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There are many incredible instructors here, however I wish they had given professors aid in understanding the Canvas website. Many don’t know how to use the format properly and this can make homework and online quizzes difficult
Chabot College is very similar to every other community college I've attended. The counselors try their best to help all the students but lack of resources, funding, and/or knowledge doesn't help students choose or even correctly guide the student in the best academic / career path available.
my experience at Chabot college went very well. It is easy to apply and register for classes. The counselors are very helpful through your college years. yes some teachers give more work than others as you should expect but, its college so expect essays. All the teachers that I had I was able to get office hours to ask questions and clear up some confusion. the tutors are also great. I found that the tutors helped me understand the lesson more than the actual teacher sometimes. they environment is great and there is multiple things to be apart of on campus. There is many clubs to be apart of. As whole Chabot is a a great place to start your college journey They will keep you on track to transfer to your desired university. With that being said you still have be involved in your own education so you get to where you want to be.
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My online wexrpierence was okay. It was nothing special. Instead of instruction in a class room it was online. I rather be in a class room rather then be on a computer but that is just me. I did find that it was harder to reach my teachers when information was unclear. A good thing that comes from online learning is that it is more flexible. as long as you meet the due dates you basically can do your work whenever you want wherever you want. I don't have a lot of bad stuff to say about online learning with Chabot. It is just not for me.
My online learning experience is not that bad at all because most of the teachers are very understanding and doings giving unrealistic deadlines.
I got to have a great experience at Chabot college because they offer so many great programs that help the student become motivated for college.
Going to Cabot was an experience of something new. Coming straight out of high school in the year 2018 was a huge milestone but also scary due to not knowing which college I was going to go to. When I took my steps on Chabot College I was immediately drawn to the environment of the campus and the school's welcoming vibe. I have been at chabot for at least 2 in a half years now and the counselors and professors have all been motivational as I'm currently on my journey to transfer to a 4 year university. I would recommend chabot to anyone who is looking for a 2 year to start of college.
My learning experience at chabot has been very transformative, the learning style there actually helped me to study a lot more than I did when I was younger. It inspired me to like studying a lot way more than I did when I was in high school. I also got to learn new ways of how to study and keep my grades up way more than I did in high school. Chabot also have tutors that will help you with certain subjects, Chabot's community is surrounded with people who are ready to learn and succeed. No matter what yips major is or what year, the community wants you to work big and dream really big as well.
What I like about Chabot community college is it is very diverse and the teachers are very helpful to their students they want to make sure that you are understanding what they are teaching they will try they best to help you understand
I really didn’t take online class but I heard that the teachers set up many different ways where you can contact them if you need help or if just need some one to talk to about a personal problem they try to make it easy for you to understand
I take usually 15 units which are half on campus and half online so that I can go to work. I love that the professors are always available and usually respond to questions in a timely manner. They all have the genuine goal of helping you succeed if you utilize their help.
It is a great community college, they are very helpful and have the overall goal of helping you succeed, but you as a student need to be motivated as well. The combination of the two will get you to either transfer to a 4-year university or a license in a specific trade or just a couple of classes to help succeed more in your current career. Highly recommend, and this is coming from what is considered an "older college student" (ie 40 year old) who decided to start over.
What I like about this college is that there’s lots of resources that can help you out. The professors are there to help you out when you need help with your classes. I really love this college.
I took some classes online and overall they were really good. My online classes are easy to take and the professors are really helpful and always help you out when you need it.
Being enrolled at Chabot I have chosen to take majority of my classes online. It may seem overwhelming or intimidating but, once you are able to manage your time and stay updated with your class' material then that can set you up for success! I personally enjoy taking classes online because I am able to work and study at home but more importantly it helps me prioritize my time. Things have gotten overwhelming at times and depending on how many courses I am enrolled in at the same time it may seem impossible. Staying in contact with professors seems slightly easier as they are usually online to teach and have more time to spend helping you virtually which I have enjoyed and taken advantage of! I have always recommended taking online classes to my friends because of some of these reasons and I will most likely continue to take them throughout college!
Starting off at a Community College like Chabot is a great option for anyone looking to further their education! Chabot has a lot to offer in order to fit everyone's interests, set you up successfully for Transfer requirements, and your desired major. I enjoy taking classes here because it is convenient, diverse, and they have so much to offer when it comes to registering for classes. I have taken many GE classes and experienced so many different class environments which I appreciate. Majority of the teachers are there to help you when you need it on campus and online. Counseling fills up quick but, when you have a chance to sit down and get the help you need from the genuine counselors it's a sense of relief. The staff and resources have been helpful with any questions or concerns I've had through out my time at Chabot and have always seemed to tend to students needs!
As a college freshman at Chabot College, I don't regret one bit starting my life here after high school. The campus is quite clean and very easy to navigate. It has a massive library, a place where you can study with a quiet peace of mind. Students will have plenty of sports and clubs to choose from. This college is a great place for commuters because of the many parking spaces. Also, the bus drops you right off at the front of the college. The professors I've met so far are wonderful and are willing to help you succeed. They also have office hours for scheduling to help further your chances of success in the class. The safety is heavy, as there is not much of a party scene and most, if not all, students are taught about harassment before registering as a student. To also add, there are no dorms or housing. The food is very healthy and delicious. All in all, Chabot College is a great place to start off with its great professors, safe campus, outstanding sports, and great activities.
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I came from Peru in September 2015 and I start my classes at Chabot the Spring 2016. I have learn a lot in this college.
Good school to explore multiple majors/classes. Over 100+ subjects. Good people. If you're a California resident, then each unit is only $46, as opposed to $200 + at other private/public schools. Also has FREE tutoring. Very good way to save money and get a good two-year education.
I love the STEM Professors and programs for STEM students available. The professors in general teach very well because they are thorough and straight to the point in lectures. The community is welcoming as long as you find the right group for yourself. There are also many opportunities for students to get involved, such as clubs, sports, honor society, etc.
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