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I overall love Chaffey College. I'm satisfied with the courses they offer there and they offer the major I intend to study which is great!
Help everyone, I am here to share my experience with Chaffey College.
To start off, I started at Chaffey College the summer I graduated from high school, June 2016. I began with the Summer Readiness Program with the EOPS Program. Beginning college, I had no idea where this journey would take me or what to even expect. I started classes and I slowly felt myself understanding the way college worked and I felt relieved. I met with my counselors often which helped tremendously. I was a Full-time student during Fall term with 13 units. It was a workload but constant studying and determination paid off. I finished with a 4.0 GPA. Chaffey College has been there whenever I needed help whether it has been from my professors or counselors. I think having that type of support from your school really does encourage students to persevere through all life's obstacles. I can not speak on behalf of other students but everything that I have encountered, I have yet to dislike!
The positive acts the college performs targets all walks of life. There are amazing individuals who wish to see others succeed. The diverse campus creates an accepting platform for anyone willing to start their college education at Chaffey College. Multiple clubs and classes appeal to all. Opportunities given from Chaffey lead to higher success in both career and 4-year universities.
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The Professors at Chaffey College are well adapted in the subjects they teach. Plus there are many online and at campus classes offered. Also, a lot of parking!
Chaffey college has been by far the best college experience I've been to. I enrolled to their college in 2014 and am currently still enrolled for my AS in science. They have helped me with my career choice that I did not expect was a program at their school. They are always kind and willing to help you with anything. With all their support and programs/grants they have I couldn't have made it through the rough times without them. I strongly recommend to anyone to come experience what I have with the panthers.
I really like how most teacher are really there to not only teach but also to help their students move forward. One thing I would like to see change is their class scheduled. There are not too many classes offered to student who work and need classes after 5pm.
The college has really stepped up when it comes to class registration. You have different options in what kind of classes you want to take: fast track classes twice a semester, classes that last two months, summer classes, and regular classes whether it's traditional, online, or hybrid. Faculty are a great help for any question you have as well are the career center, EOPS, transfer center, etc. The main campus is at the foothills and neighborhoods of Rancho Cucamonga, another in the middle of Fontana, and another in Chino. All locations are pretty calm including the students which are interested in improving themselves so not much of a party scene. There is a good campus police and cadet presence here too.
school is a very nice,local,quiet area. classes are not that expensive and would recommend for GE and transfer
Chaffey College is not the best campus for a social life. However, I was able to get the classes I needed to transfer on time. It was very affordable for me and I didn't have to pay for anything really. The people in my classes are very nice, but other than that most people just go to class and then go home. I am getting ready for my final semester at Chaffey and I am happy that I am transferring on time. Parking is a pain as like any other college, but I've learned to deal with it. A lot of people talk down on Chaffey, but I received a quality education at a low cost and I get to transfer on time. If you ask me that's all I could ask for.
my experience is very exciting, and i strongly recommend every junior, or senior to try this website and get as many scholarships as possible. each scholarship has a dead line which sucks, but its fair. this website has given me so many opportunities to earn fast and easy cash to pay for my college tuition when i graduate. overall i highly recommend this website.
Chaffey College is hands down the best junior college in the area, and this is coming from experience.
They are limited in terms of film classes, which is my major. So being able to schedule time for work and class has been somewhat of a struggle and has led me to stay in CC longer than anticipated. Although, the counselors are very nice when it comes to explaining transfer credits. My student educational plan was easy to fulfill, thanks to my counselor.
The classes are accelerated, which was nice. Other then that I wouldn't recommend it unless you're very disciplined.
I still attend CC and only recently declared my major, so I have no opinion on the subject.
The teachers for the most part are excellent about not babying the students, and preparing us for a four year college, something I have always appreciated!

While other teachers, in my experience, seemed bored and unenthusiastic about their jobs.
I didn't visit my CC's career center until recently, the staff was very helpful but there were no campus jobs available, something I need in order to peacefully transition unto the high costs of Universities.
The workload is manageable, and the teachers are very helpful. It's about how much dedication we (the students) put into our time at school.
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I wish the passion I have for education now, I had three years ago. Getting involved is something I wish I had done early on.
The teachers here are very encouraging. There are many resources that help a student succeed. Not only do I love coming to school everyday, but the teachers do encourage us to do the best that we can, and shapes our way of thinking and using our knowledge. The campus is full of happy students.
At Chaffey College their is an enormous amount of help for the students with all the tutoring centers for all the students. I'm going to Chaffey for the general ed courses and proceeding to go to Cal Poly Pomona or Cal Sate Long Beach for engineering. I'm feeling well prepared by Chaffey for those colleges. I so far have only attended at the Rancho Cucamonga location, which is the largest one out of its three locations and it is a beautiful sight over the city and beneath the foothills. It is really open and gives plenty of space to study peacefully and just relax between classes, giving us stressed out college students a break from classes and we get to just enjoy the silence and scenery. Most of my professors are great instructors that teach not only the material but the understanding of why and how the material applies to our lives now, not just throwing information at us and moving on.
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