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Both staff and students are all very helpful and kind. As a new student it’s a little hard for me to ask for help but the counselors here are easy to access and they definitely help figure out which classes to take for your major.
Most professors are very interactive and helpful
No problems getting answers back from them or responses to my emails.’
It was a great place to focus and get a lot of help from the staff. I like how everyone was help with anything you needed help with they do they best to assistant you with doing so. The teacher where good they are helpful they give they time to they students to make sure they got or what they need to learn to pass the class. Cerro coso has a great athlete program the sports teams they had or great they all support each other to win and be better. The coach or help to not just they sport but to other sports too . Overall I enjoy the school I would highly recommend it to anybody looking for a place to call home to get they educating.
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The online classes was not bad at all I really enjoyed them they give you more time too work on your assignment. I enjoy the online classes because you can also work or do other stuff and still find time to get you work done on your own time. I also like it because for people with no car don’t have to worry about missing class because they don’t have no ride to class so it helps people who need help.
The school and staff are great but the cleanliness of things like the bathrooms could be better. I enjoy my time there in general.
I like classes online but some of the teachers need to be more on it when it comes to the things that need to be done.
An amazing local community college. Professors know your name and create a connection with their students. A truly enjoyable experience I would recommend it to everyone who wants to go to college but is financially unable to go straight to a four year.
MY experience at Cerro Coso was great. There is not much diversity but the professors are amazing and you can also save some money for university.
I don't really have any issues with the college negatively speaking. The counseling and library services are excellent. My instructors have been excellent as well, both on campus, and in online classes. All of the student services have been very good and the student store has great hours and service making it very easy to get books and supplies expeditiously and decent prices. Tutoring is readily available as well. Housing can be challenging in the area but I haven't personally worked with the school concerning the issue because I already had housing secured before registering. While there is a cafe with some food on the campus, most real meals need to be acquired in town. One could spend a lot of time on campus with the various student services available, but much of regular, everyday life must be spent in town, away from the college.
I like the teachers there. I should change how many teachers there are and how they relate to the students
It is a small school that has a good amount of financial aid available. The teachers are personal and I'v had an amazing experience. They have a lot of nursing and technology programs available.
I love that they have a large selection of online classes available. The professors and counselors are extremely helpful with my needs.
A very typical 2 year school. There is no on campus housing, nor is there much of a student life. There is a student commons area that is comfortable enough. Food options are limited to an overpriced cafe, or snack foods from vending machines or the book store.

Most professors are very good, however there are a number of unprofessional professors who seek to push their views and beliefs onto students, or who seek to have a social relationship with their students. Could do without this.
I really liked my experience here. Like with any school, do your research when signing up for classes and teachers. I had a friend who did not have a good experience setting up a long term plan. The counselor I had was amazing, but I was sad that the counselor my friend had was not able to help him.
I really enjoyed how the staff is heavily invested in your success. I also appreciate how there are many resources available to the students.
I actually go to the Bishop Campus but I like it. They have a nice staff that actually helps you with your work. The counselors are available at specific times of the day which isn't so bad but can be difficult. The food is different from usual colleges because they only have a vending machine until 4:00 which is when a local cafe comes in to sell their food. When it comes to the location, it is very beautiful because it is out in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by nothing but desert hills. The background also has amazing mountains that are usually covered with snow and shows the best sunsets. One problem with the campus however is that because it is in the middle of nowhere, sometimes it is hard to get to but they do give you passes so you can take a bus up there which isn't so bad. Overall, the Cerro Coso in Bishop is actually a very nice school and it is very helpful. There are a few things they could change like maybe giving out more food but in general, it is a good school.
I grew up in the area. Cerro coso is a small community college. Because it is small, professors can actually take the time to engage one on one with students. I loved this college and its very affordable.
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Cerro Coso has taught me that as an adult, you cannot blindly rely on other people to do their job. Most counselors are great, but they are not the experts on the available majors that you need them to be. You must be your own counselor and use them to double check your work. The scheduling process is overly complicated; many classes offered on one to two year rotations, which I imagine is the main reason why most students do not graduate in the "guaranteed" two years. One professor said the average student is stuck here five years. Personally, Coso failed to offer a class required for my degree. I found the class online at another college, and I'm still getting over administration telling me to schmooze the professor to teach the class to compensate for Coso’s failure to follow through on both their academic guarantees and scheduling patterns. However, the professors, honors program, and clubs are amazing. If you go here, bear in mind you must stay on top of everything!
Interactions with faculty and counseling is more intimate than other colleges which is helpful if I need to meet face-to-face with someone. There should be more emphasis on student services and transfer opportunities.
Love all the online courses! Would recommend to all friends and family members looking to do school from home or continue there education.
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