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When I went to visit this school it was very calm, quiet and clean. It is an average size for a college campus and it has an In n Out near the campus.
Cerritos College has a very welcoming environment and Professors are very helpful and encouraging. However students are not fully aware of services or events available to them.
I am in the dental hygiene program and the professors really take the time to help you succeed. They are with you every step of the way and are always willing to help. I highly recommend this program and this school.
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It is fairly easy to meet local people. A lot of change has been instituted and in the coming years it seems like nights will feel a little rainbowy for a change.
They are a variety of professors there that is a great place for a student could learn and complete one's general education or major. In addition, school staff are friendly that makes one feel welcome to the school and guidance for one education path.

One thing that, that i would change is that school would be illuminated during the night for safety reasons.
I love Cerritos College. The students are very passionate about making changes to the school and I could be happier to be at a school where we admire change. Of course not everything is perfect but student government is trying to change the rules for a much better, comfortable campus for all.
There's a lot of homeless people walking on campus, some with the shopping carts and it feels completely unsafe. Also people can just wall on campus and there's not even a patrol cart roaming around. There should be more security involvement and also prohibit the homeless people which some are mentally ill, off campus. There is not a lot of food places around the area and the campus is decent. They are constructing right now.
It's a nice school but maybe there are others that are better. I can see how many people cannot graduate. The admins don't really point you into a set path to transfer or graduate. I can see how they might even put students in unnecessary classes just to turn more profit.
My experience with this school has been amazing. The professors care deeply about the students work and progress. The professors also try their best to make the class interesting and memorable. The school always has events, and stuff to do around campus. The experience here at Cerritos College has brought me so much things to remember it by.
I have honestly been shocked by the level of education I have received from Cerritos. I went into my educational experience hearing really negative things about community colleges and even reading some things on various websites, I felt nervous! Honestly, the college far exceeded my expectations. My teachers have been beyond helpful and I have been intellectually challenged by them. There are also a lot of honors and priority registration opportunities.
I have enjoyed all of my professors that I have had at Cerritos College they have been nothing but helpful in trying to help me succeed in my college career. The campus is very welcoming and has excellent programs to help its students to get them to reach their goal. Cerritos College has been an excellent experience that I have highly enjoyed.
I think this school is a great 2 year program college. The campus feels very secure and many of the staff are very friendly, also if needed to find a classroom, etc. many of the students are willing to help. So far all the professors I've had have been very pleasant and helpful when I have questions. I just wish there was a more broad option when it came to foods. There is an In-N-Out located across the street from the school (who doesn't like In-N-Out) and a Subway located in the cafeteria. I am no fan of people approaching me with advertisement, etc. which many people tend to like to approach not only myself but others too. I don't like being bothered when I am trying to get to class or any other place on the campus. All good things about the college.
In Cerritos college I've came across numerous of students who are involved in clubs like a 4 year university and many different cultures made me open my eyes there is more than the small city I come from.The professors are great they get to know most students academic wise and socially.
I like the school's buildings, and classes. I also like their courses, and the library, and the accessibility of facilities. I plan on transferring to a university and this is a good launch pad for me at least. The only thing I don't like is the staffing. There are really less science teachers and the ones present are moderate. They're overly strict or too loose. There's a huge under staffing in the school. Also, the counselors were of little help. Other than that the general ed classes were great and helped me understand a great deal of things about the courses I took.
The campus is overall calm. Everyone goes about their own business, so you do not have to worry about distractions when trying to study or do work before a class. The Professors are very helpful if you are ever confused about a certain subject. Most Professors have office hours so you can have a one-on-one talk for any concerns that you may have. You can also set up appointments if your schedule interferes with the office hours that have been set up. There are also many resources available to students if you need help on anything. There are learning centers where you can be tutored and the staff are very friendly and helpful.
My counselor was a very useful tool in my success in Cerritos College. Staying in touch with a counselor with your progress each semester is key!
I’ve attended other community colleges, but this one by far has been the best. They have awesome professors who has encouraged me so much to pursue my career in education.
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Overall, my experience has been pretty good. I think it is a great community college to try out many different classes (I am a biology major, yet I have also taken a couple dance classes). Most students study at the library or in specialized areas (Math Success Center, Chemistry Room, etc.) so you can always meet people there. As for what I would improve, I would appreciate if teachers could teach the students effective study habits since I have seen that some students don't study effectively due to a lack of foundation in high school. Many lost students go to Cerritos College to get back on their feet, and it would be awesome if teachers could help them.
I really like how Cerritos College is small yet big and easy to get around. It had maps all over school which helps. The professors are really good and always willing to help when you ask them for it. The counselors are really nice and want the best for a student. In overall, Cerritos College is a great College! I would totally recommend
Very modernised Community College where student who are enrolled will find a plethora of classes to take to quench their need for education and a great place to meet many great people. Most instructors are great at what they do and have a burning passion to help their student succeed and most to graduate and transfer.
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