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I was only at the campus for part of a semester that was online only, and while I did learn a decent amount through the courses, the professors were unprepared to deal with online learning challenges at some points.
Overall a great community college and a very good cost-to-unit balance. The professors were fairly good and I learned a lot, but the strength of the college in my opinion comes from it's resources; many tools to help you if you're transferring and very competent councilors to guide you.
I had to take online courses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I think the professors I had worked very well with the transition to online learning. It really made me wish I had taken more online courses for the other courses I had previously had.
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I enjoyed my experience at Chaffey College. I think attending a 2-year college is a great step for people who aren't decided on a major and are scared of the college experience. Attending Chaffey College has also saved me a lot debt that I could have obtained from attending a four year university at the start of my college career. Chaffey truly helped me in my transition in attending a university and I am grateful for it. I believe that Chaffey could make some adjustments in allowing more access to online courses. Classes get full extremely quickly and I had a hard time with being waitlisted for courses I needed to graduate. If I had options of taking online versions for a good portion of the classes I needed, I would have graduated just a little bit earlier. Overall, my experience was great and I recommend a 2-year college for everyone!
My online learning experience with Chaffey College is excellent. They use the zoom. So it is a kind of online classroom. I had a fun time in Chinese class online. We learned vocabulary, grammar, and speaking. Even it is online. We learned a lot. It is very hard to study all classes online but I improve hardship.
Chaffey College has a great campus. Tutor service is very great such as math, writing essays. Also, Chaffey has an excellent workshop so students can study more. Most professors are good at taking care of students. Especially I love Chinese and Theater Art program are wonderful in Chaffey College. I really like Chaffey College. Chaffey's area is so safe and peaceful.
Chaffey College is offering online classes due to the pandemic we are going through and so far my professor and everyone from financial aid has been very helpful.
I am currently taking an English 1A fast track class and I am absolutely loving it. I do work full time so being able to log in and work on my own pace is very satisfying. I am able to meet deadlines for homework and writing assignments. The professor I currently have is very responsive to all of my questions and responds to emails fairly fast. Every time I need help she is as helpful as she can be. I have had other interaction with students and everyone is always willing to help in whatever way that they can.
I never took any online classes so I can not speak out of personal experience. Talking with other students, I usually heard that the online class can be a positive or negative experience that is linked to the professor.
Winter in Chaffey College is beautiful! Mt. Baldy is behind the school and you can see the snow. In the Spring flowers bloom and make the campus even more beautiful than it already is. Most professors are excellent and there are tons of classes to choose from. I would like for Chaffey to expand the parking lots so that students can have an easier time finding parking.
I was arrested on campus a few years right after leaving art class. Campus police said I looked like a suspect. The worst part is the same officer who arrested me was harassing me for weeks and I emailed the schools president and he simply never responded leaving me to leave school because I wasn’t going to end up dead for standing up for myself. So I think the president of chaffey should be removed for not keeping students safe
Had to quite school because campus police kept harassing me and the school did nothing. Sad how some of those same officers still work there without penalty.
I have had a great experience at the rancho cucamonga campus, however, last semester was difficult because the district closed many classes and students had to drive to other (far) campuses, if they wanted to enroll in their intended course. It was an impacted class and mostly online.
Overall, I have had great professors. The course material was doable, and I found myself learning a lot.
I take my classes online. I have had a great experience. I am currently taking English and Communication Studies. I am enrolled for their summer classes and the teachers are wonderful!
I like that Chaffey College has an ADN program that is accredited by the Board of Nursing. The nursing program takes 2 years to complete and after qualifies you to take the N-CLEX exam!
Before COVID-19, my experience with Chaffey is very positive. Enrolling was quick and easy. Since COVID-19, classes needed for my major are not being offered, my education has suffered and no refunds have been made from switching to online. Many people go to college for the in person education so for people who don't learn well online, this makes it extremely difficult.
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Some teachers adapted exceptionally to the online classes and were able to create an effective classroom environment. Other Professors however, did not adapt well and my education suffered from it. The admissions and finance offices were very well prepared and did a great job of adapting to online. They now offer online sessions where you can talk to them just as you would in person.
The whole environment of this school was amazing, from the administration to the faculty everyone is super helpful!
This semester was my first semester having online courses due to the pandemic. I am usually a hand on in person type of learner, however most of my professors were learning as well during this transition and were very patient with the process. They were always available whenever I had a question or concern, towards the end of the semester I wasn't against taking online courses in the future.
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