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Great support and really care about the students education. They have great programs for students or adults that want to back to school.
what I liked about Cerritos College was the welcoming vibe from the people and how nice and helpful everyone was. I don't see anything that should change the campus is very safe with all the security the have. Overall this Cerritos College is very good.
I believe Cerritos College is one of the best community colleges in the area! They help you with specific programs they offer such as Cerritos Bridge Program that helps high school seniors ease their way into college, with assistance with financial aid to book grants, as well as providing free tuition for two years. I believe staff and professors are very knowledgeable and helpful, every staff at Cerritos wants you to succeed and help guide you in the right direction towards your educational goals!
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Personally Cerritos College has helped me a lot and has made school in a way easy for me because there are so many resources like tutoring, programs, and the success center to help you out with literally whatever you may need. Not to mention that they have work shops that you can attend to help with study skills, math, English, and even help with giving you an education plan to make things simpler for you in terms of what classes to take throughout the years you are attending the college.
The time that I have spent in Cerritos college has been very well treated and has been teaching me the fundamentals on my major which is business. I have not only leaned new information over business but I have also practice my new skills that I have leaned in Cerritos college.
I very much enjoy the relationship you can form with the professors. They are always approachable and often times understand when problems arise at home.
The school has taught me much as community college experince can go as well being exposed to different cultures and ethnicites. The campus itslef was more bigger than expected and offered much help in different areas that were all close by. The professors are hard but they are understanding and want you to strive for success.
A very beautiful campus overall. The academics and resources are great! There is a diversity of professors whom worked in different fields of work and can help give you advice if you plan to work in that intended field.
Cerritos College has a very good chemistry department only being held back by its lack of funding. Most of the other departments are average with some professors being lackluster and some being spectacular.
Going through my first year of college meeting new teachers and fellow class mates went very well. Handling work and school at the same time gave me some difficulty but once I equally balanced it out it worked out very well. Especially with the teachers I had my first year, they encouraged me to not give up and to continue to prosper.
I liked how involved people were on campus. There are always several events going on each week. I met a lot of amazing peers there and networked with many professors and other faculty members. The only downside would be the constant construction going on, as well as some faulty professors that just didn't seem to care.
My experience at Cerritos College it was excellent I learned a lot like machine learning outside the classroom.
Cerritos has provided a tremendous first-year college experience; it exceeded expectations. Cerritos was the best option to save money while one decides which career they choose to take on. The professors are what make or break the experience, and I can honestly say that I have been blessed which such amazing professors. Cerritos helped build a strong foundation to further my education in another future college.
I love going to Cerritos it has been an amazing experience. The professors want you to succeed. I think its just fine the way it is
Cerritos College lacks that sense of unity found amongst any other educational institution. Regardless of the number of clubs and activities you join, there always seems to be something missing.
Though I am just a freshman, my experience at Cerritos College has been very pleasant. My peers are very kind and helpful. The professors so far have been very helpful and easy to approach. I come to school every day knowing I am going to actually learn and get my educations worth.
Cerritos was great! Small classes, I always got in to my classes never had to fight unless I missed my enrollment date. The campus was nice and super easy to find everything. And the classes were fun yet challenging!
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Was a student from Cerritos College who just recently transferred. Most of the professors are decent who try to be great professors. The rest of the staff are unkind and the school is average. I wouldn't usually recommend anyone I know to attend this college. There are homeless who wander onto campus and sometimes there are a lot situations on campus where police have to be contacted.
I love how caring the professors were. They were always willing to help when you needed it. There are a lot of resources and tutors for all subjects. The school was always on top of things and always communicating.
At Cerritos College, there are always events that will benefit its students such as, Club Day, job fairs, community resource fair, the LA Food Bank Truck, workshops. The counseling department is great, they really go into detail about classes that need to be taken for your major. Most of the professors I have had were the best. They were clear on what was needed to be taught, always wanting their students to be engaged, concerned when they notice that their student starts slipping (I have a couple of times). The school is always improving itself in regards to presentation. The bathrooms are always stocked and clean, remodeling buildings for more classes to be taken.
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