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It's been awesome! I would recommend. Well-known Kentucky school. I have fun, I'm just not a party person. 4.0s are highly unlikely.
I am current senior at Centre College. I have absolutely loved my experience at Centre. Although it does feel small at times you can truly build relations with a variety of people and professors.
Centre College has provided me with many opportunities to expand my learning such as summer research experience and presenting at the Kentucky Academy of Science. The professors encourage students to do their best, be their best, with no regrets.
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An incredible institution. If you work hard and invest yourself for all four years, you're guaranteed to set yourself up for a successful future. People that come to Centre and do not take their academic life seriously will very quickly fall behind and fail, which is easier to do than you think because of the great student life.
Centre College is awesome. I am so glad I chose to go here. First, a couple negatives: 1) diversity is low. Lots of people from Kentucky, fewer people from out of state 2) Danville is tiny. Not much to do off campus, although there are decent hiking opportunities. A few positives: 1) for a small liberal arts college, the education is excellent. The faculty, all very experienced in their fields (I have yet to have a professor who isn't a doctor. My German teacher lives in Germany periodically, my Chemistry teacher came straight from the industry. Very practical knowledge and connections, even at a general chemistry level) are very accessible and helpful. 2) The community is so, so amazing. Everyone wants to be here and enjoys it, which makes all the difference.
Amazing! The teachers are wonderful, the people are so nice, and everything on campus is very clean and pretty. The food is also great except for on the weekends.
i always feel safe here and have never had an issue.
Freshman dorms are pretty small and dingy. But it's okay, because it kind of encourages people to get out and do stuff.
There aren't any huge barriers between these two groups, but non-greeks do appreciate and acknowlege greek activities, like community service stuff.
i'm only personally involved in club athletics (ultimate frisbee), and that has been great. Varsity sports don't dominate life here but are a big part of the experience for many students.
Centre is great, the best thing about it is the community created, how inclusive it is. You aren't just a number, or someone in a crowd of 100+ students in a lecture hall, where your teachers actually know your name.
Varsity sports are very important. Unless you're an athlete, you're like a second-class student.
I love how interesting all my classes are! The best part is most of my peers feel the same too, so class generally includes participation on part of the students. The professors, of course, are great. They have lots of office hours, and usually try to work with the students- including athletes who have to miss every now and then.
I think that Centre is recognized as a good school, and there is a strong network of alumni. I myself plan on continuing my education before looking for a job as a science major. However, the network, efforts of the professors, and quality of education are very strong advocates in a new graduate's corner whilst looking for a job.
I feel extremely safe on campus. The only time I become uncomfortable would be walking to speedway late at night alone or certain fridges of campus where there is low-income housing. I have not had or been aware of any issues with sexual assault, but some friends feel strongly that Centre could improve their approach to this concern.
It's great if you win the promised lottery as I did. I do have a few senior friends who got stuck with underclassmen housing, but most seniors have really nice housing.
I am not involved with Greek life other than the occasional party, but many of my friends are. They are involved on campus and the community, and all-around great girls/guys.
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Centre draws talented staff and students, and athletics is no different. We have competitive programs. For instance, while i've been at the school many of the programs have been NCAA competitive. I remember attending the Men's basketball game when they hosted the first round of the NCAA tournament. My own program (Women's soccer) has won conference and attended the NCAA tournament every year- including making the Elite 8 and Final 4 two of the three years. In addition, the coaches are involved on campus and with their athletes. Many are mentors or friends to their players, and act as an additional resource. The various programs work together to build up each other's programs through school support campaigns or designing as a team the athletic facility renovations.
Centre in many ways is exactly what I needed in a school. Originally it was low on my list of schools I was considering because it was in my back yard, but over and over it ranked highest on all my criteria. Academics, excellent. Athletics, NCAA competitive. Study abroad? Centre's forte. It was a small school too, and the professor's were rumored to be accessible. I knew these facts going into school as a freshman, but it was not until I actually was in the middle of the semester that I could pause to realize that Centre was all this and more. It is amazing how involved and committed all the students are; as a freshman I was impressed with what the students were doing with their lives. The academics and athletics at the school were stellar. I love the commitment to excellence that Centre has.

I have two arenas of my Centre life that exemplify this commitment to excellence: GEMS and Centre Women's Soccer. GEMS stands for Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science. What is it? An outreach club initiated by I and fellow friends where young women from the college mentor middle school girls. We had such success in our first year we branched out to include the local elementary school as well. We want to address stereotypes and obstacles which prevent many young women from pursuing careers in STEM.

As for the soccer program, I love to take any opportunity to brag about this team. I am a starting outside back who is very proud of what we have accomplished. My sophomore year we went to the Elite 8 in the NCAA tournament. My junior year, the Final Four. Every year I have been a part of the program we have won our conference tournament. This team shows me more than any other the commitment to do one's very best as a part of Centre College.

My experience at Centre has been about becoming the best all-around person I can whilst using my own skills to impact others and the school.
Here on campus I feel safe.
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