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Chamberlain admission staff were so helpful and hands on with the process of me transferring to their school. The faculty and staff are organized, efficient and extremely friendly! Chamberlain works with students by offering many online classes, which is perfect for my busy lifestyle. The professors/instructors are so nice and make students feel comfortable in an environment conducive for learning.
I love chamberlain. My professors are mostly all so awesome and smart. We have amazing resources always available to us as well.
Chamberlain is a small personal school. I love having small classes where the teacher actually get to know you. Most nursing schools are weed out schools and it's almost like they want to see you fail. At Chamberlain it's as if everyone is on your side. I feel like the teachers and faculty want to see me succeed and they do all they can to help me achieve that!
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Work load is much more with online courses and not as many resources.
Experiences with different instructors vary; some are better than others, but over-all teach well.
Opportunities are posted all over the building. Staff is great help.
Classes/lecture with some instructors are better than others. Workload can be a little heavy.
Instructors push students to succeed. Class sizes are just the right size. Enjoy most things at the school, but pricey.
For the most part everything has been very straight forward.
For being online they have expanded the technology immensely over the past few months, and you have options to view lectures as if you were taking the course on campus.
The professors try and teach from multiple learning styles to fit all students needs.
I have not had much experience with them yet, but there are many people to help you pursue your career and find jobs.
The instructors are truly there for you, sometimes you need to be a voice that speaks up for help if you are having trouble though.
Chamberlain offers a great education, and is a highly valued nursing school in Ohio.
So far this school has been very Convenient
I personally prefer a more personal learning than an online environment
Chamberlain makes it sure that you find a job after graduation.
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The professors are always there and ready to help you.
A degree from this school is very valued.
The curriculum is very well centered around shaping myself and other students into the nurses that are needed.
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