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Chamberlain College of Nursing - Arlington Reviews

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Chamberlain College of Nursing is an affiliate of DeVry University, however it solely concentrates its curriculum on Nursing. The college is pricey, but it also offers a 3 year completion of BSN.
I wish I could give this institution four stars but I have been attending three semesters now and have seen many fellow students drop for various reason but all coming down to the horrible class of pathophysiology. The in class session is horrible the teacher does not teach, however the online students are able to take exams at home or receive detail outlines for there exams and get passing grades in comparison to those who come to campus only to have to drop the class and barely hang on and pray they pass. My experience here has been mixed although there are resources like CAS who are amazing at providing help the playing field is not level for the students who come to campus and those who attend classes online. Furthermore is that students frustrations go without being resolved and people become hopeless and drop out.
Chamberlain has a great program. My overall experience has been exceptional; because, the school has many tools to help a student succeed.In addition, they offer a flexibility in the school schedule. Consquently, this helps working adults continue with their endeavors.
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I've had a great experience at this school and had the opportunity to meet wonderful people. When I get a little frustrated with certain courses I am able to go to specific people for help.
With on line courses you have more time to get assignments completed, you talk to other students in the discussion form versus being in the class room setting where you actually intervene with everyone. In on line you have stay on top of your work. There very interesting topics.
My major at this school is very unique and offer great programs like different seminars and teaches us how to format a resume and also how be professional interviewing for a job. The workload that is given to us on line or on campus is durable, they try not to overwhelm us with too much.
What makes my school unique is, because of the unique Doctors of Nursing, Professors, Instructors and staff members that makes the school itself unique. It was almost like stepping into your own home, they all make us students feel warm and important students. This schools cares about the interests of their students. They help in what ever way that they can to ensure that their students are passing and not failing. They help by getting us linked to the proper tutors for what ever class we are having difficulty in. I would choose this school all over again because of the enthusiasm that they show.
The classes are small and the professors provide great resources for students.
The online classes are convenient.They are different for attending on campas because you can attend class on your own time.The registration and workload is manageable.
It is a great opportunity for nursing students to experience real life problems and solutions. The curriculum and workload is fair; but sometimes it can be overwhelming because of the 8 week class schedule. So, a student may have to prepare and take a test every week. Lastly, the school also have interships and also prepare students for job opportunities.
I have been attending this school for 2 semesters. It has been wonderful so far. The school has many tutoring opportunitys for no additional cost. In addition, the staff really cares for the students. They take time to listen and implement resources if available. I would choose to attend this school again if it was needed;however, I would also make sure that I am more financially prepared for the expensive tuition.
It is much better than traditional class settings due to interaction online and being able to do what is needed on your own time as long as you meet the deadline.
email are sent with information for career services
All curse are online up to date with technology. THe class sizes are not too large to where it make communication difficult.
School sends out emails for career opportuniities and and tips
The curriculum is easy to follow where a detailed explanation is given. If any questions arise, you are able to contact student services. Workload is fair week to week and I have not experienced any issues thus far.
What I love is the access to courses online where you interact with classmates and the instructor. Feeback is given quickly as well as grades for the assignments. If the instructor is needed, you will have a reply or are contacted within 24 hours. I habe heard great things about Chamberlain School of Nursing which is why I chose this instiution to pursue my masters degree.
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This school is small therefore you will know every staff member fast and your classmates alike.
Very great faculty and staff. They all make the special efforts to ensure that the students needs are met in a timely fashion.
No athletic center on my campus. library is OK and the campus is really clean. They need to bring back the bookstore because with the online store, you have to pay for everything you order. What kind of school don't have a campus bookstore for students. it is so bad that they can't even send out the right uniform.
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