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I went through the Dental Assisting program at Century College and I loved it. The curriculum and knowledge I learned set me up perfectly for my board exams. Century also set me up with internships which helped me to get my first job. I had a great experience.
So far all of the staff and students have been great. There are a ton of resources for all kinds of needs for all types of students. Everyone that works there is very actively involved in the student’s success and wants to see everyone go on to great things. This school is affordable and amazing and they’ve really helped me be able to start my educational journey off on a good note.
Century college is a school I think everyone should look into. The teachers there are so wonderful and understanding. I feel that teachers have a big influence on whether or not you like the school, and I learned to love it.
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It's cheap for a reason. The school tries but the teachers are sometimes... Bad. You get what you payed for (sometimes less).
Century is a great two years college. It was great experience for me and all the people i met there.
Great teachers that help students succeed. Cheaper prices around the area but does not cut the quality of the education. A lot of different programs to choose from. Every staff member there is out to help you succeed in any way possible.
I like the smaller size, and convenience Century's location is for me. The affordability is a big plus as well.
I love being in the paramedic program at Century College. This is a great school to go to if you want to get generals done or get a 2 year degree for a specific trade. The cafeteria is staffed by students who are in the culinary program and the food is great.
Century College is a great place to attend. Not only is it financially friendly, it is a place where education and community are emphasized.
I went to Century College for two years. I was able to transfer my PSEO credits so I had a head start! They matched up the credits to their classes then helped me pick out classes to start two careers for myself, the first being in law enforcement with a sociology perspective and the second being a medical examiner. I am now transferring all credits from my AA degree to continue my education to be a medical examiner! Their classes were mixed between online and in person. I personally enjoyed the online classes as I was able to learn at my own pace while being able to teach myself how to learn by myself while still using resources when needed. They were there every step of the way and the students were great too! I would highly recommend this school to anyone who either is going back to school, needs a head start, or just going for some night classes. The staff is extraordinary!
Great! Quick to respond to emails, staff is helpful and friendly. Campus could use some updates, but has a good amount of amenities for students!
my experience is century is average. It's a good school and the professors there actually care about you, but my problem is the system there. I had to take this writing test on a article to see which comp I can be in and I got into one where its 8 credits but its over $1000 and I didn't have the money for it at all I even applied for fafsa and I got nothing, my parent don't pay anything. I don't get help its all me. I do the best I can and I'm doing fine in the class. The other students at century are very nice and easy to make friends.
Century College has a medium sized campus with great food options as well as a cafe. They will transfer credits to a four year college. They have many free options for studying help and tutors. There have fine art activities and sports. As well as tons of clubs. It is an extremely affordable college.
You can definitely tell a lot of the teachers do not want to be here. The offices are all run by students pretty much who never know how to answer your questions. Do not be surprised when you look at the Century Commons and immediately think of a crack shack. The bookstore is awful filled with a bunch of grouchy old ladies who make snarky comments to you and don't want to help you.
My experience with Century College so far is going great! The professors I have had are all passionate about what he/she is teaching. I have met a variety of people who are from all over the world! I never would of thought to have friends from Kenya or Egypt but now I do! The cafeteria offers a variety of food to choose from on your intervals between classes. One thing that I found extremely helpful is the 500 count free printable pages the school allows you to print anywhere in either West or East campus. The counselors are AMAZING at helping set students on track where they want to be. I plan to continue my education and hope for more new opportunities to come my way!
I currently study nursing at Century College and am approaching my second semester. My experience at Century so far has absolutely been enlightening, the professors are awesome and really reflect their knowledge within their teaching. Century has also showed me how much better it is than high school by how the staff and students take each other seriously and relativity of the work given.
The best thing about century is it's diversity. This is great especially for people of color, and it contributes a lot of uniqueness to the college. I have been here for 3 semesters so far, and have almost no complains. The only thing I want to say is that the cafeteria food is way over-priced and they don't give you enough food for what you're paying.
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It has been wonderful, really enjoy everyone there. The professors and the students are all determined to succeed and the teachers are willing to help put any student when they have questions. I really like the diversity and the amount of activities there are to do in the college.
Nice Engineering program... great FAB Lab.. professors usually patient and flexible.. quite library... could use more online classes
Century Community college is hyped to be a overall excellent choice to start college. What they don't inform you is the ability to reach that next step. The advisors don't push you to come in. Being at century for three semesters I have witnessed the good and the bad of Century and I am here today to say that there is only two reasons why I am at Century still. One is the money being only 5K a year sure helps you understand which degree you want and how you will be able to obtain it. People always tell me I am smart for going to a community college but you really don't get that college experience everyone else does at a 4-year college. The big reason was because of a Instructor named David Her an excellent helper as he understands how students are feeling in math. Being experienced with this area he has helped me reach a level that you wouldn't of thought you had without his direction to success.
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