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The online courses this semester are little excessive, feels like a lot of busy work is being given.
Century College is a pretty great school. The Professor’s are understanding, the work is interactive and keeps you engaged.
My online experience has been great. The teachers are very helpful and are always willing to help you via email or Zoom.
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Century College is an amazing technical college. The instructors and the atmosphere make learning a great experience.
I have mostly done my college courses online with century and I have to say its amazing! I thought I would have a hard time keeping up with the work outside of a classroom setting but the professors and other staff made it very easy!
Century college has amazing resources for students and is very positively diverse. I wasn't on campus as much as most students who attend this campus but everything I have experienced has been amazing. from the staff to events on campus to the students and new friends that have helped me through my first year.
All of my classes are online this semester, but that’s related to COVID. I prefer in-person, but it’s fine.
Advisors have been great! Website is user friendly and there are tons of resources for new students!
The instructors at Century College have proven time and time again to be knowledgeable and relevant in their fields. I have found them to be approachable, and genuinely invested in my success as a student, and a professional. They offer honest advice and thoughtful feedback, and foster supportive student-teacher relationships.
I also appreciate the variety of students at Century College. As a second career, non-traditional student, I never once felt out of place. My classmates range from fifteen years older to fifteen years younger than I am, but we all work together towards common goals.
The online learning at Century College has been overwhelmingly positive. D2L, Starfish, and E-Services are all accessible and easy to navigate. Instructors are quick to respond, and help is easy to find. This past semester when we had to switch all courses to being completely online, without warning, I was impressed with the competence, patience, and leadership shown by staff and faculty.
I have not taken any online courses as of now. I am wondering since the virus that I will have to to further my education. I’m scared about online courses because that is not how I learn or cone t with others I need face to face contact.especily with what I am trying to go for. I am hoping to not take online courses.
The carrier advisors are very kind and help you with anything you need. They are very supportive. The financial aid office helps you and offers advice if you ask. They are very quick to respond to you and your needs. I am very excited to attend my program and further my education to make my life better and have a bright future .
Yes i took 6 classes online.The teachers created a discussion group where we could discuss among ourselves and asked questions with the teacher coordinating it.I enjoyed it because in cases where the teacher may be too busy to answer a question, any of our classmates gave us a helping hand. We were also free to email the teacher with what ever question that we didn't understand about the class at any time and they were very prompt in replying to mails.
The teachers teach very well and everyone is friendly and were always willing to help me at any time that i needed help.
I had multiple online classes, the format was extremely easy to use. The teachers also knew how to use the site.
The campus is small, and they do not have dorms. The apartments they point you too are not in a good part of town. The college is overall good. They work with you and contact you if you’re missing anything.
I was already doing online learning, so my classes were not affected. However, I do know of peers that were struggling immensely.
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The college is quite average. You don't get any fancy bells or whistles of other colleges. You go, you learn, you leave.
Good education for an affordable price. Professors are helpful and care about student success. A nice first step to achieve an AA degree before transferring to complete a Bachelors.
century college offers a variety of programs and degrees that lead directly to employment or transfer to four year universities and is very diverse.
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