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Every Professor I had was willing to help me advance in their class and work with me. The child development program is amazing. The transfer center was a big help with the whole process.
I have been a student at Cerritos College for about a year and a half, and as a first time generation college student I cannot emphasize how much im happy to a part of this community. For a community college in the city of Norwalk, it has a great renovated campus area with several different programs/classes to offer. Whether you are interested in completing a two year assoicate degree or transfering to a univeristy later on, Cerritos has multiple consuelors and staff to assist you and wonderful professors to guide you in choosing your future career.
What I like about Cerritos College is how they are willing to help anyone who want to transfer to the university they like and who want to get their associate's. What I would like to see change about Cerritos College is they really should have more film classes and more film professors since I am a film major and I find it a bit disappointing that there is not much of a huge focus on the film department compared to other departments for other majors. I also find it a bit disappointing how there are not that many film majors attending at Cerritos since they do have such a good film program despite what I just said about how there is not a big focus on film.
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You can find teachers that are open minded, highly educated and totally inspirational. It's very important that you choose the teachers based on their education and other's comments; not on how easy they are.
i am still enrolled in cerritos and i believe it was best decision i made since all the classes get you read to transfer and also get you reader for your career choice
It is a very friendly and calm learning environment! There are many helpful resources like EOPS, Math and English tutor labs, computer labs, and a lot of friendly staff; There are many places to go study around campus and good food choices on and around campus also! Really enjoyed my time here!
Before I went to Cerritos College, I heard nothing but bad things. However, it is quite the opposite. I have enjoyed my time at Cerritos college and most of the professors and faculty there are amazingly helpful and care about you succeeding. One thing I do dislike about Cerritos College is that parking is hard to find since the school is packed with students, but it is not a big deal. Also, some classes get waitlisted quickly that I believe they should offer more of these classes that get waitlisted so that they don't hinder student success or the time they need for transferring.
It's a good college with a lot of great and kind staff members who do care, but you have to do the research and find those out for yourself. Unfortunately, these resources are hard to find if you aren't on campus for long periods of time. In addition, some classes may cancel and be prepared to only have a few units per semester if you don't have priority registration. A great college if you have flexible lifestyle.
Overall the campus is great. There’s a few amount of teachers that are successful with teaching new material and most others that make it difficult.
Good size campus, many different class options, great programs and tons of student resources and free as well.
Medium Sized Campus. Easy to sign up for classes. Has a great system to access their financial aid offices, although the lines can get too long. Many great professors with a passion to teach.
Cerritos College located in Norwalk, CA is a very welcoming campus and good atmosphere for new students. The availability for classes isn't as great as other colleges but it gets the job done. Professors are always professional and helpful. Great school but could use improvement when it comes to classes and the admissions office.
I have only been at Cerritos for one semester and I can honestly say I've been having a great experience thus far. The professors I've had are very friendly and I can tell they're passionate about teaching. They have been very helpful and offer additional help if needed.
cerritos college has a lot of programs that can help students that come from any background, ethnicity, Financial situation and disability. there's a program for almost every student who is struggling with any issues that will affect the students academic out come. the overall goal of cerritos college is to get every student to successfully achieve their academic goals with the help each individual student needs.
I like that Cerritos College makes getting your associates degree for transfer pretty straight forward and easy. However, counselors could be more helpful and informational to students trying to transfer. I spent too long at this college but I did graduate and am now at a CSU campus. The campus for a community college is pretty nice and safe. I had night classes and never felt in danger walking to my car at night. The professors are hit and miss, some really care and others are just there for the check.
I like how friendly the students and staff are. Especially in the science department, the students are always willing to help each other out with any questions and encourage one another during exam days.
Cerritos College offers a lot of different classes based on majors. Having more available classes offered at trade schools will benefit some students.
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Every staff member is so helpful, they help you with whatever you need in the best way possible. All the teachers want to help you in your studies so that you can transfer. The study hall and resource centers take the stress out of school work. You can find everything you need on the school website.
Community college isn’t really two years you know. It took me four, but then again I changed my major 3 times. There were a lot of things I didn’t know going in because I’m too afraid to ask questions. Two years in and I wasn’t finished, I had no other options but to start asking. Immediately I found myself realizing how stupid I had been and how clueless and blind I had been. Cerritos offered extensive help and although I always had a problem with my residency status, they were there to help. A special and warm thank you to my professors. Tor Lacy, Mark Abbrussese andTerrance Mullins, the three most bad ass advisors and friends whom which without I wouldn’t have been motivated enough to keep going. Teachers and staff really do make a difference. Here I am, on my way to success. Thank you Cerritos for being with me half the step of the way, partially my fault for being lazy but you picked me up and carried me out.
Cerritos has a nice little campus that they are constantly improving, but there is one area I wish they would consider improving. As an adult working full-time, I found it very difficult getting enrolled in all the classes I needed. While the school caters to full-time students and it athletes, it seems to neglect the working professionals that are enrolled. From office hours, to counselor appointment times, to enrollment priority...there are a lot of ways they could consider helping this segment of their students.
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