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I just started here this fall. The people are very welcoming and the staff and counselors are very helpful.
It has all the classes I need and teachers are wonderful. The campus is not small which is great. There is help anytime you need it.
This college has been good so far. The amenities are improving, and the classes I’ve taken were taught well. Only thing is, sometimes it gets really hard to take the classes you need because they get full easily.
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I love that Cerritos College is very diverse! There are students from many different backgrounds and experiences. You meet some of the best professors here because they genuinely care about your academic success. There's tons of academic clubs and plenty of other clubs as well. I would recommend anyone coming to Cerritos College before thinking of going straight to a 4 year because it's worth the wait.
My experience at Cerritos College has been mainly pleasant. The only critiques I had were #1, that there’s not enough parking so I have to wait 30-40min parked in a section or following another student to their car, #2 they did not allow a class to be repeated at all. For example if I wanted to retake a math class for better gpa- it was not allowed.
At an amazing college, you get a bunch of help and it really helps build up your education. You can talk to counselors or professors to check up on your grades ask for any sort of help.
Cerritos College is a great place to explore your academics and interests. It a beautiful college that has been upgrading their structures and landscape. It counts with passionate and well prepared professors. Nice and safe neighborhood!
What i like about Cerritos college is how friendly everyone is, something i would change is the open enrollment dates
I like the wide variety of academic programs offered by the school and how friendly the staff is. The food venues are okay but a greater variety would be appreciated since most food seems to be kinky fast food.
I loved Cerritos college the teachers and administrators are amazing.In Cerritos I felt as if I was home always felt welcome and safe.
I studied in Cerritos College for 3 years to get my General Education done. Professors in Art major are really helpful and passionate about their subjects. Admissions and records helps a lot with any questions, they direct you to the right place. There are counselors who help you get done with the GE and transfer to a good University.
Its a really awesome school because you can count with so much help. All the staff are very nice , they will help you in anything just for you to be successful
Cerritos community college is very diverse and a great experience of how college is suppose to be. The school has a great support system for new coming students who either was not interacted in school or is. You will become interested in school after this school.
I have taken many online courses and they have all been great. This really allows me to be able to work full time as well as take care of my family, in addition to furthering my education. I do have some classes that are required that must be taken on campus and luckily I have been able to work them into my work and home schedules. And although I understand why there are some courses that need the in-person teaching I would like to see even more opportunities to take required courses online.
The campus is nice and very accessible. There is a mall down the street, gas stations right before the freeway entrance, and many places to eat if required. The atmosphere is very relaxed and inviting. There are former students who have dropped out but still stick around to see their friends. This can be seen as a source of inspiration. The teachers I have had all have been very helpful and compassionate to all their students. There have been several reports of harassment and violence, but you can sign up to get alerts. The campus police doesn't seem to care about anything other than taking money from students by issuing illegitimate parking tickets.
I think that this college has excellent and caring professors and staff. The campus is currently in construction so it will look more modern in the future. The campus is also in a good location, it is right next to several restaurants such as in-n-out. And it is also close to the Los Cerritos mall.
Cerritos has some amazing teachers who really care about their students. The vast majority of the teachers are very well qualified to pass their knowledge down to students. The counseling department could use an online scheduling tool. That would be great.
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Cerritos College offers many student services and many opportunities for their students.The counselors are hard workers.
This college is really not that bad to go in and get one's general ed and hopefully transfer out. Sure it can be difficult to get the classes needed but that is how it is with most institutions.
Cerritos College is a great school. Not only did it help find a major but i had amazing professors and counselors helped me get out in a little over 2 in a half years.
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