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Semi-decent food. The staff are either brilliant or terrible. Thankfully, I had more of the brilliant ones. It is important to read the reviews on Rate my Professors because they are somewhat true. I like the health department. When I got stung by a bee, the nurse was very helpful in helping me extract the needle (whew!).
I liked the variety of classes but they need more classes and more students per class because once the class of full and if you are in the waitlist it's hard to get the classes specially the classes that are on high demand. I transferred but it took me 4 years to do so. They say it's only for two years but in reality the majority of students never finish within the time frame. Now I'm on my last year in California State university San Bernardino and I ran out of cal grant which was a big help for me. I feel that Chaffey was a big waste of time and they have to do something to improve the time in which students transfer.
my experience has been average the teachers i have gotten have been nice and teach well there isn't much going on as for activities.
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Chaffey college is a basic local community college. Some professors are amazing while others lack the will to teach. The college itself is too small to support the amount of students who apply, nor does it have a way of filtering through the students who drop last minute and take the place of students who actually had the desire to learn. There are plenty of resources available, and in that sense Chaffey has impressed. Of course it is not as expensive as a University, but it can still be difficult to afford for some. Overall, you get what you can afford.
I love chaffey community college. I have received my first AA this year (2017) and am not looking forward to applying for the nursing program. It is a great school with great staff who are willing to help.
The professors in Chaffey Community College are helpful, experienced and enthusiastic about the courses that they teach. The campus provides the necessary resources and supplies for students to pass their classes.
Outstanding College!! Teachers and staff are caring and helpful. There are a great amount of professors who love their job and so considered about their students. So many resources for their students!!
I would really like to see more classes available I see the waitlist and it's crazy. However everyone students and staff are amazing and so far have a great experience with chaffey college
Chaffey College is an AMAZING school! I have gone to about three colleges, and this one is the best by far. I am amazed every semester by the knowledgeable faculty and the curriculum that is offered at this campus. I wish I would have found this school when I initially decided to go back to school. The campus is widespread with different courses in different allocated areas. There are also a diversity amongst the students which creates for great discussion and perspective in the classroom settings, and there is a Starbucks on campus! How awesome is that!
Chaffey College was an excellent school and community for students. The staff is super helpful, the teachers are very well qualified and helpful as well. They have campus police to enforce safety around campus. The community around the campus are supportive of students, giving them discounts around the plaza for example.
I love it here. There are three campuses to choose from and it's very easy to get classes. The staff are friendly and very welcoming.
Just enrolled at Chaffey College this year. They offer a variety of AS Transfer programs and are very helpful in helping you plan your classes to achieve your goals.
I went their once years back. I got a free shirt which was cool. I was in elementary school. They gave us a tour with one person along with teachers from the school who seemed kind of excited. I remember I brought my own lunch so i do not know what the food is like there. I hope it is good even though I did not try it.
it's in a nice location with classes from all kinds of subjects. The classes are nice and I was able to find all the things I needed on campus. It's easy to apply and attend classes both on campus and online.
I love how easy it is to apply and once you do they help you every step of the way. I am in love with the Legal Studies program and everything it has to offer. The professors that teach in that program are professionals and are either ex lawyers or practicing lawyers so you really are getting the knowledge you need. The Legal Studies program offers a variety of courses and they really challenge you.
I overall love Chaffey College. I'm satisfied with the courses they offer there and they offer the major I intend to study which is great!
Help everyone, I am here to share my experience with Chaffey College.
To start off, I started at Chaffey College the summer I graduated from high school, June 2016. I began with the Summer Readiness Program with the EOPS Program. Beginning college, I had no idea where this journey would take me or what to even expect. I started classes and I slowly felt myself understanding the way college worked and I felt relieved. I met with my counselors often which helped tremendously. I was a Full-time student during Fall term with 13 units. It was a workload but constant studying and determination paid off. I finished with a 4.0 GPA. Chaffey College has been there whenever I needed help whether it has been from my professors or counselors. I think having that type of support from your school really does encourage students to persevere through all life's obstacles. I can not speak on behalf of other students but everything that I have encountered, I have yet to dislike!
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The positive acts the college performs targets all walks of life. There are amazing individuals who wish to see others succeed. The diverse campus creates an accepting platform for anyone willing to start their college education at Chaffey College. Multiple clubs and classes appeal to all. Opportunities given from Chaffey lead to higher success in both career and 4-year universities.
The Professors at Chaffey College are well adapted in the subjects they teach. Plus there are many online and at campus classes offered. Also, a lot of parking!
Chaffey college has been by far the best college experience I've been to. I enrolled to their college in 2014 and am currently still enrolled for my AS in science. They have helped me with my career choice that I did not expect was a program at their school. They are always kind and willing to help you with anything. With all their support and programs/grants they have I couldn't have made it through the rough times without them. I strongly recommend to anyone to come experience what I have with the panthers.
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