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Century College - Puerto Rico Reviews

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Gets the Job Done – I am really just at century to transfer to another college and get some credits out of the way and this is a really great place for that. But since i have that mentality that is all it is to me. But for someone who wants to stay here for a while there are plenty of things to do. Also all of the teachers I have had are very knowledgeable and nice and the campus and building (west campus) is uniquely designed and it is actually pretty welcoming and interesting for a community college. I do recommend seeking out your classrooms before hand though because I got lost multiple times. If you are looking for a trustable place to go to knock out a few credits, this is a great place.
It's average. Although I haven't had much problems dealing with it all.
Computers are somewhat available to all students. There are a very large amount of students that attend Century college so sometimes its difficult to find a open computer.
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This has been my firs year at Century College. So far my classes have been enjoyable and manageable. The staff has been also quite helpful.
Doing an online course is very easy to use, every professor makes sure the student can find information and lets them know when something is changed or due and the syllabus explains everything too.
I don't like the campus and all the changes to the physical areas, but I can understand that the school is trying to expand. I am trying to experience more of the school events and I've been pretty pleased with them so far. I've also come across some teachers that I really "click" with amongst the majority that I've found dogmatic and inflexible. However, I suppose the conventional wisdom "you get what you pay for" applies to Century. At least I will get my degree and continue trying to learn something from every experience.
The Post- Grad Services Are Great – I haven't researched much about the post -grad services but i have heard that they are great.
Resources on Campus Are Great – The resources at Century College are amazing. The athletic centers, student center, libraries, campus activities, and general campus aesthetics are all located in a easy access one building.
I Haven't Started Classes Yet – I enrolled in the interior design program. I am excited to start.
Professors Take Interest – most of the professors take an active interest in there students and will seek them out to talk about anything and everything.
Student Days – my school is really student orientated. there are always things going on for students.
Favorite Experience – my favorite experience was when i used to eat lunch with a few of the staff members that i knew from high school.
All Got Transferred to U of M – They have good connection to most 4years University in Minnesota. Schedules are not bad, it fits for me pretty good
Helpful Staff and Nice Teachers – The school staffs and teachers are all very helpful and nice. They welcome students to ask questions and try their best to help student to perform their best in school.
Everything Ok, but Wifi Always Have Problem – We have a limited printing quota each semester about 500 - 750 pages depend on which printer we use.
Speed and reliability is ok.
Wireless access sometimes got so busy that we can't login
It's good to have a personal computer but not really necessary
Century College is more reasonably priced than a lot of other community and regular colleges. There's a backlog of financial aid requests at this time, so there haven't been timely reviews of them, but they are working to resolve that.
There is a wide variety of courses to choose from. The staff cares about the students and wants them to succeed. It's relatively close to home so I don't have to worry about finding on- or off-campus housing. I was a student in one of its partner schools a long time ago, before they merged, so it was easier for them to enroll me than it would have been at other colleges.
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