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the college is very accepting and very helpful. A great school to help you transition from high school to a four year university.
Changes to half time and full time student credit needs has wrecked tuition.
Changes to degrees have slowed ability to gain the degree.
There has been lies about if you get a degree/complete a program they will find you jobs, or that is all you need for a job.
I am in the 916 program at century college and really like it there. Although I am there for a minimal time of my day it is a very enriching program and worth doing.
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Century college is a great stepping stone school towards getting a bachelors degree. It is very affordable school with a plethora of courses to choose from. My experience here was incredibly beneficial towards helping me find a career field that I am passionate about.
I have had quick responses from the college, which is good. They also have a big variety of majors to choose from. Something to change is that it seems like they are unwilling to be flexible in terms of helping students.
Even though I went to Century for only a semester, I loved it. It was just like high school. I saw all my friends and made new friends. Everyone was so friendly. My advisor was so nice and helpful. They're always emailing you about events and keeping you update on what's going on in school. There's never a bad day in school because the mood there is so friendly. Everyone's always smiling and saying high to each other.
Teachers are really helpful but you have to make yourself known. Ask questions, go to office hours they won't hold you hand. This campus is very liberal, focus on affirmative action and LGBTQ students. Campus is updated but everyone pretty much goes home after classes. Class size is small which is nice and the academic advisors are helpful. The tutoring center such as the math resource center was very helpful throughout my statistics and algebra class. Overall good experience, parking is included in tuition and not a hassle.
they are great , nothing to change. On campus parking great. Very helpful if need question asked. Setting up appointments with counselors is easy. Classes are offered at varied times even at night.
This is one of the best colleges have visited here in Minnesota. The professors are wonderful and every helpful. The college is friendly oriented. The classes are spacious and there is enough parking for everyone
I am on my second semester at Century College, the programs and the facilities are excellent. However for no reason at all some staff seem to have negative outlook on veterans, as I am one.
I am super happy that I chose to attend Century College. It's affordable, close to home and a great education. Century has many types of programs, degrees, and certificates, it's amazing and convenient.
I love the diversity Century College encourages throughout the campus. Everyone is incredibly nice and seeks no discomfort to teach you new things everyday.
I am originally from California and have attended several community colleges there. Since becoming a Minnesota resident, I must say that my experience as been incredible. From rapid response time to the sincerity of professors and admissions staff. I couldn't have asked for an easier transition. I am extremely grateful for the staff who have helped me ease into my educational career.
Century College is a very good small college for those who are looking to start their college journey slowly. Good Environment.
The people at Century College are very kind, and the professors (at least in my area of study, Creative Writing) have very impressive credentials. The only gripe I have with it is that the cafeteria closes too early.
Century is just a typical 2 year college. I ended up transferring after those two years and surprisingly, most of the credits transferred. The thing that I really liked about this college is that it seemed like the professors really cared about you and wanted you to succeed. Parking wasn't always the best but if you get there early, you'll find a spot. I was wait listed for the rad tech program and decided I didn't want to wait another year to apply, which is why I transferred.
I went through the Dental Assisting program at Century College and I loved it. The curriculum and knowledge I learned set me up perfectly for my board exams. Century also set me up with internships which helped me to get my first job. I had a great experience.
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So far all of the staff and students have been great. There are a ton of resources for all kinds of needs for all types of students. Everyone that works there is very actively involved in the student’s success and wants to see everyone go on to great things. This school is affordable and amazing and they’ve really helped me be able to start my educational journey off on a good note.
Century college is a school I think everyone should look into. The teachers there are so wonderful and understanding. I feel that teachers have a big influence on whether or not you like the school, and I learned to love it.
It's cheap for a reason. The school tries but the teachers are sometimes... Bad. You get what you payed for (sometimes less).
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