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At the beginning of this year at Chabot I was on academic probation with a 1.8 gpa. Looking back to how much Chabot has helped me grow as a person this year has been phenomenal. This past semester I got all A’s in all of my classes after changing my attitude in school. My professors have helped me engage in my learning as well as the resources that are available for me to do better in school. Looking forward I can see that I made the right decision to come to Chabot form my former university in hopes to go back and finish what I started at UCLA. I still have one more year left before I graduate from Chabot but I know I can do it going forward. I can tell the faculty at Chabot really care about my success as a student. Going forward I would like to see Chabot listen to student feedback a little bit more in hopes to improve the way things work. I can’t wait for next semester and to continue my success as a student!
Great community college with great professors. Great education for a small price. Easy application and student systems.
It is a community based college. It is very resourceful. The only bad thing would be the food options.
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What I like about Chabot College is that the teachers help us to make sure we understand the topic we are learning about in class .
The experience here has been great, the offices have great service and are quick to answer your questions.
A big community college that offers many classes throughout the year. They have Fall, Spring and Summer semesters available. They also have late start classes for those who cannot start on the first day of the semesters. Very diverse, counselors are very helpful and they offer many clubs and advisories that help towards transferring and to get you prepared to work in an occupation.
its okay. really hard to get help from staff. I had a meeting with my counselor and he was phone during my whole entire meeting and then made me feel really bad about how I was struggling academically because i was suffering from depression an lack of motivation from my house issues. I hate cabot and can't wait to transfer out.
I like my teachers and the school environment so far. All students are very friendly and supportive towards the new incoming students.
Chabot college is an excellent community college for those seeking higher education. Located in Hayward CA, it is a short drive away from San Francisco making it very easy to have a break and unwind. The school has many resources to help students including a STEM center and MESA group which provides resources to low income students.
Attending Chabot College as a Stem major has made my studies a lot easier than it would be anywhere else. The students also studying in the same field as me are very friendly and the professor's are very helpful as well.
When i decided to get back to college, it have lots of fears. But when i entered Chabot College, everything is perfect. They have all kinds of helping hands to guide us, to answer all our questions in mind, and most of all to make our selves comfortable in our journey to our goals in College.
I like the amount of care that the professors show for their students. The mass variety of programs set up to support students of all backgrounds is something I really like about Chabot College. I'd like to see chabot receive more funding in order to propel its educational system even further.
I think Chabot College is definitely one of the best 2 year colleges in the Bay Area. My favorite things about it would be the Stem Lab & The Learning Connections Center, they offer quality tutoring for free and has made it possible for me to pass all of my classes so far.
Chabot College is filled with amazing professors who care very much about their students. Students who are eager to learn and have a purpose can benefit a lot from Chabot. Also the transfer rate is pretty high, especially for UC Berkeley.
Chabot is full of opportunities. I am very appreciative to the Daraja program who kept me on track to being successful and taking me from a regular student and bringing out my leadership potential while empowering my fellow African American peers.
Great school if you're undecided or not 100% sure about your career path. Also great for those who are looking for licenses and certificates and don't wish to pursue a degree. The school is out of date, but the administration is slowly rennovating the campus. Plenty of student activity. Gym and athletic facilities available for students who sign up for specific classes. Overall, great school that just needs a few upgrades.
Chabot is a really good school. I love the fact that I get to save money while I'm here. I also love that Chabot has amazing counselors that give me advice to steer me in the right direction.
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I transferred to Chabot College from Berkeley city college. And the transition started out with everything going wrong. However, after contacting all the right staff. All of my issue were taking care of. In a timely manner. Which helped me to pursue my education.
Chabot is a good school , I enjoyed my time there , I met really some nice people and great instructors!
While studying at Chabot College I found Opportunities in Human Resource Management, Payroll, Communication in Human Resouces, Business Communication,Word and Excel power point and I studied in Drama.
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