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I have only been at Cerritos for one semester and I can honestly say I've been having a great experience thus far. The professors I've had are very friendly and I can tell they're passionate about teaching. They have been very helpful and offer additional help if needed.
cerritos college has a lot of programs that can help students that come from any background, ethnicity, Financial situation and disability. there's a program for almost every student who is struggling with any issues that will affect the students academic out come. the overall goal of cerritos college is to get every student to successfully achieve their academic goals with the help each individual student needs.
I like that Cerritos College makes getting your associates degree for transfer pretty straight forward and easy. However, counselors could be more helpful and informational to students trying to transfer. I spent too long at this college but I did graduate and am now at a CSU campus. The campus for a community college is pretty nice and safe. I had night classes and never felt in danger walking to my car at night. The professors are hit and miss, some really care and others are just there for the check.
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I like how friendly the students and staff are. Especially in the science department, the students are always willing to help each other out with any questions and encourage one another during exam days.
Cerritos College offers a lot of different classes based on majors. Having more available classes offered at trade schools will benefit some students.
Every staff member is so helpful, they help you with whatever you need in the best way possible. All the teachers want to help you in your studies so that you can transfer. The study hall and resource centers take the stress out of school work. You can find everything you need on the school website.
Community college isn’t really two years you know. It took me four, but then again I changed my major 3 times. There were a lot of things I didn’t know going in because I’m too afraid to ask questions. Two years in and I wasn’t finished, I had no other options but to start asking. Immediately I found myself realizing how stupid I had been and how clueless and blind I had been. Cerritos offered extensive help and although I always had a problem with my residency status, they were there to help. A special and warm thank you to my professors. Tor Lacy, Mark Abbrussese andTerrance Mullins, the three most bad ass advisors and friends whom which without I wouldn’t have been motivated enough to keep going. Teachers and staff really do make a difference. Here I am, on my way to success. Thank you Cerritos for being with me half the step of the way, partially my fault for being lazy but you picked me up and carried me out.
Cerritos has a nice little campus that they are constantly improving, but there is one area I wish they would consider improving. As an adult working full-time, I found it very difficult getting enrolled in all the classes I needed. While the school caters to full-time students and it athletes, it seems to neglect the working professionals that are enrolled. From office hours, to counselor appointment times, to enrollment priority...there are a lot of ways they could consider helping this segment of their students.
Cerritos College is by far one of the best community colleges in Southern California. Not only are the professors amazing, but the programs there are fantastic! As a psychology major the opportunities are endless. There are a broad selection of classes to choose from, an active psychology club to partake in, and also outgoing professors who are there to help guide you in the correct direction every step of the way.
I am currently going to Cerritos college for the Speech Pathology program. The councilors that are in LINC program that I am currently in are the best . They give the greatest support system and also the calworks program. Cerritos has several events fairs for students to involve in to finish their education. They also have a grocery food give away and pantry for students for free which is a wonderful deed to me .
It's nice. . Great teachers. Very helpfull. All my professors are great in explaining the material needed. I do have issues with the math department the one you go on your pace they don't let you take a test without school OF. Some staff very rude ignoring you.
I've taken a few classes at Cerritos College through a program, as I am still a high school student and I've really enjoyed these classes. The professors are really helpful and really care about helping you improve your skills as long as you care. The campus is overall nice considering it is community college.
I was at cerritos college for three years and on my third year I was ready to transfer out. The college was very helpful and the counselors were eager to help me with my transition. The school had provided many opportunities to make the transition easier. They held many fairs and had may speakers come.
Cerritos College is one of the best 2 year colleges out there. Very affordable, tons of clubs and activities to get into, amazing counselors that will help you move on to the 4 year college, as well as great athletics. Cerritos is the all around package if you're looking to kick start your college career.
Cerritos College offers a variety of groups, clubs, programs, and events that help the individual student's needs. The Scholar's Honors and K-16 Bridge programs helped me quite a bit in the transferring process. Professors are also there to help students not only in class but in their career goals. The best thing for students to know when attending the school is to utilize what is available and make connections with staff and professors. I do see some of my peers who are not fully aware of all the resources that are available to them or are completely overwhelmed. The only thing I would like to see more of is active participation from those students.
Cerritos is a beautiful campus with a good variety of students. The campus is clean and well maintained. The only quite unfortunate thing is that campus security could be slightly improved.
"What I like about Cerritos College was the fact that there are amazing Professors at that school. I've connected with all my Professors amazingly and that has helped do better in the courses that I took. What gets me about my Professors is the fact that they are very good at what they do, they will perform lecture or lab depending on what class you have, then they will break down the lesson amazingly to which I can understand.
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Cerritos college is located in a nice area , the campus is clean and the students attending are all focused and filled with good energy . The staff are friendly and very helpful , even though there are hundreds of others waiting to be tended to as well . the programs of study are excellent and very beneficial to the field one might take interest upon.
Cerritos Community College has been my home for the past five years. I will now be class of 2018 and will be transferring to a Cal State. I grew up into the young adult I am today because of Cerritos College. I have met great people who are from nearby cities and gained many friends with the similar goals at this school. Cerritos College is located in a peaceful and safe environment. I will truly miss Cerritos College.
Cerritos College is a nice campus. Cerritos College offers great programs. The environment is safe for the students.
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