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My experience in Chadron State College was overall amazing. The professors are very helpful and patient with you. It's a small town so don't expect the party scene to be great because it's not. That is one of the reasons why I love attending because you have so much free time to focus on your academics more than partying. The people are great and very friendly, if you ever need help they'll come running in a second to come help with whatever you need.
I absolutely love most of the teachers there. They are people who want to see you work hard and succeed.
Like most schools, the cafeteria food can get boring and unappetizing.
Of course it's easy to get A's. The education quality is low & unchallenging so it's easy to get good grades. The real problem comes when you graduate & are looking for a job, it's a no name, unrecognizable college which makes your degree basically useless on its own.

Spent 4 yrs at this college & I regret it when I look back at it. 2 incidents stand out for me where once I was confronted with a professor who blatantly discriminated against me & decided to try to mistreat me & I reported it to HR which decided not do anything about it.

2nd incident I remember is having suite mates who were being deliberately destructive, kicking on the shared bathroom door & opening the bathroom door while there were occupants in it,playing loud music and screaming late at night, I decided to report them & guess what, the resident director decided to side with them.

I now have a BA degree which is basically useless & I don't even have much of an experience to look back in this substandard college
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Like the small campus and the professors are great! They are very helpful when you have questions or need guidance.
Chadron State is a great place for those who like the small town atmosphere along with always something to do on campus. People are friendly and always treat you like family. Professors care about the students and are always available to students if they ask for help. Loved my experience on campus and online classes are just as great.
So far I have had a good experience here at Chadron State College. So far I have straight A's, which is something I haven't accomplished in quite some time, so gotta give credit to the professors here on campus. One of my complaints about this campus is how they influence the students here to become comfortable, which is why I constantly here about people procrastinating and instead of going to college to challenge their lifestyle, they keep their old ways by dating people back home. I would like if the college at least influenced some sense of urgency. I do like some of the programs the residence advisers plan, as they get a lot of people together and always result in a fun time.
The school is a very good program for science majors and has been very challenging in that field which will make me prepared. What i do not like however, is that the school is very old and is not very accommodating. It is very political here and does not have the warmth or service like my old college.
One of my family members had gone to college there so I was also thinking about it, but then he told me he only stayed because he played basketball for four years. I do not play basketball. He told me it was not all that great so that changed my perspective about going there.
They have good programs to get us ready later.
I have enjoyed all of my courses and professors.
The health and safety here on campus is good.
For what I am paying, I'd rather live off campus.
I have no opinion on the whole Greek thing.
I came here to get an education, not to do sports.
So far so good, but financial stress is annoying.
My professors are the best. I only have three and I've heard many horror stories about other professors on campus, but mine have only been good. They all seem to know what they're talking about and seem relatively happy each class period which is nice. They're all very animated and easy to listen to.
Everything here is dealable but still below average. My roommates bed is so close to mine I can touch her from my bed without even stretching my arm all the way out. Her bed also rocks looks like it will fall apart and maintenance still hasn't come to fix it even though we've asked multiple times.
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The athletic facility here kills. The hours are incredibly wonky. I like to workout at night but I can't do that because it closes at seven. Also, they have a totally separate gym for athletes, that regular students can't use. We have to share the gym with all the people in town. The gym here was a huge letdown.
Overall I know I'm not staying past this first year, maybe not even past the first semester. I can definitely see the appeal of Chadron, it is by no means a crappy school. It just really isn't the school for me. There isn't much to do and I get quite bored quite often.
There is always a security office at night to walk you back to dorms if you need it.
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