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I really enjoyed touring the campus. The people were very nice and the campus was beautiful. My only concern is the price. I was told "Do not let the sticker price scare you," the administration office has many scholarships available. The campus athletic programs were top notch. Each locker room was secured with a code that only that specific team knows. The security in the dorm rooms was great, you used a key made for you to get into buildings.
I love the small community. I love the professors. I love the academics. I have excelled during my time here.
Centre College has been the best decision of my life. I have grown exponentially since my first day of class and I credit that to Centre College. The professors truly care and make an effort to help you figure out your best path in life and achieve it. The students are friendly and diverse. Our athletics cannot be beat for a D3 school and our study abroad program can revile anyone in the nation. So many opportunities have opened to me through Centre College.
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I transferred into Centre as a sophomore and my experience so far has been incredibly pleasant. The profs at this college really shine and actually enjoy getting to know students on a one on one basis.
Centre gives me a very exciting and new opportunity. It allows me to meet so many new people and gain so much knowledge while playing football and giving myself the best college experience possible.
As soon as I stepped on campus for the first time, I knew I belonged at Centre College. The campus is clean, the people are friendly, and everyone at the college wants you to be successful. I have already made so many friends from my short time being at Centre.
The academics are challenging, but in a good way if you are genuinely interested in learning and education. I find the people here really nice and friendly. There is a party scene, which is nice if you are into that, but it is not overwhelming if you are not. The college is in a small town, and there is not a whole lot to do if in the town itself.
Centre College is a very inclusive school. As an international student, I was afraid of being part of this school, since the ratio of international students is pretty low. However, everyone here is very nice and knows each other very well. The best part of this school is its professors. They are not only good at teaching, but they are also great mentors of the students' lives and I can really see that they love to teach us.
Graduation in four years,a study abroad, an internship or research opportunity .Average of 97 percent of students employed or pursuing advanced study within a year of graduation. 85 percent study abroad, 87 percent participate in an internship and or undergraduate research. Since 2001, its all been part of what they call the centre commitment. Students at centre collge aim to make a meaningful impact for good and they do so in high numbers in an increasingly global way. They have an awesome art exhibit and theatrical way of life! Junior, senior housing are large and inviting .They have wonderful variety of food favorites. Close community and health care on campus. A commitment, guaranteed.
It’s not a school for everyone, but if you’re looking for a small school experience where you can form intimate relationships with your professors and fellow students, then there’s no better place.
It has an extremely racist environment. By racist I do not mean explicit aggression on non-white group, although they do exist widely under the surface on campus, I mean implicit bias and stereotypes. It is a disgusting environment to be in for four years, I regretted every day that I choose this school. They made you take those humanity courses your freshman year, and many meaningless, stupid gen-ed, so that you won't have enough credit to transfer to other school.
Professors are stupid and arrogant. My professor don't even know the formula of adding a series of consequential number is N(N+1)/2, and hated me because I pointed that his answer is N(N-1)/2 in class, and gave me unexcused absence when I did not arrive in the classroom early, which heavily affected my grade.
Centre College is a hell, it is terrible.
Study abroad programs and faculty are great. Admin does not care about students. Rampant racism and allowance of sexual assault. Dorms falling apart.
If I could transfer I would. Centre College makes it so you can’t transfer after the first year unless you are okay with starting over. Would not recommend this college to anyone.
Centre College is the best decision I have made to date. With a family-like community with students and professors, as well as world class academics, you can't beat it.
Centre College, being a small campus, offers a friendly atmosphere and personal connections with other students and professors. The classes are challenging, but you will find more than enough resources and support to ensure your success. Centre also offers a myriad of extracurricular and service opportunities, and if something doesn't fit your interest, pursuing your own ideas is highly encouraged!
I'm really liking my first year at Centre! It is for sure the most challenging school in Kentucky, but it's also SO MUCH FUN! I love the academics and professors but I also really like the "work hard play hard" attitude that we have here
It was a really great school and i wouldnt have traded my experience for the world, but a lot of the students are all kind of the same people. The lack of diversity was really dissappointing.
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Centre is one of the best small colleges in the South. It is reknowned for the study abroad program which is boasted as the #1 study abroad program amidst colleges in the United States. The professors are driven to give every student individual attention and would love to give assistance on any issue. Relationships with teachers transcend much more than just the classroom, and they can become valuable mentors and friends as one makes their journey through Centre. Food is mediocre and the local area is a nice quiet town but there isn't much to see other than that. Regardless, Centre is a great place to study, make connections, and to solidify your career in.
It's been awesome! I would recommend. Well-known Kentucky school. I have fun, I'm just not a party person. 4.0s are highly unlikely.
I am current senior at Centre College. I have absolutely loved my experience at Centre. Although it does feel small at times you can truly build relations with a variety of people and professors.