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Chamberlain College of Nursing - Phoenix Reviews

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Chamberlain has been so good to me so far! Such caring staff and a comfortable place to start nursing school. I am looking forward to my time here on campus!
The really expect you to know all your stuff but there is a lot go self-learning and there could also be a lot of inconsistency between grading and the professors do not communicate with one another and teach the same information
Chamberlain's NCLEX passing rate is 91%. I love that they have hands on tutors as well. Chamberlain has a stare if the art lab as well. Everyone is helpful and responsive to your needs.
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I like the College it has many benefits. They have a CAS center which is a tool to students in need of additional help with studies. Overall the Professors and staff are great people.
The advisors are extremely helpful in getting students all ready for the semester. They even request all official transcripts from institutions that student has previously attended, therefore, the students is not required to pay the varying transcript request fees , which can potentially add up to a quite a bit of money. All the employees attempt each day to make life a little easier for their students.
I have had a great experience with Chamberlain College of Nursing. I have been able to find great resources and assistance from staff that are able to assist me and general skills to better my nursing profession.
I love everything about this campus! The student life, sim lab, professors and students are all wonderful. I would highly recommend this school to anyone. There are cheaper ways to go around buying textbooks. Never order them new directly through the campus always order them online through third party websites like Chegg. You can search for books by the ISB numbers located on the back of the books or on your class syllabus.
They really strive to make you the best, not just as a nurse, but the best you also. It's a family when you become a part of Chamberlain. It feels right the moment you are accepted. It feels like the next best thing. The teachers are empathetic. There is so much experience to be absorbed. No one wants to see you fail.
Chamberlain is a private nursing school! Awesome professors, small class sizes, and a small cohort (graduating class). I just transferred over to Chamberlain from California and love it!
Chamberlain College of Nursing in Phoenix, Arizona is the best nursing school you can go to. They have a great support team who care about you and your success. They will go above and beyond to help you and your future career as a nurse.
great college with great environment and positive feeling while studying here.
Recommended by my nurse auntie, Phoenix is no doubt has great reputation
I Love Chamberlain! Staff is amazing, I love the interactive education with sim labs, there are excellent student service advisors, and I have made made the best of friends. Its great to know that i will be done in three years and everyone is there to help you succeed!
I have enjoyed my chamberlain experience. It works around my schedule and is very easy to fit into my day.
I have not yet started at Chamberlain College of Nursing but I start next month. They have made the process to start so easy for me. Calling me to check up on my progress and not letting me forget any step along the way. Allowing me to come in to the office to help fill out paperwork. I am excited to start in May and any help I can get for the next 3 years is greatly needed and also appreciated. Thank you.
The first time i walked in i was welcomed with excitement. They made me feel like i was already part of the school. Gave me great advise on how to pursuit my RN career.
I did not have credits to transfer
I got a lot of assistance when I need ut
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Tge enrolment counselor was very helpful
Online classes and with the pictures available I believe their is a great mixture
It would be nice if it wasn't so expensive
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