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Professors were understanding, easy to get ahold of, and willing to help. Smaller class size helped a lot, too.
Overall, Chadron State College (CSC) is a great school. Small class sizes give you more one-on-one with professors and campus is easy to manoeuvre. One thing I dislike, though, is the fact that some dorms are VERY nice and others are not to the same standard and it’s very obvious. Kent, High Rise, and Andrews look almost run down and are obviously dated, whereas Eagle Ridge And Edna are very, very nice and up-to-date.
Chadron State College is a great college if you want to stay focused on your studies. There are many helpful professors who want to see you succeed.
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I am a graduate student at Chadron State College and I really have enjoyed the small town type community that they have.
My experience so far at CSC has been amazing I’m learning better here than I was at my old school. Honestly the only thing that the school could change is the activity options that can be enjoyable.
I love going to such a small school it brings out the community within the school and it makes it easier to know everyone within your major.
Very kind staff. They are hardworking and care about each student. The small numbers make it easier to know your professors, and it gives you a better chance at success.
The food is not spectacular but you won't find a more friendly staff and as many resources to succeed anywhere else. While there is much to do on and off of campus, academics are a staple in what this place has to offer. Throughout campus, you will find students and professors hard at work to create a better world for the generations to come.
It is a very good college the communitte is very supportive and there is something for everyone. There is a degree for almost everything a person can choose from
very clean, friendly place.Visited a few times due to event from FFA to 4-H. Football camp was a great experience. the dorms were super clean and home feeling. the food is amazing and so is the athletic program.
The START office at CSC has been excellent about answering questions and offering guidance to me as a non-traditional student. I recommend CSC to anyone looking to continue their education.
I really enjoyed viewing the campus at Chadron State. They have excellent facilities and the learning program is above adequate for my learning. I would recommend this college to many high school students.
I love Chadron State College. I plan on returning and graduation from here. I have met great people and the staff genuinely care about you. I have always had the help I needed when finding myself clueless.
I Love Charon for it's caring professors and the affordable education I can receive! This school really cares about you, the town can be a bit of a bore at times however
I am still in high school as of now but I will be attending Chadron State College in fall 2020. I have visited and they are the best school out there for my future career. When I visited them made me feel that this could easily make me feel at home. They have an aspect at the college where the students get to know their professors and their professors know them. Students at Chadron are not known but their student number, but by their name. I am excited to get to call Chadron my home next year.
I had an amazing first year at Chadron, being there made me feel like I was at home. I enjoyed the majority of my classes as my professors were a great group of people who were able to connect with the students as individuals instead of just a number unlike other major university. Another great part of Chadron is their athletics. I am on the football team so it might be a little bit biased but athletics at Chadron really bring the campus and the community together. We have just recently built a new athletic facility which includes a new football stadium, gym, locker rooms, and training room. Chadron is also building a new outdoors track. Choosing Chadron was the best decision I could have made for myself and I can not wait to go back next year.
At Chadron State College I have not been as challenged academically as I had hoped to be. Some of The classes that I have taken have not encouraged me to really understand the subject which I find highly frustrating.
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So far I have enjoyed my experience attending Chadron State College. I really enjoy the flexibility of the online experience and the accelerated classes.
Chadron is a pretty small school, but it's hard to feel trapped. There are so many different people and cultures on our little campus. I swear you see a new face every day. The professors make an honest effort to help you out with anything. Your advisors truly care for their advisees and the food is to die for!
As a sophomore at Chadron State, I have had an amazing two successful years of college. The community is small enough that social life has had a major impact on my education and I have been able to maintain relationships with my instructors. Courses are very challenging and I have gained all sorts of new knowledge from every course I have been enrolled in. One thing I would change is having more activities available to students on campus as far as social life because of thow small the town of Chadron is.
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