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I absolutely love Chabot and it has allowed me to explore my major interests. Overall, being at Chabot really connected me to the campus once I got involved.
Very fun,safe,and diverse. Good educational programs for all students in campus. The campus is very accepting of anyone and has good support programs.
The best part about Cabot has to be the faculty. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. The school needs more funding for renovations for some classrooms and equipment.
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I really like Chabot College especially as a student who can't really afford going to a university right away. Their counselors are very helpful when it comes to deciding which classes you need to take in order to finish with your desired length of attendance. Also, the professors are always easy to contact when you need them.
Coming out of high school, the safest option was for me to go to a junior college and do my general education instead of going straight to a university. Not only did Chabot College have counselors that helped guide me along the way, the school also helped me with financial aid basically making my first two years of college free. Although there are many great things about junior colleges, there are still things where Chabot could improve on. The only important inconvenience I had with Chabot would be the time it took to schedule an appointment with a counselor; walk-ins for meetings are very slim.
My experience at Chabot College has only just begun. I've only just met with my counselor and will be starting on August 20, 2018. I'm very eager and excited to start this new journey in my life!
I love the community of chabot people are very kind and quick to help you when you are lost and when you are new how the school works!
Chabot is good for what the college it is, a community college. You save a lot of money, it is convenient in that it is in the middle of hayward so that anyone in the vicinity can go, and that it is diverse. They offer a lot of the classes needed in order to get an associates and also the pre-requisites to transfer into a University. They have teachers and counselors that care about their students, and the student life is pretty active. They are open to joining clubs, workshops, and sports teams. It is great place for meeting lifelong friends along the way, as we endure hardships and joy together. This can be found during school or extracurricular work. I would have to say Chabot serves its purpose thoroughly.
I'm very glad I decided to go to Chabot. It saved me a lot of money and the quality of education is very good. I've always felt welcomed and I've met a lot of people along the way that have helped me find what I want to do in life. These are the life long friends that will stick with me.

It's diverse, its a positive place, there are no signs of prejudice anywhere, and it is an overall great place to go to school.

The only complaint I have is that the counseling center makes it nearly impossible to schedule an appointment. I wish the college would make more of an effort to help the students with their goal of transferring. It doesn't shout "we'll help you" like it should. You have to go find help yourself.
My first year in Chabot college was good, the teacher are very nice, I can get help easily at school.
An excellent place to learn job skills or continue education getting ready to transfer to a four year and it’s fun to learn from a excellent staff of of instructors and the financial aid office is always helpful.
I like Chabot simply because it is a really affordable school .The. staff is really helpful . Im a transfer student from laney community college , while I was at laney I felt like I didn’t have enough support from the staff far as helping me find out what my next steps were for picking classes. Chabot is a overall good school
I enjoy the bustle of the school and seeing many students attend and succeed in their classes. I like that all of my professors are very understanding and accommodating. I would like to see the cafeteria upgraded as well as some of the other facilities such as restrooms and classrooms.
I really enjoy the campus and the facilities it has to offer. There are many incredible instructors here, however I wish they had given professors aid in understanding the Canvas website. Many don’t know how to use the format properly and this can make homework and online quizzes difficult.
I had transferred here when I lost my financial aid in Spring 2017, I really like this campus and the services provided here. I came here with many questions and feelings of defeat, but the school definitely made me feel better. The campus isn't too big and the staff is extremely helpful in admissions. All the teachers that I have had are great and I feel comfortable being here. There are so many programs that are available and this school is wonderful.
Chabot is a good school with many club and activities to become apart of. Every where is welcoming and most of the professors are equally so. I Really have enjoyed my time here so far.
They have wonderful resources on campus for almost anything. There are teachers that make school more motivating and enjoyable.
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Chabot College has a friendly environment and it is affordable. Affordable as one can complete their General Education and transfer.
At the beginning of this year at Chabot I was on academic probation with a 1.8 gpa. Looking back to how much Chabot has helped me grow as a person this year has been phenomenal. This past semester I got all A’s in all of my classes after changing my attitude in school. My professors have helped me engage in my learning as well as the resources that are available for me to do better in school. Looking forward I can see that I made the right decision to come to Chabot form my former university in hopes to go back and finish what I started at UCLA. I still have one more year left before I graduate from Chabot but I know I can do it going forward. I can tell the faculty at Chabot really care about my success as a student. Going forward I would like to see Chabot listen to student feedback a little bit more in hopes to improve the way things work. I can’t wait for next semester and to continue my success as a student!
Great community college with great professors. Great education for a small price. Easy application and student systems.
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