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Chabot College is filled with amazing professors who care very much about their students. Students who are eager to learn and have a purpose can benefit a lot from Chabot. Also the transfer rate is pretty high, especially for UC Berkeley.
Chabot is full of opportunities. I am very appreciative to the Daraja program who kept me on track to being successful and taking me from a regular student and bringing out my leadership potential while empowering my fellow African American peers.
Great school if you're undecided or not 100% sure about your career path. Also great for those who are looking for licenses and certificates and don't wish to pursue a degree. The school is out of date, but the administration is slowly rennovating the campus. Plenty of student activity. Gym and athletic facilities available for students who sign up for specific classes. Overall, great school that just needs a few upgrades.
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Chabot is a really good school. I love the fact that I get to save money while I'm here. I also love that Chabot has amazing counselors that give me advice to steer me in the right direction.
I transferred to Chabot College from Berkeley city college. And the transition started out with everything going wrong. However, after contacting all the right staff. All of my issue were taking care of. In a timely manner. Which helped me to pursue my education.
Chabot is a good school , I enjoyed my time there , I met really some nice people and great instructors!
While studying at Chabot College I found Opportunities in Human Resource Management, Payroll, Communication in Human Resouces, Business Communication,Word and Excel power point and I studied in Drama.
It is a great community college in the area. Being very involved with the state universities makes it even easier for students to transfer. Their academics are challenging and learning environment is excellent.
I have attended Chabot College for three years now and I couldn't be happier with the school. The only issue I have is parking besides that I've always enjoyed this school. It has a very nice campus, plenty of study space, different groups. Also, they have many events that go on for example, transfer day. All the teachers I've have have always wanted their students to succeed. They try their best to teach the material and are very helpful.
Chabot College is a great start if you are a recent high school graduate or a returning student. Chabot offers many degrees and certificates to help students find the right path to achieve their goals. It's a small community college that has many resources and programs to support students achieve their educational goals.
My college experience at Chabot College is going really well in my first year as a freshman. I had joined a Program called Aspire to help me succeed in my goals, planning ahead for my classes, transfer to a four year university, doing scholarship research, and FAFSA. My major in Chabot College is Music because when I first started experiencing music by singing and playing guitar, I really enjoyed it and it makes me to learn more about it for example music theory. My music teacher is a really good teacher to me because he teaches the elements of music and the history of it for example Renaissance and Baroque Music. Also the rest of the teachers they are really nice and helped me to succeed in their class. I've really loved college a lot cause it helps me focus more on my work in class, more responsibilities, making new friends, and participating in more extra-curricular activities.
a degree from a credible school is always great
This school is extremely helpful. I am a first time student after 20 years out of school and the process was very inviting.
the best thing that I like is the organization that the teachers have that make everything super efficient.
I would like to transfer so the counseling center is really great in making that happen.
Most of the teachers i've gotten for my classes are great and very helpful. The professors really do know what they're doing and really care about their students success in classes.
There are a number of people that come to the campus to talk about courses and help students with career oriented activities. What i plan to do is transfer so i haven't really looked much about this matter.
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Before I thought that school was going to be intimidating especially a college. But I've met great teachers that actually care a lot for their students and are really truly their to help you understand the material.
I would like to say that this school has helped me a lot to grow and learn more about how college is. My teachers that I've had so far are understanding and really helpful. I would recommend going to this school.
I personally do not like morning class so I attempt to enroll in class in the afternoon which is fairly easy. There are some classes that are mainly offered earlier in the day but you can also just take the course online.
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