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I have quite a few concerns about this school and what they promised upon enrolling in the MA program they have. They promised job placement and that never happened, actually I've graduated 3 years ago and I'm still not working in my field. Now here's where it gets interesting, I'm currently being garnished and in lots of debt behind this school. Please research schools before signing your name because these private schools will tell you anything to get money from you. They were not willing to help when I needed help with any questions about a class or anything. I hope this review helps someone because I was blind sided and I know a lot of people who aren't working in their field.
Teachers were great here. They strived to make past and current students successful in their overall life. They worked constant after hours to ensure students understood the curriculum that was presented in front of them. The cost could have been less as most technical universities do cost a lost less but the overall experience was a great one.
Great environment the staff will go there way to make sure you become sucessful. Staff is very friendly and some alumni come back to teach new students
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Great college for working adults! The faculty is very helpful and friendly. Student moral is high and inviting.
I am in my first Mod at Centura College and I em enjoying every bit of my process towards my success in IT. I am soaking up so much information in IT and discovering so much. I am anxious for graduation, walking across that stage will mean everything to me.
It has been very helpful being able to take night classes because I have small children.
Online classes can be more convenient for some people, while others enjoy a classroom setting more.
Centura College has a strong support team of professors and administrators who are ready and willing to help students look for and find the perfect job for them.
The class sizes are not too big that you feel lost or ignored my the professor. Everyone is able to talk and interact during class.
Earning a degree from Centura College opens the doors to many different opportunities.
Massage therapy is a hands on kind of career and the professors make sure that the skills needed in the real world are the skills that you will have upon graduation. The workload isn't too much but it is helpful and easy to understand.
So far my experience at Centura College has been nothing less than awesome. From the very first day that I walked onto the campus I felt welcomed. I stopped by simply to inquire about the school and that same day I ended up applying and starting a month later.The staff there is amazing and very helpful. I am so glad that I chose Centura College!
I live right near the school so it is easy to get around. I recently took my first computer course and I felt it was very beneficial and helped teach me how to create a website. I am still struggling to transfer credits but I know it will fall soon.
I have not taken an online course yet but i will soon.
I have looked into their programs that help students find jobs. the staff works well with students in providing information about the work force. There are also career fairs held at the school to engage students with employers face to face.
I plan to become an entrepreneur using this degree as a badge to certify my work ethic as a promotional marketer. I value the staff because they help motivate me and inspire me to do better.
As a transfer student i look forward to working in a school environment that has a small setting so I can focus on my career goals. The class sizes are decent and the courses are challenging but the professors are well informed. They use real life experiences to teach the student incorporating a delightfully blend of course work that one can use in the real world. The courses offers a well balanced curriculum centered around helping students create a business state of mind socially and economically.
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My work work load is fair because I enjoy what I'm learning and I appreciate academic environments that contribute to the greater good of their students. My school environment has helped me meet a lot of influential people in the political world and has geared me toward plenty of promising internships. I look forward to future endeavors working closely with companies that will boost my integrity as a professional.
I enjoy my questions and answering them with good faith that my opinion will be considered and valued.
Because there are morning and night classes, I am able to go to nights a day if needed if my schedule is too crazy. The instructors know that everyone has their days when they will be off or cant make it to school, and they try their best to help us in an way, and will also help us if we miss any days.
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