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It was easy to apply and the people there are very welcoming and friendly. They really helped me out a lot trying to decide the right choice for the degree I wanted to get.
the classroom sizes are good so each person can get individual help if needed ill learn everythn i need in order to get a good job with what im going to school for
they help u with job placement and looking into future education
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they offer both morning and evening classes monday thru thursday
i feel i have a great chance at getting a job at a dr office after finishing my degree
teach u real life thngs classes are set up like dr office rooms to give u more real life feel
anytime i needed help when i wasnt in class all i had to do was get a hold of someone and they got right back to me
I would choose this school again because they are very helpful, from the teacher down to the admission counselor, when i had a problem getting into my fafsa the admission counselor help me out getting threw my account. it took a long process to do and figure out, and when i needed help in class the instructors were very helpful cause every time when we went over a test they would go over are study guides and talk bout what we would need to know they would give us a leisure every class and before the test, that was very good and helpful to me.
I've only been at this school so far for two weeks and i already love it. I cant get enough of it i can't wait to go into the field and use what I learned in the real world.
My admissions representative explained everything to me in a real world setting. And the rest of the staff and teachers are the same way. Using real world situations to explain the lessons. Which makes it more understandable.
The financial aid and financial advisers do not really help much. The teachers are awesome though.
The teaching staff here are very good with helping you understand the material.
They do not really contact you for anything.
There are still a few areas that the school needs to go over. The credits do not transfer to other colleges. That is a waste of time and they do not tell you that in admissions.
The admin is always available if you need them.
They do not really help you in or out of school with the future.
The networking department is awesome. They are friendly and helpful.
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There is not much to do. Unless your on the student body.
The teachers are really good. They do there best to help you understand and realize what you need to know.
There is alot of fees that I do not understand.
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