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What I like about Century College is that they have instructors, counselors, advisers and tutors who are willing to help you when you need it. It would be nice if they expand the campuses because it's affordable and so everyone attends there.
What I like about century college is that all the professors in there are really nice even the students too. And theres a lots of students who are from other states that also attends in century college which is a good thing, since its nice to make new friends with people who are a different racist. Also I like how theres not a lot of students in one class like a 4 year college because, the teacher can focus on you so you'll get good grades and pass. What I like/want Century College to change is I want it to be a 4 years college since its a really good school and not far from home. Otherwise I don't really have any other thing that I don't like about century college. since I pretty much like everything about it.
I love Century College, it's affordable and has many opportunities for students. The college has a great diversity and campus life. Although Century does have their own apartment complex next door, I wish there was more of a "live on campus" scene.
Review Century College - Minnesota
I really like that they try to work with you. All of my professors have been encouraging and understanding. The only thing I would like to see change is the parking situation, especially on East campus. I love Century!
Very easy school to go to. The most affordable, convenient. Lots of online classes. Classes are not too big. The professors seem passionate about their subjects.
I really enjoyed attending Century College. They made me feel welcomed and treated me with professionalism.
Century college is a school for everybody, the instructors there have a good student-teacher interaction that makes you comfortable. I did my Prerequisites there and my experience was amazing. If your looking for a great school to start your career, Century is the place. Its full of life and so much more.
I would highly recommend Century College to any student who isn't sure what they want to do in the future. The professors and academic advisors at this school will go the extra step to help you discover what path you want to follow. As a community college, Century is very affordable, and you can earn an Associate's Degree or Minnesota Transfer Credits and become prepared to transfer to another institution.
The student life on campus is very diverse and welcoming. They student body hosts many events throughout the year. The cafeteria is home to an Erbert's and Gerbert's sandwich shop and the school is located around many other off campus food options.
I would tell any perspective students to tour Century College and talk to an academic advisor. I was very happy with my experience at this school!
Great school with helpful staff and wonderful instructors. Great atmosphere! I love the online class options, and wide variety of degree options.
I like the overall size of the campus. I feel that I can make it to each class on time, and that the class sizes are reasonable for each course. The clubs and organizations are very outgoing, providing information and other resources for club, and non-club members alike. The professors are open and glad to help wherever they can, and are respectful to all of the students that come by.
I love that this college offers many programs and degrees to choose from. The tuition is also very reasonable and awesome. All the staff, professors, and students are always friendly. The campus is very easy to navigate. Every day I would look forward in going to campus because the atmosphere of Century always made me feel welcomed and comfortable. Awesome College!
my experience at century was alright when i first started going there it felt like high school all over again. it is a good school to get general classes out of the way. some staff need to work on their manners and be more helpful towards students who need it.
I am working on it.
Not a lot of this,
At least I have learned something little.
Whenever I ask for help, no one listens. Limited number of available Help for crisis situation. I guess College is only for making money.
Never really took classes online or anything but use technology to turn in homework and stuff and it is not user friendly at all and teacher had to fix a lot of people's grades and was not really useful. I would rather learn on paper and carry a bunch of books around.
Review Century College - Minnesota
I plan on leaving with two majors here within my two years of going to school here and finding a job that goes along with my career and major
There are many different resources that are on campus that can make sure you stay successful in your education and for your major.
They have a lot of clubs and things to do there outside of the classroom environment and also you get to connect with others and meet new people you didn't know before
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