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When I first heard about the school I didn't want to go because of the price, after experiencing many of the things the school has to offer I realized that it was worth it to come to this college. The college is open Monday-Friday.
Online courses are helpful, you do not have to travel. Self starting & discipline is a must in order to be successful.
Career services helps with job placement & helps make the process smooth.
Review Chamberlain College of Nursing - Atlanta
The class sizes are smaller which helps with understanding the material & the program isn't as long s others.
Stressful & does require a lot of time & discipline but there are many tools & help in order to help you succeed along the way.
The admissions process was quick & painless. If you follow directions & stay on top of things you will succeed.
The program is not long
Transferring credits helped so much! I recommend taking classes at a community college and then transferring them in that way it can help save money in the long run
Online courses are great. They are offered for general studies which help especially if you don't live close.
Chamberlain helps set you up with a hospital and nurse for your preceptorship which can help you get hired there
The class sizes aren't large so it provides better learning. The classes are only 8 weeks long
The teachers care about your learning and clinical experience. If you put in the hard work, good will come out of it.
The classes are hard, but considering the major it is worth it
The clinical experiences are great. It provides one-on-one patient centered care.
I had an easy experience with transferring credits. I transferred over 50 credits to Chamberlain and that really cut down on my tuition. If I needed to change a class, all I had to do was make a phone call to my advisor.
I never really liked online classes because I like physical teacher-student interaction. The online class I took was a sociology class. We have discussion every week. There is a lot of peer-to-peer interaction but not so much teacher-student. It was hard trying to get a hold of the professor through email. Most of the times, I didn't receive an email back.The workload was nothing and the registration process was extremely easy.
In the beginning of a new class, the career center gives us a preview on what to expect when we graduate. The job prospects are great and they are willing to help you get a job at different hospitals. We have job fairs where representatives from different hospitals come and offer seniors jobs for when they graduate.
Review Chamberlain College of Nursing - Atlanta
Chamberlain really wants you to be a success when it comes to finding a job after you graduate. They help you every step of the way if you have questions about resumes or internships. The career center is excellent and they are there for your good.
The class sizes ranges from 10-30 depending on if the class is in the morning or afternoon or the professor. There are a few professors who really had my attention in class and I would recommend taking. The quality of the courses are pretty good. You may have 3 exams and a final or 2 exams and a final. Make sure to get your points from the first exams. It is better if you really aim for strong A's for the exams and then you could breath for the finals.
My academic experience has been great. I have learned things that I have never thought I would know about healthcare and how to take care of patients and their families. The workload is nothing because I came to school expecting nursing to be difficult and I am happy it isn't easy. As a nurse, you have people's lives in your hands and that is a big responsibility. There are a few facility that I admire at Chamberlain because they are passionate about what they teach. The curriculum is broken down by skill and the further you go into the program, the more you learn. Chamberlain offers you help with job opportunities and internships. They also help with resumes and different tips on how to present yourself in an interview.
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