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Chaffey College has many great useful resources. From counselors to teachers, they all just want one thing and that's for you to succeed.
I went for a tour with my senior high school class and absolutely fell in love with the campus I hope I can attend in the fall
Awesome school and awesome teachers. They really encourage the students to progress and achieve their goals and are very helpful in doing so.
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I transferred to Chaffey last year from Butte Community College in Northern California and I absolutely love it. So grateful for all the academics that Chaffey offers to the students. The campus is fantastic! Every teacher ive had so far are great and caring for all the students. I feel safe and welcomed at this school by all the people who attend. Its diverse group of students is great to be around.
It’s an ok college it has sufficient enough commodities but doesn’t offer anything really to students.
It’s a pretty good school, the only downside is that they never answer their phones when you need questions answered.
I love that the counseling staff is always willing to be available for your needs. As a returning student they always makes me feel very welcome and supported
I have had and easy time getting classes. Almost all of my professors have been great. Something I would like to see change is better computers in the library, extended hours for office hours. Students that work it is hard to get access to certain departments. More online classes and more one on one help with transferring process.
They have never failed to reach out to me personally and make sure I am receiving the education I deserve through endless resources from excellent professors/tutors/coaches.
I currently attend Chaffey's Chino campus and love the fact that it's small and has a great variety of classes, however if I'm spending a long day on campus, there aren't very many food choices. Another issue I come across is that a lot of students that I come across are very unaware of all the additional resources Chaffey has to offer. I think it would be a great idea for Chaffey to post better roadmaps for students to make use of these resources.
You will have a good experience in class if you take the time to pick the right professors and surround yourself with people who are motivated to graduate.
My experience so far has not been the best. Some of the professors have been pretty bad and not really good at teaching and instructing. Some of the teachers are really good don't get me wrong. Some aspects of the academics could be changed.
What I loved about Chaffey are the student. They are so hunble and respectful. It feels like the safest environment to be.
I love this community college. The teachers are competent and easy going. The area is nice and quiet and the other students are friendly and very down to earth. Most importantly its pretty cheap and fafsa should be able to take care of everything for you. My only qualm is that the counselors aren't always in the know, but that is with most colleges.
Hello, this is Violet K. L. Biang, a student attending Chaffey Community College. I have loved my experience because of the amazing opportunities and help that they promise to each Panther student. I was fortunate enough to join Chaffey's High School Dual Enrollment plan for the last semester of my senior year. The campus is lively with music, colors, gardens, and amazing food. I have loved meeting my peers and having scholarly conversations. Growing up I discovered that I have Dyslexia and a connective tissue disorder so that made things a little bit harder for me to reach my goals. At Chaffey College, their Disabilities Office has been incredibly helpful with my courses and any accommodations I need. Safety is one of Chaffey's top priorities, they offer security guards to walk with you if need be especially at night for women. I would highly recommend future college students to attend Chaffey Community College.
Chaffey College offers quite a lot in terms of support, advisory, and accessibility of resources. After having attended for a full year already, I can say with full confidence that this college was one of my best choices to start of my college career. One of the main things I appreciate most about the campus I attend is the helpfulness of each and every staff member when it comes to direction or detailed consultation. One issue I do have however pertains to the difficulty that I have shared with many other attendees in the organization of class registration and the availability of counselors.
Although I have only been here for one semester, I really do recommend this community college. The professors are very supportive as well as encouraging and help in many different ways. The staff in the counseling department have your best interests in mind and are always helpful in answering questions. So far the culture of the college is very positive and interactive. I can't wait to complete my associates degree here.
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The teachers were really helpful and the campus provided many resources throughout the semesters. The classes are great everyone keeps to themselves unless you meet new people.
I really enjoyed Chaffey College, this school has made me feel welcomed from the first day I registered in their GPS (Guiding Panthers to Success) Center. I enjoy looking at the architecture of the school, it's worth the scene to look at walking around the campus. The professors are very attentive and helpful in classes.
My experience at Chaffey College has been very well because everyone has been welcoming. The staff will answer any questions you have. If they don't know the answer then they figure it out for you. The things I would like see change is to make more activities well known. Because sometimes I find out about an event at last minute and can not attend.
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