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Cerro Coso Community College has one of the most friendly and caring atmospheres that I have ever that the pleasure of experiencing. The campus looks nice and the staff are very friendly and helpful. The professors at this school are extremely nice and willing to work with students in order to help them succeed. There are also many different clubs and activities for students to partake in. Personally, the financial department has been the most helpful and kind to me. I have enjoyed my time already spent here and I look forward to the years I have to come. The college and people at the college are incredible and beneficial to academic success.
Cerro coso is a great college to receive you academics from,the professors are wonderful as well as resources the school connects you to all together. I really appreciate and am going to continue my career though this college.
Cerro Coso Community College has many different campuses. I am currently at the KRV (Kern River Valley) campus and I love love love being here. It's a smaller campus and this allows for the professors to work with students more of a one on one atmosphere. There are tons of opportunities and services available to all students and I give this college 5 stars! I would give more if I could.
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The professors are tough, but they know what they are doing. They are strict, they have high expectations and they are punctual. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to go here. I am actually continuing my education by taking some classes this Fall, and I am excited to do so.

The teachers teach well, and you leave the class knowing what you need to know, and ready for the next step in your education.
I have loved attending here. I can't wait until construction is done though! The professors are awesome and so eager to help students achieve.
I have enjoyed it greatly. The professors are very helpful and great to work with. It has one of the best libraries I have seen in the whole area. The staff if very helpful. They want every student to graduate with top honors.
Cerro Coso Community College is your everyday college. As of now, the main building is getting remodel. Its a small college where if you do not go to the library you miss out on a lot of information and college activities. The professors and instructors are great. They are all willing to spend one on one time with you and if they are busy there is free tutors available everyone that can also help you. The location is out the way, on the edge of town, were almost all people have to drive or take the bus to be able to reach it. It is also up a hill which makes it that much more difficult to travel too. Besides vending machines, there is only one place to get food and it very basic food: sandwiches, coffee, soup, muffins, and frozen pizza make up majority of the food. There is plenty of diversity among the, but you typically see the same students everywhere as few students are involved with more with more than the basics.
Great community college. However I do wish they had more staff and hours for certain offices. Even their online program offers more classes if you want a bigger variety and people all over California tend the school. Most professors are great but that also depends on the students will to learn. so , overall this college gets a 4 out of 5 stars for the campus and classes it self.
Cerro Coso Community College is a very good school and always wishes to improve on how it spreads knowledge. It has wide variety of programs and it especially has professors and councilors that are hard working to my knowledge to get what needs to be done there at the school.
Cerro Coso is a good two year school. The Professors in the most part are very genuine and care about teaching and our education. Cerro Coso has an amazing welding program with wonderful professors. All the professor have done welding as a profession and have vast knowledge and skills. The classes at Cerro Coso are small, allowing the professor to interact more with the students. Unforanalty since it is a small college the advanced classes are only offered once a year, however on the good note, not many people take them so they don't fill up quickly. I have never had a problem getting into a class due to too many people signing up for them.
I am majoring in Anthropology. Due to the size of the school there is no in seat classes that I will be taking this semester until next which is a downside.
My overall experience at Cerro Coso Community School is great. I think it is a school that feels very welcoming and is easy to adjust to. I am very excited that I choose to stay in Mammoth and attend Cerro Coso mainly because personally I do not think I would have easily adjusted to a larger school and area. I have appreciated the help my professors and school have provided!
Love the campus and how it is improving for the better. I love the diversity, for instance there is a guy that is from china in my speech class. There is a pond in the middle of the science wing, which is nice and relaxing. It is a small campus so its also not hard to get lost at all.
Majoring in nursing is hard at any college, but the classes I need to take towards my degree and prerequisites for my programs are easy to get in to and not so crowded all the time. My chances of getting into the nursing program soon is greater here than any other place.
It's a great school filled with a great staff. For a small school they have a ton of clubs for students to be apart of and events for students to attend on their down time. Campus is small but it is very comfortable.
The most frustrating thing about this school is the inflexibility of classes. If you work at all forget trying to get everything you need. I work full time and it has taken me 4 years to get an AA because of how inflexible their schedule is.
Online courses are not too bad. It's frustrating when in class teachers use online sources to do the class. The MyMathlab program that is often used is a joke.
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This school does not offer anything above certificates and associate's degrees. The alumni isn't really present at all and I haven't found job prospects to all that amazing.
I haven't really seen anything that has anything to do with careers there
The class room sizes don't get too big which is nice. You can actually work with your professor and they typically will remember your name and actually act like your a student not just a number. I wish the courses had more of a variety but sadly no. They can be very limited in what's offered.
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