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Chamberlain College of Nursing - Georgia Reviews

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I'm starting school in the summer and so they're customer service is awesome!! They really care about their students.
If you are capable of teaching yourself, then this is the place for you. It is very fast paced and a lot of busy work. Right now there is major construction going on in the building and around it, but that is not an excuse. Communication is VERY lacking. Tuition is high. A lot of resources are available - the quality of some of the resources might be lacking.
It has been an incredible journey and the best learning experience ever. Chamberlain is the college to be to get a BSN in nursing.
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Chamberlain is a for profit college, there usual downfalls of these colleges are present here. Teachers are great and overall I feel like I am being well prepared for the NCLEX
Great school so far! The professors are passionate and they care. They have come a long way, and are continuing to get better every year!

Nursing school is nursing school. Chamberlain is no different. If anyone thinks because it is a private school it is going to be easy, think twice. It is not for you. They emphasize critical thinking a lot and that is how it should be. If anyone wants to become a confident nurse, it is the school for you.
I love that we go to school basically all year round and the quarters are 8 weeks each. Soo when you are getting tired of a subject it is time to move on to the next.
I love Chamberlain. They have SOOO many resources to help their students succeed. The CAS is amazing and all of the tutors have positive attitudes when you walk through the door. They are constantly listening to the students and changing things up. For instance, We recently asked for more study space and then got it within a week. I would recommend this school to anyone pursuing a nursing degree!!!!
It’s a great school with awesome opportunity. This school has helped me tremendously with finding the perfect location for me
Great school to achieve my end goal, helping other through becoming a nurse. Excellent resources and tools need to complete the program.
I really like the size of this school. It's small so its very easy to meet someone taking the sme classes as you or someone who previously took it. For the most part, the professors are really great! Never have to worry about security because you will not be getting in without a badge. The food is mostly vending machine food, they try to keep soup and sandwiches available, but honestly, you're better off bringing something to eat because there are no restaurants in sight.
I love Chamberlain! They provide students with great professors who are full of knowledge and resources. Chamberlain also provides students with hands on experience whether in lab or clinical.
Great school location, helpful administration and professors. I’d like to see more scholarship opportunity for this school-and more parking!
I love chamberlain college of nursing in Atlanta, If you are interested in nursing and passing the NCLEX the first time then this college is for you. This institution is different then other schools as everyone is willing to help you at every step of the way to succeed. While most nursing colleges are extremely competitive this one creates a safe environment that focuses on your growth as a student to create better nurses.
Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. The professors are so eager to help you succeed. The campus is very clean and so easy to maneuver through. Everything you need for success is all in one building.
Not very organized, and the building is not in the best condition. There is not a cafeteria to eat, only snack machines.
My experience at Chamberlain College of Nursing has been great thus far. I completed an online request for a callback and received that call within 2 hours. I have now received my acceptance letter. Very kind and proficient admissions advisors.
The attention and resources that are provided to the students sets them up for success. The simulation lab is one of the best I have ever seen and is well coordinated.
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Chamberlain Atlanta does have really good resources and some of the teachers truly care about your success. However, some of the staff is very confrontational, rude, and disrespectful. A lot of them act as though they are better than you and treat you like a child. It's almost worse than high school. Ask too many questions? A teacher reported a classmate of mine for "constantly challenging her" and verbal abuse (even though she was never "verbally abusive"). The only truly good parts about this school are the tutor resources through CAS and the fact that theirs no waiting list to get in. They are constantly unorganized and the staff never communicate with each other so they never have a clue what's going on.
Great school. Accelerated program that wants students to do well. Great resources. Big sense of community.
I love the fact that all faculty and staff are interested in your wellbeing and want you to succeed and becoming a nurse. Most colleges are very difficult to get accepted into or have a waiting list, but at Chamberlain, you have a chance.
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