but over all the class was organized well.
My job prospects are amazing. I have no doubt about getting a job after graduation. They is so much help at this campus to make sure you succeed.
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The class sizes are small and very hands on with the professor. They seem to care a whole lot about if you succeed or not in the program. The one thing that made my mind up about this school when I was looking was that the advisor who gave me a tour of the campus knew every students name. This to me shows that they care and keep in touch with the student body.
My first class we had current nurses that came in to hand out their cards for us to use once we graduated. They always have career days to get your resume out there as well as to put you into contact with what ever avenue you decide in nursing.
It is extremely hard and takes up a lot of my time. My time consumes of work and school, that is about all I can manage right now. The work load is heavy but the facility is always there to help you.
Very hands on and caring school to attend. They genuinely want you to succeed in becoming a nurse.
This school graduates nurses that have real world skills and can get a job right away.
The staff is very friendly, helpful and encouraging. The school has a lot of helpful resources such as tutoring, a library, study rooms, and more.
The academics at Chamberlain College of Nursing are supurb and the professors have many years of experience in nursing not just academics. The school teaches you the academics but also give you the real-life stuff.
Chamberlain College of Nursing only has nursing degrees. They are solely committed to the nursing field.
Chamberlain has lots of resources on campus to help students. They have a full medical library and a full computer lab. They also have alot of different areas to help study and they also have a resource center for tutors to help in all subjections. They also have all the correct technology to help send and receive everything you need to be successful in the nursing community.
The best resource is the Center for Academic Success, the tutoring center. The library staff is also very helpful and friendly.
My experience was great. The advisory staff assisted me with everything that I needed. They even chose my classes for the first semester.
The online classes are simply great!
Well, most of the students have financial aid, student loans, and private loans. Some have to work in addition to all the previous loans. It is very expensive. I feel that the school can make a bit more effort to offer more pell grants, since the school is the one who determines the amount of aid you receive.
My school is a Nursing purpose college which is great. I learn everything that I need in order to become a registered nurse.
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I love the small class sizes. The program is accelerated and it is tedious but not impossible. The professors are very experienced, engaging, and caring. It also offers tutoring! Something that most nursing schools do not have.
The school is okay. I like it so far. Tuition is very expensive, but I do get what I pay for.
Everything has worked out well so far.
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