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Chamberlain College of Nursing has excellent customer service. They leave no stone unturned on a customer service call. They answer promptly, they always take care of the issue in a professional manner and make sure I have all the necessary tools to succeed. They have excellent communication and email with any changes or updates. If there is a technical issue it is resolved promptly and they give you an extension on assignments.
Chamberlain College of Nursing is a great place to get your Nursing education.
It is an excelerated BSN 3 year program. The class sizes are perfect. The onsite simualation lab is available for you to learn hands on.
Great school, great teachers and great experience so far. I would definitely recommend this school to family and friends.
Review Chamberlain College of Nursing - Addison
Dr. Michelle C. Turpin was an outstanding Professor for the Advanced Pharmacology course. She challenged one to think outside the box and gave students the ability to justify their work through evidence-based practice. It was interesting to note that our books were already outdated with what could be considered first line drugs to be used. She not only gave us the correct updated information but the link as well.
This was a most challenging course but I would take any course with this Professor again. She is not the only one, so far with only one exception the Professors have been outstanding, Dr. Cameron Duncan, Dr. Ami Bhatt,Dr. Brown, etc have been a excellent learning experience. I would recommend the classes for the FNP program with two thumbs up.
I liked the friendliness of the admission staff and how helpful they were in navigating all the paper work.
My experience so far with Chamberlain has been fantastic! I has reservations about going back to school but everyone I have been in contact with has made it so easy!
This is a wonderful nursing school, even though it goes by quick. The teachers are very resourceful and try to help you succeed. I go to the Chicago campus. It's easy to get to with public transportation. There are plenty of free online practice questions ando it's so easy to make study groups on campus.
Very fair transcript review and application of credits to the degree program. Although there is a specific sequence in nursing courses, class availability id very flexible throughout the year.
Online peer-to-peer interaction are not only encouraged, but required. Lot's of online discussion occurs amongst students and it very helpful in the online learning process as others' ideas foster insight into our own knowledge and expand it. Professors are very knowledgeable and helpful. Online platform is extemely user-friendly.
All nursing programs are accredited both regionally where applicable and nationally by authentic and recognized credentialing agencies. Course are consistent with requirements for all nursing programs.
Chamberlain College of Nursing has a whole slew of resources for students and alumni. What one wishes to pursue is up to the student.
The online nursing program is very challenging. A student must have a 100% commitment to attain their degree and be extremely effective in time management to balance school expectations, work, and life. It is NOT easy!
Excellent technology for online learning platform, very easy to navigate and manage everything regarding your educational experience online. Most professors/instructors have terminal degrees and have a vast amount of experience in nursing. They teach regarding real-life issues in healthcare and the healthcare delivery system.
I am unfortunately unable to answer this question until I graduate.
I am extremely excited to get to know my professors and peers. Like I said previously, the program is a lot of one on one interaction which makes a worlds difference in this difficult program.
Once I begin the program I will have a better insight on the value of my degree. I know that many hospitals around the Chamberlain College of Nursing - Miramar Campus are more than happy to hire students who have graduated from the program.
A nursing major is no walk in the park from colleagues that have been through any nursing program. Chamberlain has a lot of one on one student to professor experience which I believe is a very significant relationship. You have to juggle homework and clinicals during your time in the program which is not easy, but well worth it!
Review Chamberlain College of Nursing - Addison
I am currently in my pre-admission to the Chamberlain College of Nursing. My experience so far has been a breeze. I had to take an entrance exam that I had to study for, but the staff is very welcoming and I look forward to begin my journey into the Nursing program coming this January 2017.
It is great, online courses let me arrange my schedule the way I want, with ease
Its all easy when you talk with and advisor.
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