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Chabot has a lot of diversity. I see many different cultures in one place. Chabot has a lot of resources to offer as well as staff that are there to offer help in your classes. The Library has so many books and ebooks for any research plus they have laptops to can be checked out. I like that they offer those type of resources for people who need it. They have a lot of assistance including people who need to work or have a job. They work with job schedules or offer jobs. Chabot is a really good school to attend.
i enjoy the teachers and staff, they keep it professional and real with the students they teach. Always perusing the students to ask questions and to work together. the campus is fairly flat and the parking lot is easy to navigate but hard to find parking. i do believe with the amount of people currently enrolled at chabot there should be plans to renovate and or add more buildings to accommodate.
I really like Chabot College. The professors make it so easy to reach them during office hours or in any other way, they make themselves available. The community as a whole is so welcoming and cool. The one thing that is always a pain is the parking lots the first month of school.
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Chabot College is amazing I like it honestly they are very supportive to the students they will try to help you in so many ways. They offer a lot of special programs to student that help them pay college, pay books, programs that will help them transfer and programs that help immigrant kids. The teachers and the staff are really kind super friendly I haven’t met a teacher or staff that has been rude honestly. The counselors are very good they will help you figure what classes to take if you don’t know special websites that will help get books for less money so you won’t spend much and even rent the books. There’s different clubs to choose from. A difference I would like to see is that they should offer clipper cards or something else for the students that use transportation to get to school. I honestly recommend Chabot to anyone great school.
It was pretty nice school. I got the classes I needed and transferring to a 4 year was painless. A lot of students go here and give up so most entry classes are interesting and can be discouraging. But if you stick around and become a serious student it is a great experience. Can be a great gateway to UC's & CSU's
I took a concurrent enrollment class for only a semester, but my professor was really nice and engaging with the students! He was really fun and overall a down to earth guy!
My experience at Chabot College was horrible, me being a first college student in my family I knew nothing about it. The school also did not help one bit in trying to help with that. My academic goal would change, I never saw the same counselor. The time it took to see a counselor was horrible, and I never even got to take a class that involved my major. The teachers don't tell you if you failed their class and on top of that if one person says something if you talk to someone else the answer switches. Worst two years of my life.
I began my higher education career at Chabot College with an open mind. Over the 4.5 years I spent studying and building community at Chabot, I had the opportunity to connect with excellent professors and peers. My time at Chabot completely supported my transition to a University.
Chabot offers you a pathway to transfer which is affordable. Some of the professors are truly devoted to teaching and to those, I am grateful for. On the downside, I wish their counselors were more responsive and guide you in a definitive, efficient way. There are some professors who view teaching at Chabot an easy check, and are not invested in teaching at all.
I really like this college. Great teachers good online curriculum. The staff are very friendly and they go the extra mile to help you out.
The professors and classes are very straightforward and very concise! The students are helpful and there are many resources that are available to take throughout the semesters! One of the things I would consider would be more extracurricular activities and more clubs! Otherwise, it has been a great experience overall!
This is coming from a junior at Chabot College, if you’re planning to transfer this is not the college for you. It lacks resources, some staff seem like they don’t really want to help you and they seem to have an attitude all the time, I couldn’t even reach them through the phone with all these extra extensions and I’ve been calling them for 2 days. The teachers are okay but the student life is not there at all. Save yourself time and go to las positas instead.
A community unlike any other. Their architecture program carries a very high acceptance rate around 80%+. It's a special community that will carry long past my time hopefully. I know the friendships gained there will be long in my life. Some of the best instructors of my life have been there.
Awesome school, really good professors. Good clubs and a lot of good resources that would help a student transfer.
I entered chabot college right after I got out of high school it was confusing at first but I joined the first year program and they helped me a lot and introduced me to the pace of college. I would definitely recommend it for first year students.
I love it there. You have great staff and resources. Everyone is willing to help you with school and there is the advantage of being in clubs where you see people who are I’m your major. For a community college it’s great. Plenty of diversity.
I love Chabot College because the campus does not make me stress at all. Everyone here is friendly, including the professors. The staff here gives me good advices on transferring and future career, which makes it a perfect place for my education.
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Chabot College makes applying very simple and easy, and there are many classes available that are willing to work with your schedule. However, you are forced to pay for parking each semester, on top of tuition and paying for books along with other costs, which can be expensive and frankly unfair.
Great instructors, many course options, diverse student body. I have taken a wide variety of courses in a short amount of time. Two of my early childhood development classes were with the same instructor and I loved everything about her. My yoga instructor was also wonderful. My biggest complaint is just in regards to their administrative departments like Admissions and Records, Financial Aid, those departments are slow and you have to take care of most things in person at the offices. Even ordering a transcript cannot be done online.
Chabot is like any other campus. It has a very well environment and awesome professors. I would highly recommend it to any student that is looking for a very affordable college. The only thing that sucks is the parking. Too many students and no parking whatsoever.
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