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This school is not meant for online learning so they were not ready when COVID-19 hit and we had to make the switch. The teachers just throw assignments only and expect us to teach ourselves. Technology is so advanced these days that their were so many ways they could have utilized it for a better experience. Once again I will go in the medical field lost.
If I would have known what I know now about the school l wouldn't have chose this school. They are a joke ! No real teachers/ professors know how to teach or what they are doing. Do yourself a favor save your money and go somewhere else who cares about their students learning. I have spoke up a million times about the issues they claim they will fix it and never do. I am finishing only because I paid for it! Not that I learned anything helpful for the medical field.
I am a Health Information Technology major student currently attending centura college.My experience here has been nothing but a great opportunity for me to learn so much both academically and day to day life outside school. I have amazing instructors who care about the success of each student.
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I like my classmates and a few of the professors I’ve had so far. A lot of updating on the school could really help bring in more people and be more inviting. We need a lot of extracurricular activities to do and better knowledgeable teachers.
Centura College is a kickstarter school to help get you on your feet quickly. The instructors are very caring and really do help you get through your program. I'm in the Health Info Tech program. It is super easy, and at the end of the program you'll receive a certification in coding, which will ultimately help you in the long run.
I have wonderful teachers that make it easy for me to learn. I love my classmates, they're all about team work and making sure we all succeed together. I love this school!
Half of the people there and the consolers feels like high school type, when you first start its all rainbows and unicorns but as soon as you get used to it, it feels like they did a whole 360 on you and plus that school is money hungry the reason I am going there is just to get in my field I do what I have to do and go home I really don't socialize with much people in there, I'm thinking about going back and doing dental assistant but that's something I really have to think about it I don't want them in literal terms snatching money out my pockets...
The admin staff and teachers in the dental field are amazing, they go over and beyond for all of us students.
This school is unorganized and does not demonstrate a satisfactory education system or teachers that really care to teach you the material.
I love this school so far. I love that everyone in the building knows everyone and their names. And everyone always asks how you are doing and how they can help make anything better for you. I just wish they did not change faculty, as far as the registrar, in the middle of someone having credits transferring over.
They call very frequently lol make sure we get there on time & out on time
I really don't even know I'm sorry
Whatever I have a question for they tell me as soon as they know ! Very helpful & kind people
We do have a 5 week externship , we have real life teachers still in the field that they are teaching us ! We have real experience in our face all day
We are very face paced in an 8 month program , we do get a radiology certification while in school. We can do a couple things while still in school. Dental Assisting is my course of study & I love it already !
Homework is easy so far nothing too much , but it is face paced. U shouldn't miss any days ! & always pay attention
Its flexible and they are willing to help you in anyway they can
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It has a good turn out
I love that I'm able to work, and take care of things at home before I need to be to class.
I really like that the classes are a lot smaller and the instructors give us reasonable amount of work.
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