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Chamberlain College of Nursing - Indianapolis Reviews

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I enjoy the support for the online learning. They will guide you through the entire process and allow a person to grow into their chosen career.
The advisors and professors have been very supportive. I like having smaller classes where you can engage in the discussions.
I've really like Chamberlain's program thus far. Teachers are interested in student's needs and they lay out all resources available. There's nothing to change yet.
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I have recently applied and was accepted to this school. The entire experience was very easy and the staff was extremely painful. They were helpful throughout the application and financial aid process.
When I met with Kathy when I toured the school she sat down with me and I had an unofficial copy of my transcripts and we walked through the classes that we thought would transfer and everything that we talked about did transfer into the school. It was nice to know ahead of time what to expect so that there would be no surprises.
I love that they offer online classes for us. It makes it nice so that I can have a more flexible schedule, the only classes that we can not take online are our nursing courses and science courses but everything else can be taken on line and this helps free up my schedule.
Chamberlain College of Nursing has staff on site that will help with building resumes and even helping look for a job once we graduate. Many of the students that I have spoke with actually have not had to use this service because they were able to network through their clinical sites and have obtained jobs that way.
Everyone that I have come into contact with at Chamberlain has been very supportive and they truly care about the success of their students.
I like that the school is solely a nursing school, this allows them to fully focus on making sure that all of the students are prepared to take the NCLEX test once we graduate. I feel that the school does an amazing job in making sure that we have clinical options available to us as we go through each stage of the program.
Chamberlain College of Nursing solely focus on the nursing program so everything that we do is geared towards the nursing field.
I love attending Chamberlain College of Nursing Indianapolis campus. The classes are small compared to typical universities and this allows the professors to actually get to know their students. Each and every professor that I have had here has been very supportive and they truly care about each and every students success.
It is an accelerated program and seems scary at first but the professors make the process smooth. I have truly enjoyed my classes and professors.
The staff has been very caring and helpful throughout the entire process. The professos have been extremely accessible when help is needed. They care about every student and will assist you in success if you truly want it.
The convenience of online class is the reason I chose Chamberlain. I am a part time RN and a mom of three small kids. I was thrilled with the ease of the transfer of my credits from my prior college.
Chamberlain nursing program online is user friendly. The online class interactions with professor and peers is very different. This does need some getting used to. The registration process was simple and the advisors are very helpful. The professors are very accessible via cell phone and email, and always respond quickly. I enjoy the peer-peer interaction, its easy to access.
Based on my research and valued opinions from colleagues, Chamberlain has an outstanding reputation for their post-grad services. They have an extremely supportive career center. The alumni network can be easily contacted for assistance.
My experience with Chamberlain has been a good one. I have completed four online classes already and have six more to do to achieve my BSN. Some of the courses have been heavier than others, but I have learned a great deal from all. The class sizes have been appropriate.
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Chamberlain appears to have a very supportive alumni staff available for students. There are counselors always available to help. There is also a career center for assistance for students. Counselors are available via phone or email twenty four hours a day. It is very comforting to know you will always response quickly.
Chamberlain is very well known for it's outstanding nursing program. Many of my colleagues at work spoke highly of this program, which is the reason I enrolled. The classes required for BSN degree consist of eight week classes, which is great. The professors have all been very supportive when help is needed, responding promptly to emails. The workload is steady, but one does need to be online approximately 4 times a week. There is a facility close by to me if I would like to meet with a professor to review a specific matter. I look forward to completing my BSN to help further my career.
I would describe my experience at Chamberlain College of Nursing as a great learning experience so far. It has been 18 years since i have been in college so there was a lot for me to catch up with. My advisor was very supportive in helping me learn how to utilize the school web site. Once I mastered that I was able to open and enter the class at any time of day or night. This is the main reason I chose Chamberlain. Being a part time RN and mother of three, I do not have much spare time. I find my school to be very supportive via phone or email, with convient hours. I would definitely chose and recommend Chamberlain College of Nursing Online program.
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