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Centura College - Richmond Westend Reviews

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This cost is great and theyre willing to work with you.
The professors at the school are awesome, they help you whenever it is needed and they also offer tutoring on day and night classes. There are about five programs: Business, Criminal Justice, Medical Assisting, Licensed Practical Nursing, Medical Billing and Coding, and Massage Therapy. Class registration and schedule are very simple and you don't have to do any of it the administration does all of the scheduling and register for you, all u have to do is show up and attend class.
I am a business major, and the classes are more than what I expected it to be. I dislike large classes where you can't get a question answered because there are so many students. There are no electives that you have to take, you only focus on the main classes, which I love. The workload is very light. Centura College Richmobd-West also has student services that will help you find a job or internship while still in school to give a little more hands on experience.
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It was hard for my school to receive my application.It took me a few times to get it processed through to them correctly,but it went through.I just want to make sure that I get the financial aid I need to pay off some of those loans I have on my bill. I got this grade because I had some difficulties wth my work.
The education and support I am getting is worth me paying for every month.
Pick a Friend up – They have people willing to help other people get to and from school if you live in the richmond area. Which is a good thing because alot of people want to go to school just don't have the transportation to get there.
Career Day – I like how we get to have career day where employers get to come and meet us. It gives us an opportunity to ask questions before applying to a job that u not going to satisfied with. I feel after I finish school centura going to help me the best with finding a job. So I would reccomend this school to everyone.
The type of classmates I have come from all different types of backgrounds and races. There is a diversity at Centura College and I love that a lot.
I enrolled at Centura College because of hoe helpful and understanding the staff was and their school courses fit my schedule and there is always someone available when I need help with my homework. Great Job Centura College. A+
The career center is good for people who would like a career in the field they're seeking.It shows you and teaches you everything you need to know about that career.
To Be a Massage Therapist – Massage therapy is a growing field; and its ben great to be appart of this program. I feel that i am learning well and ;im bonding with students and teachers. There are only two courses of study at the school so its hard to say wat the defference is in massage therapy at centura than anywhere elts.
Small and Personal – The small class sizes make for a great learning environment. The smaal classes also make it easy to get close to your class matse and partisipate in study groups. To sum up centura college (its great ).
Online Learning – I like how the modules are set up. Also, the tests the teacher gives us. Also, I enjoy studying for the classes.
Various Items – A person does get a computer with the program. It would help the person to have a computer if they are taking online classes. Also you have various computer labs where you can work from and you can print.
Very Excellent – Class registration is easy and the workload is not overloaded.
Very Good – You can be entered into scholarships and other financial aid awareds. I have learned alot at this school.
Very Rewarding – The classes are easy and they are rewarding and easy to learn.
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Online Class and Campus – no instructor in class it is instructor if u have questions the instructor can answer it online they cant answer it fast you would have to get an response then or later
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