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I Have No Online Classes Yet..
But Im Pretty Sure Its Very Prompt And Understanding .
And Look Forward To It..
Havent Started Yet But From Talking To The People That Work And Attend There I Cant Wait.. The Environment Is Peaceful
I love the school the teachers make sure you understand everything. To be honest I love everything about it .
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I love the school the teachers and the environment. They make sure you understand what's going on. I will be graduating 8/23/2020 and I'm so blessed to be able to say that. I proud of the person I've become along the way. And encourage anyone who wants to go back to school to go back education is something that no one can take away from you.
I had a problem with transportation little while after I started school. Afraid I was going to have to drop out. They refused to let that happen. They got with other students to see if anyone lived in my area and was willing to let me ride with them till my situation was fixed. They did so much to help me through sticky situations with my transportation problem and the child care issue and they wouldn't let me give up. I'm so thankful the have the staff at the school for having my back and pushing me to keep going.
When ordering books it comes with online courses. The same thing in the book is online some classes you don't have to bring the book if your in that specific class. Online is ok but, not as educational as in person lectures and classwork.
They help place us in a career field we want to pursue after graduation and during externship.
Small classes make learning easier. The teacher can focus more one each student to their need. They offer tutoring after classes and they actually teach, they don't just throw the book and say do this chapter by tomorrow. the teachers lecture, explain work, draw pictures and diagrams to help explain, they make it fun to learn there is nothing boring about the teachers here.
The college career services work hard to help us find a job after graduation and to give us a placing in an externship that fits the field we want to advance in. They want us to get a hired as bad as we do, and they wont stop till we find something. Even while attending school they are willing to help us find a job if we need one. The school host and attend job/career fairs many times to help the student find jobs and to bring in new students.
The work load is a little heavy for most of our classes, but over all the teacher makes sure that we understand everything. So this makes the work a little easier even though its so much. Considering we are completing our training in only fifteen months to be a Medical Assistant the heavy loads seem completely normally to me. The curriculum goes in order leading up to other classes so its like a learning ladder. The facility is suitable with labs and classrooms. It also has a small break room and the bathrooms are always clean. There is a library and computer room to do work outside of class. The externship is a five week program 40 hours a week and they work with you to try to find one in the field you want to be in. They help you look for a job after graduation and they don't quit until you find one. They believe in you and push us to do better and help us believe in ourselves.
My over all opinion is I couldn't have asked for a better School. The teachers are amazing, they make class fun and easy to understand. They help you through your obstacles to make sure we find a way to make it through our sticky situations and continue to make it to school. They really do care. To me its a second family, they care about us and they are proud of our success. They really do go out the way with the students here.
I am currently not taking any online classes even though they do offer online classes. If the online classes are anything like the campus classes, they will be great.
Career Services at this college has the overall job placement ratings out of all Centura colleges. They already start searching jobs for me in my area and I still have more than 8 months to finish my program.
Continuing my education was the best feeling I ever had and I have to learn motivation with paying for all these tuition costs. The school is well organized and very professional students and staff. I would not have chosen a better school.
The people are very nice and polite. The school is very helpful in finding you a job if needed, making sure your work schedule fits in with the class schedule
I would say that it is average.
The facilities on campus are pretty good. The labs, and computer labs have good equipment. Everyone is socialable and the straff is excessable.
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The campus network is great. The computers are always working. We the students always have access them. Also there is plenty of computers i have never had to wait for the use of a computer.
My school has a ride share program that is really helpful. My school is also conviently on the bus line, public transportation. God forbid, but if my car breaks down, i can use public transportation.
B+ My college experience is defintely worth the money I'm spending. I have a little finiacial Aid, However it's not covering all expenses. I know now that my education makes a difference in the life style that I want to live. I have learned the hard way that education is the key to success.The only thing I would change about my college is the cost.
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