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Chaffey college is the best place with great professors, who are always ready to help, and where you can find your vocation even though it will take some time.
The part-time professors at Chaffey College have no office hours and do not respond to emails within a 48 hour-period. All the professors do not go over some of the challenging exam questions that students have trouble answering. The success center tutors are helpful and they know the basic concepts.
Chaffey College is an excellent stepping stone for the educational journey. It is the perfect place to discover what a young person would like to do with the rest of their life. Chaffey is a safe school with professors that genuinely care about their students.
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Chaffey College is a helpful campus in many ways. If you need to get quick courses done, they have a wide variety. They also offer tools to make transferring easy and they campus staff is warm and friendly. They offer three campuses to accommodate your location, which makes this campus very accessible.
The campus is large but not overwhelming. It is located in a beautiful area with beautiful views. The population of students is the perfect size, where student life is abundant but registration is not cut-throat. The parking lot is recently renovated; it has solar panels that provide shade and renewable energy to the campus.
The opportunities presented throughout the various programs far exceed those offered at other local community colleges.
For the most part, the professors have given me and other students really great confidence and experiences. I genuinely feel prepared.
What I like about Chaffey college is that the staff are very willing to reach out if the student is in need of help. Chaffey college understands certain circumstances that students sometimes go through and they do not throw their students out to the streets.
I attended here over the summer as a high school student. The professors do a good job in teaching the subject but lack work ethic. Overall decent school for a community college and a great experience as a high school student.
The classes are easy to register for and the professors I've had so far have been great. The campus is easy to navigate through and there are many resources available on campus. The reception on campus is terrible though so its hard look things up when needed, and doing class activities that require a good internet connection.
I liked the option of taking a majority of my classes online. It worked well with my work schedule. I also had many options for the classes that I had to attend on campus.
I cannot say enough good things about Chaffey College. From admissions to financial aid and professors everything was great. I love the guidance I received while attending. The counselors made sure I was on track to graduate every step of the way.
The people from the students to staff and faculty are incredible. They are truly passionate about helping the students with their education. The resources I receive are great-in addition to students helping me with work there are success centers for all subjects. Even when you have to go to Financial Aid or any other department-the wait in line isn't long. The students/representatives helping you help you solve the problem and in a timely manner. It is all about the Students.
My overall experience with Chaffey College has been extremely well. Chaffey college is an amazing Community college, for those who consider to attend college. As well if students are looking for a cheaper alternative for a college education, Chaffey would be an excellent place to start. Chaffey college offers high quality professors, who are passionate in their teaching. They care about their students and want students to succeed. Chaffey College also offers free tutoring and a daycare for students who have children. Along with many other helpful resources. Such as, programs to help pay for books, school supplies, food, clubs, even help students prepare for a job interview! Chaffey's main focus is to help students get where they want to be whether it is to transfer to a 4 year University, receive an Associate degree etc. You can guarantee that Chaffey college will help you get where you need to be.
Environment is welcoming and instructors are always willing to help students. Night and weekend classes avaliable for student with a busy schedule.
There is a reason that Chaffey College is one of the top rated schools in the country! For students that are looking for the preperation to become sucsessful University students you cannot beat Chaffey College. The staff is friendly and the campus is beautiful, not to even mention the wonderful resources offered to every student. I loved my time here at Chaffey!
I love the people that I get to meet in campus. Everyone always have a different story to tell and I believe it allows people to learn different points of views in life. I also love working for the ceramic department.
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The support system at Chaffey College is extremely the best. We find ourselves in situations sometimes were everything seems to be going well and we have all that we need. However, we don’t have who to share our experiences with either good or bad. In Chaffey College, no matter the situation you find yourself in, there’s always a program, service or entire department dedicated to helping you.
Great college! Great teachers and staff! There are a lot of class opportunities and choices. Very easy to find classes and parking. Overall great school.
Excellent college, easy to navigate, easy to get to. Lots of restaurants nearby. They have the friendliest staff I've ever met!
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