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I liked the option of taking a majority of my classes online. It worked well with my work schedule. I also had many options for the classes that I had to attend on campus.
I cannot say enough good things about Chaffey College. From admissions to financial aid and professors everything was great. I love the guidance I received while attending. The counselors made sure I was on track to graduate every step of the way.
The people from the students to staff and faculty are incredible. They are truly passionate about helping the students with their education. The resources I receive are great-in addition to students helping me with work there are success centers for all subjects. Even when you have to go to Financial Aid or any other department-the wait in line isn't long. The students/representatives helping you help you solve the problem and in a timely manner. It is all about the Students.
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My overall experience with Chaffey College has been extremely well. Chaffey college is an amazing Community college, for those who consider to attend college. As well if students are looking for a cheaper alternative for a college education, Chaffey would be an excellent place to start. Chaffey college offers high quality professors, who are passionate in their teaching. They care about their students and want students to succeed. Chaffey College also offers free tutoring and a daycare for students who have children. Along with many other helpful resources. Such as, programs to help pay for books, school supplies, food, clubs, even help students prepare for a job interview! Chaffey's main focus is to help students get where they want to be whether it is to transfer to a 4 year University, receive an Associate degree etc. You can guarantee that Chaffey college will help you get where you need to be.
Environment is welcoming and instructors are always willing to help students. Night and weekend classes avaliable for student with a busy schedule.
There is a reason that Chaffey College is one of the top rated schools in the country! For students that are looking for the preperation to become sucsessful University students you cannot beat Chaffey College. The staff is friendly and the campus is beautiful, not to even mention the wonderful resources offered to every student. I loved my time here at Chaffey!
I love the people that I get to meet in campus. Everyone always have a different story to tell and I believe it allows people to learn different points of views in life. I also love working for the ceramic department.
The support system at Chaffey College is extremely the best. We find ourselves in situations sometimes were everything seems to be going well and we have all that we need. However, we don’t have who to share our experiences with either good or bad. In Chaffey College, no matter the situation you find yourself in, there’s always a program, service or entire department dedicated to helping you.
Great college! Great teachers and staff! There are a lot of class opportunities and choices. Very easy to find classes and parking. Overall great school.
Excellent college, easy to navigate, easy to get to. Lots of restaurants nearby. They have the friendliest staff I've ever met!
Nice people and good guidance on top of that there are many different people so you can find your type of people. There are also many clubs and activities around here so you can send your free time meeting new people and socializing
Chaffey College is a great school for students how are just starting out. Sometimes going to a new school/ college can be over welling at times but the staff and students put you at easy. I remember going up to the campus and feeling so out of place, one of the students who was helping noticed it and she old me do not worry your going to be just fine. I will be here to help you all the way. I would breath after that and I was able to get everything that I needed done.
The teachers are typically very helpful. However, there are to very many opportunities to get together as students.
I am glad I started my college experience through community college. I saved so much money than going to an University right after high school. This school taught me a lot of different kinds of things that will help benefit my future studies. It basically set me up a good foundation. I was really focused in trying to do my best in all of my classes in order to transfer to an University. The resources that this school provided were very helpful. I recommend you guys to take advantage of their resources because they are all free.
Chaffey has the most amazing instructors and has a system that is designed to boost passes and overall success! They offer many programs that will aid and allow students to perform beyond their maximum potential
My so far experience as a freshman is excellent, Chaffey college faculty and students help instantly to get students on track and ready for the college semester. Not only the college city view is astonishing but there academics towards your career goals is achievable. Currently I am still attending classes full time and the campus has plenty to offer academically. Personally I am in a program called EOPS, this program is intended for former foster students that have a ward of the court. EOPS is very helpful and inspirational in variety of ways. Chaffey College as a whole is a very beneficial for all types of students. Based of backgrounds, ethnicity, and educational careers there are strong bodies of organizations on campus that will compliment your goals. Personally, I would highly recommend attending a college such as Chaffey College.
Been attending since fall 2015. Every professor i had is either good or great. 3 different locations which i like. There is no party scene. Food is just snacks in the bookstore. I dont attend or hear much about the sports.
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My Experience at Chaffey College has an been amazing when it comes to the classes and professors. I have enjoyed the classes that I've taken I have found them very interesting and enjoy how the Professor teaches. I've also enjoyed have diversity the school is and how many different cultures come to the school. The only dislike that I have for this school is that mostly everything is more expensive than other places. I understand its a college and colleges are usually expensive but sometimes students dont have the money to buy maybe stuff to eat or maybe even a book for classes because something is going on in there lifes. But i personally feel when it comes to the prices for food it should go down a bit.
I like that I can be really flexible with my schedule and that some classes are small. I like their fastrack classes and professors. However, it can be really hard to register for a certain class at a certain time.
I have not taken many classes here but so far I love the experience I have had here. The student services and admissions building is helpful and efficient and the people that work in there are nice and helpful as well. The Professors are nice and willing to help and answer questions and I have learned a lot from a couple of them. The classes are not too difficult and the schedule for the classes are flexible. The multiple campuses is nice because you can use certain resources such as tutoring, DLA's, and workshops at one and the other campuses will accept the stamps and hours earned.
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