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I absolutely love my university so far! I would like to see more student interaction but I also know that you get out what you put in!
Admissions representative was very helpful. Answered questions thoroughly and helped guide the process. Followed up with me constantly throughout and I appreciated that.
My great instructors; they was very helpful and they gave me a chance as most of my issues was online assignment submissions and each instructor I had gave me good step by step ways to post my assignments and I God and I thank them
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I enjoy the friendly and helpful staff who are there to help you reach your goal of becoming an extraordinary nurse!
The curriculum is hard but that is expected. But I loved that the program offers you no wait list. As a working adult, it took me over 10 years to finally finish my prerequisites and get into a program to full-fill my dream. I live in Texas, where nursing programs are very competitive, which is very limiting when you don't carry a 3.0. But the downfall to Chamberlain, is that it is very expensive. I ran out of student government loans and I am now on hold to continue my education. I would recommend you look at other programs less expensive, or you will end up in my situation. If it weren't so expensive and I felt more support with this situation with the school, my rating would be higher.
The Addison campus of Chamberlain College of Nursing appears to be very good at preparing nurses. The professors, especially permanent faculty, are very knowledgeable practitioners, and genuinely want to teach. Overall, most professors have high but fair standards, which I believe is very important for preparing healthcare professionals. Non-nursing courses are taught through DeVry which is a noticeably lower standard of education. Where the Addison campus loses points is in the operations of the school itself. It is hard to get consistent answers from admissions, advisers, compliance coordinators, etc, and does not have the systematic, professional feel of older, larger universities. With that said, the great faculty, facilities, the three year bachelor program and the exceptional clinical relationship with healthcare groups make it worth the cost.
Chamberlain is an excellent college! Professors and staff are all very helpful and want you to succeed! Students are wonderful too. Everyone is very supportive, and there are many tools accessible to you to utilize throughout your education.
My experience at Chamberlain College of Nursing has been wonderful. I completed my BSN in exactly 1 year. I was able to complete the courses at my own pace. The advisors were knowledgeable of the recommended courses and were very helpful each time I called the campus to speak with someone. The entire team of Chamberlain are professional and helpful. The IT department, financial assistance, and all others that contributed to my success. The other students were helpful and the interaction between my fellow classmates and the professors were excellent. My experience was so great that I enrolled and am currently enrolled in the MSN Family Nurse Practitioner Specialty track. I am very pleased with my success with Chamberlain College of Nursing and I know I my success will continue as I pursue my next degree with Chamberlain College of Nursing.
Excellent nursing program. Instructors are great, the online environment is easy to navigate. The admission staff is great very knowledgeable and friendly.
I have been a Chamberlain student for one year now and I must say that my experience overall has been exceptional. They have so many options for anything from tutoring to personal support that's available to any and everyone at any time. They have a CAS center that is open to help with research, homework, and resources. I love this school and I know that being here I will be a very productive nurse when I graduate.
I like the simulation lab is available to receive continued practice in order to be the best nurse. What I would like to see change is more help financially
Overall experience has been good. Have received 2 degrees from them so far and continuing for 2 more. Would like to see more communication in the finance department to decrease SURPRISE bills from arriving. Overall I would recommend this college. They want to see you succeed!
The professors are all amazing and I have had great experiences at clinicals. The only part I dislike is the transition from our old program to ATI in the middle of our enrollment. It is a big switch to have us adapt to in such a short amount of time.
Chamberlain overall is a really great school. I love the fact that the course are only 8 weeks, meaning its fast-paced, even if you don't like a course it will be over before you know it. Trust me its a great school!
Chamberlain College of Nursing has excellent customer service. They leave no stone unturned on a customer service call. They answer promptly, they always take care of the issue in a professional manner and make sure I have all the necessary tools to succeed. They have excellent communication and email with any changes or updates. If there is a technical issue it is resolved promptly and they give you an extension on assignments.
Chamberlain College of Nursing is a great place to get your Nursing education.
It is an excelerated BSN 3 year program. The class sizes are perfect. The onsite simualation lab is available for you to learn hands on.
Great school, great teachers and great experience so far. I would definitely recommend this school to family and friends.
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Dr. Michelle C. Turpin was an outstanding Professor for the Advanced Pharmacology course. She challenged one to think outside the box and gave students the ability to justify their work through evidence-based practice. It was interesting to note that our books were already outdated with what could be considered first line drugs to be used. She not only gave us the correct updated information but the link as well.
This was a most challenging course but I would take any course with this Professor again. She is not the only one, so far with only one exception the Professors have been outstanding, Dr. Cameron Duncan, Dr. Ami Bhatt,Dr. Brown, etc have been a excellent learning experience. I would recommend the classes for the FNP program with two thumbs up.
I liked the friendliness of the admission staff and how helpful they were in navigating all the paper work.
My experience so far with Chamberlain has been fantastic! I has reservations about going back to school but everyone I have been in contact with has made it so easy!
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