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Centura College - North Charleston Reviews

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centura college gets you ready for the field you are going in, and they set up fake interviews and make you dress up, so you can be ready for a real one
i dont take online classes.
for my tuition cost 15,000. and i get to graduate in eight months. But the only thing about their tuition i really didn't want to take out a student loan, just because my financial aid didn't cover everything. this is worth it because its for my education.
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centura has a worldwide resources and they always create or volunteer us to participate in campus activities.
the student body at centura is very nice and hardworking they accept all race and sex. this school is a great school to attend.
its wonderful to go right in my major, because i didnt want to be at a college doing extra classes for no reason
centura's makes sure in between classes either we study in the study hall or if we need help we can always find our teachers in their classes or in the break room
centura college is very flexible. they work around my work schedule. they really help you in anyway possible just to make sure we graduate.
I would choose centura college again because i like a small class size and wont take me long to complete my major.
Whats makes Centura college unique is, its small, you can have one on one with your teacher and it's only taking me eight months to graduate.
I think the schools tuition is a bit high, but more than likely since its a smaller school. I haven't started yet but hoping the money will be worth it.
I chose my school because the minute i walked in i felt like i wasnt just a number. I quickly realized that my education ment something to the staff and the werent going to let me forget that. I started my program on time. All of my classes had a challenge i had to over come being a new student in the program, my teachers help me get through them with extra work, explannations and plenty of support. If i would have to do this again i wouldnt chose any other college than Centura College- Norht Charleston Campus.
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