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Before going to Chamberlain I was enrolled in a Public state university, and I felt like a statistic rather than a student, due to the large lecture halls with 300 plus students there at time. As a student I was unable to be successful in large classroom settings where the professor had no idea who I was. Chamberlain however, was the best thing that happened to me. The smaller class sizes enabled a better learning environment for me where i felt comfortable to ask questions, participate, socialize, etc... Chamberlain provides a great amount of resources that allows for being successful.
I like chamberlain because I can get my BSN. It is very fast paced, but you can get your degree sooner. The school is VERY expensive, but hopefully worth it ini the end!
The professors are amazing... everyone there truly cares about your success. Being in nursing school is tough, but they make it so much easier on the students. Just a great campus. So glad I chose Chamberlain!
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Chamberlain is a great school just a little bit expensive. Most of the teachers are great, helpful, caring and are nurses their selves. So they know what its like to be in your shoes.
This week I attended the Chamberlain University open house. I really loved the energy there my tour guide person was very nice and helpful also the people/students/administrators who were there in the rooms giving information.
At Chamberlain, they focus on your success at passing the NCLEX and being a successful nurse in the workforce. It's a small school, so the classes are smaller and more intimate. It's easier to get help, and they have a lot of resources.
I enjoy the learning atmosphere. The professors are very knowledgeable of the material and helpful with making sure that the students understand the material. Professors always available. Support staff makes sure each student has what’s required and informs each student of upcoming changes to different policies.
While I haven't started college courses here yet, I already feel as if I am valued as a student. The advisers are friendly and helpful in the application process and understand the struggles of home life and how to make going to college easier and less stressful as a single mother.
I am a nursing student at Chamberlain. The program is all year round and is three years long. I like that once you are accepted into the school you are automatically accepted into the nursing program, you don't have to re-apply later on like other schools or wait until junior and senior year to take nursing classes. All of the courses I've taken so far connect to nursing. I like that I am in classes with people who are also nursing students, so you feel like everyone is in the same boat as you. I like how they schedule classes for the most part, you are on campus no more than three days a week and I like that the more basic classes are online. I don't like that it is a year round program with very few breaks. I don't like that there isn't a lot of organizations or extracurricular activities to be apart of. I don't like that the grading system is different than other schools.
Chamberlain College has been a great experience thus far, the teachers are all great and I have met so many amazing people to share this experience with. All my teachers seem to have a really good understand of the materials and are very good at explaining hard to grasp concepts. I find that all the teachers have great energy and always can lighten up a room. I would definitely recommend this nursing school to other people. Although nursing school is very tough and stressful I think Chamberlain does a very good job at preparing there students before stepping into the real world. So far I don’t have any complaints with Chamberlain.
So far I do like Chamberlain University. Professors are very nice and everyone is very supportive. Everything is very organized and whatever you need help you anything they are there for you. I just started, but so far I can tell it’s a great fit for me and I do recommend it
Overll Chamberlain University in Addison is a wonderful school. Professors are quick and willing to help students
This college was easy to enroll in and the admissions representatives were awesome! Classes have been easy to complete online and cost is reasonable!
The staff is incredible! They are very helpful and caring about their students. The diversity is very good and it cool to see how many different students want to become a nurse like myself.
I've did some research on this college and lots of people really talk good things about it. My only problem was the distance and not enough funding to travel over there.
Amazing advisors that truly care and people who are very helpful throughout your journey. They are dedicated for making sure you are going to the right path in this school regardless if its academic or financial.
I just got accepted for the fall 2019 semester. I am super excited! The teachers are great and the SIM lab is very hands-on.
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Chamberlain has been more helpful than I can begin to express throughout the entire application and acceptance process. They are professional, timely, and truly dedicated to helping each individual.
Classes were ok-but the student services department is awful. No dedicated financial aid or student advisor department. Different answers every time you call
Coursework is challenging yet doable. The professors are highly interactive. Class size is small (25ish) even online. They go out of their way to assist you in the business and student affairs offices. Wish I had enrolled earlier.
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