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Have attended Chaffey for 3 years, has more classes than most local community colleges. Space is limited in high demand science classes. Professors are friendly and always willing to help their students succeed. Please know that going to college requires the students commitment for success, there is only so much the Professors can do for you, you must be willing to do the work.
I liked that the majority of the professors I've had have been really great. They want you to succeed and never hold you back. They always encourage hard work and the results. However the school is impacted so I would suggest taking summer classes in order to finish on time or faster.
I'd like attending Chaffey College however there are things I would change about my school. Like adding more activities for the students to interact with each other and have more comradery. The professor's there are great and the staff is really friendly.
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I love chaffey college they have a diversity of students and professors. All the professors that I’ve had have been great very helpful and are really their for students. Campus is nice right infron of mountains, there’s lot of trees making the scenery beautiful. They also offer a lot of Programs to help their students financially and to be able to interact with other students to make more friends or just get involved
The teachers are great, but the other staff (counselors, financial aid, etc) were unhelpful to me. I am a first time student at Chaffey College, I already have my Bachelor’s Degree, yet they couldn’t give me the time of day or act as if they were on my side to help me out. However, the professors are so dedicated to helping you. They just want you to succeed and to shirt their real-world knowledge with you to help prepare you for the future.
Overall the college is great. There is a tremendous amount of resources at your disposal as a Chaffey student. The only issue I have is the pace and scheduling of classes. Given that the school follows a semester based system it goes by very slowly and the school only offers 2½ semesters per year to complete classes. As an engineering major, I'm at a disadvantage as regardless of how many classes I take, the list of requirements I have in order to qualify to transfer to any school is ridiculously large and the school doesn't account or aid in helping engineering majors accomplish thier major at the same pace as every other major at the school
I just recently enrolled to Chaffey College. My experience this far has been a smooth sailing. From scheduling my Assessment testing, to register for my classes. I have no complaints and would recommend this college to anyone who is looking to return to school after a hiatus or if you’re just starting out. Chaffey is also has a very diverse campus. Easy to navigate through online classes. Financial aid was easy to apply for. The bookstore is adequately stocked with what students need.
Very cool experience! I get to socialize and network with other students which is much needed to be successful in today’s society.
College life at this school is what an individual makes of the experience. There are challenges of course. But it is best to stay focused on your goals while attending this learning institution.
What I like about chaffey college was that it was so many resources on campus it doesn't matter if it's tutoring , success centers their's always help if you need it. Only thing I would say that needs to change at chaffey is that the parking is terrible they need to add more parking site for students.
Chaffey college campus is very big and clean. Staff and teachers are very helpful and friendly to the students. There are also different places for students to study, and eat.
I have enjoyed my time (even currently) at Chaffey. At first I wasn’t as invested into school/not knowing what I wanted to do with my future. Then, once I started getting things going, Chaffey helped me along the way. Now I’m confident with what I want to do in life (aspiring Radiologist) and I’m glad that Chaffey’s staff has helped me figure that out. I would definitely recommend anyone to attend this campus.
It's fun with a lot of fun and nice teachers. However, just be ready to get a lot of runarounds from the people in admissions and financial aid. I think because they (or some) are student workers, they really don't know too much. I go in with an email telling me I need to see somebody in admissions or financial aid and to show them the email, and they have no idea what to do from there so they have to call help, or make things difficult when I go in with my mom trying to get information and they won't speak to her even though I'm there with her giving permission that they can speak with her too(which never seems to be a problem whenever I get certain people who I assume aren't student workers)
Chaffey College has been a wonderful resource for me, filled with helpful faculty, interesting classes, and opportunities to succeed no matter what your background. I wish it had been my first college of choice from the get-go!

That being said, I do believe they could improve on helping students figure out plans of action to graduate, and more aware of the services available to them on campus. I only found out myself by taking a guidance class -- so I believe that something like that should be mandatory, particularly for students just out of high school.

Overall, however, I highly recommend Chaffey. Go Panthers!
I really love the professors at chaffey college! All of the professors that I’ve had have been really good! They really care about your education. The environment is really peaceful and you meet a lot of awesome people! Everything is so close to each other so it’s not hard to get lost! The staff at chaffey are very kind and polite, every encounter I’ve had has been the best! One thing I would like to be seen fixed is the parking, sometimes it’s very hard to find a parking spot during school hours.
I believe that the staff overall varies however overall i feel most staff members do care about you achieving your goals. Something that I took to heart is all the new innovation they are having in all facilities. Definitely makes the experience a plus and gives a welcoming feeling.
What I like about Chaffey is how nice it is, the interior was done really well and the equipment they use is up to date. A change I would like to see is for admissions and records/ financial aid to answer their calls more often.
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I love everything about my school, the people are so friendly, professors are so helping and the resources on campus alone.... You can't fail. I would highly suggest Chaffey College to anyone allowed to attend.
It is my first year here at Chaffey College and I am more than happy with the amount of diversity and opportunity this college has to offer.
Chaffey college is a pretty good school,for their price. If you try to learn you will learn. The school has a lot of tutors who help you with anything. They are free to go to and will spend up to an hour with you a day. Their are some bad teachers, but i'm sure every school has that. The food is a bit expensive but there are restaurants near the school so if you ever wanted cheaper food just go down the street. The people and students at the school are nice. The staff really try to help students. Over all I would recommend going to chaffey college.
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