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I am returning to school after military service and working in manufacturing. I decided I needed a career change and decided upon nursing. The administration are very communicative and helpful in various administrative needs. In my first few nursing courses, the overall impression is that the professors are greatly open to serving their students. The professors have methods that guide students through the vast information that will be presented in nursing school. After graduation and practicing as a nursing, I am considering becoming a nurse practitioner or academics. Whatever may happen, I feel the university will greatly prepare me for a career in nursing.
Chamberlain is a great school if you want an in depth knowledge nursing career. They make you work hard. Blood, sweat, and tears will definitely be shed, but it makes you an all around amazing nurse.
Chamberlain's college of nursing Jax campus is truly amazing. As a student who has been out of school for quite some time, all of the academic providers have made my experience very easy and understandable. For that I am forever grateful! Not only have I enrolled in my courses but I'm already half way through due to the 8 week courses that I also love. The campus has a great location and is right around the corner from my work and home. This offers convenience to go to school and work full time. I am so pleased with the professors on the campus because regardless if you are in a course of theirs or not, they still go above and beyond to help you get to where you need to be. Everyone truly endures that you become an extraordinary Nurse.
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I love the campus and the atmosphere. I miss the school and hope I can return soon to finish my next degree.
This is a great school that really cares about their students. We are a small campus but the teachers make a conscious effort to get to know each and every one of their students. This school also has the most advanced technology to help you become a successful nurse through their simcare labs.
Chamberlain, is a wonderful and very hospitable school. This is the only college I have ever attended, that truly cares for their students. They go above and beyond and become your second family.
The advisors really work with you and know you personally.
Online classes were awesome! Not like other online classes they really make you learn!
The science professors are amazing. They really get you engaged in the subjects!
The alumni network seems to be fairly large.
The workload and curriculum is fair for the school's pace.
Chamberlain is pretty awesome, so far. The environment is different from most traditional programs but the information they deliver in the amount of time allotted is definitely challenging.
I have had nothing but good experiences at this school so far. The class size is small and not overwhelming. It is nice to walk down the halls and everyone knows you by name. The material they provide us to get us prepared for the NCLEX is outstanding.
Classes are all day so you log in and out as you please and have a week to do assignments and discussions.
ITs all about time management and scheduling time in your schedule o get around and participating in group discussions and deadlines for papers and assignments.
They have a bridge program from BSN-MSN if you choose to continue,
It becomes a bit redundant like any online course but once you get the hang of it its easier to do.
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This school is widely accredited and is particularly known for their nursing curriculum so they have the syllabus very well planned out.
Its very structured and pretty much the same every semester. This makes it easy for those that have attended to assist and also to get use to once you conquer the method of their madness.
The simplicity of having all the assignments online definitely is beneficial to individuals that work full time and hav a a family or simply don't have the time to attend a class.
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